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My first response is to say absolutely not, and know that it can take time and donít give up. That being said, good Havanese breeders arenít breeding for profit, so I wouldnít necessarily expect them to have a state of the art breeding facility in their home. If the house isnít clean and puppy proofed I would wonder if the puppies are living in the house at all. Iíve heard sad stories about small puppies living outside and puppies from mills being brought into homes to sell.

Being new to the dog world, I find one of the hardest distinctions to make is a backyard breeder. It almost feels like a dirty word, because these are often very nice, welcoming people, but since they are breeding as a hobby, no matter how well meaning, they just donít have the education, experience, and ethical standards that are part of an actual breeding program. Many would argue they are comfortable with the risks of working with a backyard breeder, but I remember you posting before and I donít get the impression thatís a risk you want to take. There is no guarantee, but your odds of taking home a healthy puppy with a good start in life and a good temperament match for you are truly increased by continuing to seek out the right breeder.

Donít give up! Keep meeting people.
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