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Older Havs with Arthritis

Hi all. I have not been on for quite some time. My havs are now 8.5 years old. I have one that does a lot of scooting and has lost hair on her butt. The other cut his cheek back at the end of January. They put him on bayatril for the infection after he was sewn up. While he was at the vet he had x rays done on him and I was told that he has arthritis of the back and the back legs. He has been put on 5 mg of prednisone once a day and 100 mg of gabapentin twice a day. I have found that the prednisone is causing excess hunger excess thirst and excess panting. I also find these meds are causing lethargy and sleepiness. I am also giving him fish oil capsules daily as well as glucosamine. Does any body have any sugesstion how I can help his arthritic pain without giving him these strong meds? My Vet suggested reducing the prednisone to every other day or switching him to metacam. I was hoping there was some kind of alternative therapy that would alleviate the pain and inflammation. Anyone have any suggestions for me?

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