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When are you going to groom your dogs?

I don't know about you, but I've been getting this a lot lately, and am, quite frankly, surprised and taken aback. Complete strangers have been coming up to me on the street, at restaurants, at the dog park, or wherever, and usually first ask what kind of dogs I have, and then, almost immediately, ask when I'm going to groom them. When I say I just did or that I'm keeping them in long coats, I almost always get a negative reaction from just "a face" to at least half wanting to argue the point about how they'd look better and/or I'm actually treating them poorly. WTH? I'm always polite, but geez-o-peez! With the exceptions of early or late night neighborhood walks, my dogs are always combed out (I even keep a comb in the car for touch ups), clean, and looking good in public. Lola is only seven-months-old, so has that not-quite-there hairdo, but she always has a bow. Watson, my mixed breed boy, has his face and paws trimmed, but he has a beautiful, long, flowing coat. Before Lola, people just used to ask if Watson was a Tibetan Terrier or some kind of mini-Sheepdog, and leave it at that, so is this a Havanese thing? Do you guys experience this? I'm not quite sure how to handle some of the more extreme comments (you're making your dogs suffer type), and if I'm out for more than an hour with my dogs, I always get a least a few, and I'm starting to get snarky, which I'd like to avoid.

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