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Originally Posted by Nora View Post
Iíve spoken to several trainers in my efforts to try to find the right one. Maybe thatís my problem, but Iím getting different Opinions on this topic. Iíve been training my puppy to use an indoor potty now for about 12 days. She is 3 1/2 months old about. She is using an indoor potty consistently but she is confined to one area of the house. I have not yet tested her reliability Throughout the entire house, although in truth my house is quite small. So I would say Iíve tested her reliability in about 1/3 of the open floor plan of the house. One of my trainers said that I should start taking her outside for potty as well. To those that have more experience than I, is this a good idea? Should I wait longer? up until what point?
As Karen well-said ...your puppy is too young to be "reliably potty trained - indoors or outdoors." If you are indoor housebreaking, don't worry about taking the puppy outside to potty. Take her outside to play, exercise and when she piddles, it's no big deal. I didn't reward Patti for "doing her job outside," but treated and celebrated when she used the indoor potty tray. She nows goes outside and when inconvenient does her job on the indoor potty tray.

After your puppy has gone a couple of months without having an accident in the current room - then move to another room and train her to use the potty tray either in that room or train her on how to get to the potty tray in the first room. Keep her confined, with gates or on a leash - don't let her have the run of the house. You MUST! have eyes on her at all times, otherwise she'll piddle in the house, you won't know it and it will take you longer to housebreak her. After two-three months if she's not had accidents, and is reliability seeking out the potty tray - then decide if it's safe to let her have the run of the house.

I used several kinds of gates but with the free standing gates I used heavy objects or weights to keep Patti from pushing them open. At one point my house was an obstacle course of gates.

At 10-months I was able to take all the gates down. Because I was very consistent and watchful Patti was easy to housebreak and had few accidents - which I caught each time. Large dogs are typically quicker to housebreak than Toy Dogs. Don't be in a big rush ... housebreaking takes time.

I tried working with trainers after we got her at 8 weeks up to three months. While the trainers helped me with some of the - How Tos - such as sitting and down ... I stopped and felt it was too early. They wanted to spend an hour in training and after about 30 minutes Patti would lay down and go to sleep. It was exhausting for both of us.

This website helped me more than any trainer. However, I would have tried again around 6-months for the socialization but was in a location that didn't offer what I wanted.

MY FIRST potty tray was located in the Family-Kitchen area but I didn't want it there permanently. After taking down the ex-pen and opening up the house, I began moving that potty tray - inching it away - from that room into the room where I wanted her to go. Patti followed the tray and I eventually removed it after I was sure she knew how to get to the potty tray I wanted her to use.
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