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Thanks for the reassurance Cassandra! It's nice to know I am on the right track but it stresses everyone out when she's so upset. The kids feel bad, but I keep assuring them that she will figure out our routine and settle as she gets a bit older.

Our house is really open, so it's hard to block off space and that's why the ex pen is so important. She does fine in it at other points in the day, she's snoozing in there right now. I even went upstairs and took a shower- finally, and she yipped a bit but mostly when I was making enough noise that she could hear me.

She pooped twice in the house today, which she hasn't done yet. Both times were when she was off leash in the house. The frustrating part about that is that I had just taken her outside because she looked like she needed to go, but didn't. She just would just lay on the grass. I don't know if it has anything to do with the rain or not, but that's a new one today.
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