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Yea, I have ZERO tolerance for this. If you live out on a ton of land, and wanna let your dog roam. Well, can't say too much about that. But, nothing makes me more upset then people in residential areas that let their dogs off leash. A medium size hound dog went after Cooper about a yr ago. We were in the yard with him, on a leash. I got Cooper inside, caught the dog and called the owner. They lived just a block away, but said they let him out when they're doing yard work. And that he always comes back. I think it's irresponsible, and down right disrespectful to the people in the area. AND to the dogs. I chalk it up to not really caring much about your dog, if you're going to risk him getting run over, or lost.
I called animal control on that dog, and let them get slapped with a "dog running at large" ticket. I learned their name the following Wed. when they were written up in the police report section of our little paper. Turned out to be one of the kid's teachers. Oops!

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