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Struggling with what to feed!

The puppy comes home next week and I'm struggling with what to feed him. I know after searching, everyone has a different opinion on this subject.

The breeder recommended orijen for dry or primal, Stella and chewy, sojos, or THK for raw. I don't have any concept of how much each bag of these feed and I'd like to get the most for my money (I unfortunately don't have a never-ending supply of cash...I just want to do right by my new little guy). She told me she feeds her puppies raw from the beginning, but that it's a brand she can only get at dog shows. So, I know you're supposed to slowly wean a puppy onto new food...what should I do? Also what are your opinions on those brands? Which (besides the kibble) stretches the farthest? And if i choose to do the kibble, it's not doing any harm, correct...

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