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Originally Posted by Molly120213 View Post
I wanted a small dog that did not shed that also had a happy personality like my last dog, a Bichon. I did not want to get another dog that looked exactly like my dog that had died because I thought it would be too painful. My Havanese, Molly, was the perfect choice for me!
We think alike. My last dog was a Shih-tzu/Chin mix. I wanted a similar temperament with little to no shedding, and I love fluffy dogs. I just didn't want one that would be exactly like my Rascal, as it would have been too painful. I did some research and fell in love. Now I have two little guys, but one of them does remind me quite a bit of my Rascal in temperament. It just makes me love him more, though. Both my little guys are better than I had hoped for after all the research.
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