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You know Karen, I have learned this by accident that Ricky is more stimulated by training "games" than anything else. When days are cold (anything below 50F is frightfully cold for us in SoCal ), or windy, or rainy, we train indoors with games like on and off leash "heel" around the house, around the dining table, about turns in very tight spaces, all different kinds of stays for up to 3 minutes while we go about our business, "find it" scent games, structured retrieve and recall "fetch", the possibilities are endless. These indoor training games are invaluable when I take him on leash to stores like Home Depot (Ricky likes the Garden section best ), Petco, Bed, Bath, and Beyond, Best Buy, the Feed Store, etc. We often go there just to train on leash, not really shopping for anything and for 10 minutes maximum each time. Ricky loves to go to these stores and seems to recognize the name of each one. When I tell him we are going to (store name) he works himself into a frenzy, pacing and whimpering by the door to the garage. AND we always go potty first before we leave the house!!!!

Yes, exercise and simple training go hand in hand.

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