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My criteria in order of importance for picking a Havanese:

- Extremely cute and cuddly
(my momís malti-pom is super cute and cuddly too but if you try cuddle him , he growls and tries to bite Ė Teddy loves to cuddle).

- Small enough to live in an apartment (but not too small to get through the balcony grill or have accidents under the sofas)

- Not barky
(Most small dogs bark too much. From my research, I believe Havs are one of the quietest small dogs. My momís old Pomeranian used to bark himself to sleep and her malti-pom puppy barks at trees in the garden and clouds in the sky (every day)..... Havís are so much smarter!)

- Non shedding (turned out not to be true for Teddy Ė doesnít shed as much as a GSD but still sheds)

- Very friendly
(most of the neighbours, their kids and dogs love him (my neighbours strange pets Ė the kittens, ducks, and goat (and the wild monkeys that occasionally visit the area) may disagree!!)

- Non destructive unlike some breeds that love to chew on everything!
(My socks and shoes may disagree ...)

- Willing to exercise himself (and stay indoors) if itís raining or when itís too dangerous to go outside. He loves to ďrun like hellĒ from one end of the apartment to the other - and most days, I can get him to RLH on command (just because itís funny).

- No excessive drooling or loud snoring
- Easy to train
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