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Sooo Smart
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My reasons for being a member of this forum

One reason is that I have been blessed with a lot of info and ideas that have helped me learn about this wonderful breed and helped me to understand ways to deal with Cicero and make him into a valuable member of my home. I feel that I should 'pay forward' at this time to point new owners to info and give the encouragement that I received over the past two years. I have also been blessed with prayers and support during non-Hav issues that have been heartbreaking in my family. I have thoroughly enjoyed meeting online friends and getting to know a little about them and their furbabies and seeing their cute pictures. This forum has been a great - addictive - site to share our love for Cicero!

Another reason I'm still here is to fight for this loving breed and voice my opinions. I had a week that I flipped flopped and didn't know which direction to go. It was a sad and emotional week for me. I had to step back and think. I thought about what I have tried to teach my children and my grandsons (and they remind me at times!). I have always told them to stand up for what they believe in - not to jump ship - and that you can't run away from problems but have to stand firm and fight. They are in sports and I've told them that no matter how hard, tired, unhappy they get ~ they can't quit after they sign up because it takes a team to win the game. I've told them not to give in to peer pressure and to make the world a better place in any small way they can. My family can't take on the world but we can fight against things we feel are wrong in small ways. So in staying on this forum, I hope to educate others in what to look for in buying a puppy and voice my opinion on what I feel is good or bad. I feel like each area of the country, each group, each club, each person should ask themselves what they are doing to help a problem. I applaud people that will stand firm and fight to try to get the word out that puppy mills and pet stores are to be avoided. I think this forum will work toward that goal. So I have decided not to toss my computer or my TV in the trash because I don't agree with everything on them. I fully believe that education is the key and that I need to be where the people are that need information.....and they are not in my living room. Therefore, I'm dusting off my PC and all of you will be hearing from me at times!!

Another reason.....did I say I love chatting with online friends and seeing their cute doggie pictures!! I have noticed there are a lot of guests that are visiting and I would like to invite you to register and become part of this group. I would love to meet you and hear about your Hav!!!

Cicero trained Dale & Ronnie
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Banjo's Mom
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I'm a fairly new member and have read of the storms that have passed through here lately...not all of them, as they were rather disappointing, but I am aware of them.

So, I applaud your decision and your desire to stick around! I feel the same way! I look forward to reading about your advice, your life with Cicero and your comments.

Banjo is my first Hav and I am always lurking on the site looking for tips and advice of which I have found much valuable information and, of course, threads that make me smile, laugh and glad that I made the decision to bring a Hav into my world!!

You go girl!!

aka Banjo's Mom
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Oh Dale, you went and did it. Brought tears to my eyes yet again. Beautifully said. I think it's sad that some of the new people to our wonderful home came in at a time that was unprecedented during my tenure here (since April 2007). We have indeed laughed together, worried together, cried for each other and loved each other and all our pets, hav and hav nots.

Many, many years ago when I decided to become a volunteer at a hospital, at orientation they taught us "first do no harm." That applies to everything in our worlds. Thank you for your beautiful words and the sentiment behind them. They mean more than you know.

<b>Just Milo and me, and . . . </b>Bailey makes three . . . until Ruby said, "hey, what about me?"
Geri, Milo, Bailey and HRH Princess Ruby Tuesday

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Gucci's mom
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Dale, that is so touching and beautiful

my turn?

It's simple, really. This forum and Gucci saved my life. 2006 was a horrendously awful year for me, I was diagnosed with some rare auto-immune disorders, painful ones at that and I was in a really dark and sad place and used to cry and sleep.. and feeling sorry for myself and riddled with pain and anger at the un-fairness of it all, and somewhere in that haze...I thought that if I was going to be alone and 'home and sick all the time' and wasting away, I decided to get a dog to keep me company and get me focusing on something else than my illnesses and with that decision, one of the best ones in my life...not only did I have a wonderful little fluffy girl that pulled me out of depression and actually helped my health problems improve, I ended up with some great friends who I will have for life, many on this forum and I've made friends with other local hav owners that don't really do the forum thing, (even though I tell them how cool it is ) So that is the very condensed story of why I am a member here, not to mention, I needed some help with puppy rearing and I couldn't have done it without this forum

As for the health problems, the lupus, and the other rare ones, I still Have them but I am doing better and the medication is tweaked well enough where I can function most days normally, and the days that I am in bed and feeling rotten..I have her by my side snuggled up sleeping the day away with me and its amazing her loyalty and how the companionship has benefitted me in such a positive way.

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Sooo Smart
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Velma, Isn't a Hav just the best little friend you can have? I think you will find info here and get answers to anything you need....even Thanksgiving dinner. Storms are a part of life and it's how we handle them that matter. Time to bring on the sunshine!!!!!!!

Geri, You know that people on this forum has been a great support to me in many ways - which includes you. It has given me a place to go when life gets tough and I need a smile. I feel like I have to practice what I preach to my family. My grandson reminded me that their new football solgan was "ALL IN".....and I am. Cicero and I are looking for brighter days!!!!

Cicero trained Dale & Ronnie
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Sooo Smart
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Kara, it is amazing how these little Neezers know when we need them to cuddle near and give us a gentle lick. The look in their eyes tell us they hope we feel better soon. We can all learn lessons from our furbabies. Cicero has never snapped at me and no matter what he comes running to wash my face. lol
I hope you continue to do well and take care of yourself.

Cicero trained Dale & Ronnie
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Dale, thank you so much for starting such a simple but profound thread. It is so gratifying to know that we have such a supportive group of members here who are always there for us when we're down or just need some advice.

This forum has not only given me priceless info on how to raise my neezer but also kept me entertained through two surgery recoveries! It has always (mostly!) been a happy place to be. There might be differences occasionally but one thing that stays true - we all passionately love our furkids!!!

Kathie, Abby & McGee's Mom
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Aside from the obvious all that has been said about our havs and how to do for them, the thing that sticks in my mind was when my sister died this past winter. I have no family in Paris where I live and went to MS for her funeral. I didn't know anyone there either. No cards of condolence for me, etc. But when I got back I think nearly all the regulars had posted words of comfort just for me. It was so touching for people I only knew through this forum to care. I will never forget and it still brings tears to my eyes.
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Sooo Smart
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Kathie, I know what you mean. Living in an empty nest use to be boring but with this forum there are friends only a keystroke away to connect with. Of course if I get on at bedtime...oops...less sleep!!

Lucile, I know exactly how you feel. The support here is worth gold. When my SIL passed away with cancer, I was so touched by the messages. Many people had helped me walk that journey and I have felt so blessed to be a part of this forum. To know that thoughts and prayers are being said...makes a heart lighter.

Cicero trained Dale & Ronnie
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Flynn of Sir Winston fame
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Well, first of all Dale, thank you for your post, it needed to be said and you did a great job of it! Geri (we were on another list then) introduced me to this list, and I was just trying to decide upon a Hav or Lowchen, the Lowchen appeared first and I was never sorry, but crept out of the list. From time to time I would complain to Geri about things and she would always tell me how wonderful the Hav people were. She told me about the rescue quilts, her squares, and about how there was not real fighting and disagreement going on and people really cared. I would come on and take a look around but I did not have a Hav, so I did not really join in. Then my Lowchen died at 2 years of age and I was crushed, I went to Geri again and she urged me to take my time but to join in the HForum and so I did. I actually had not seen a Havanese but somehow met Ann on the forum she lived not far away from me and I was told about Dale, she came to my area for weekends sometimes and I might get a chance to actually see the little breed that interested me. Ann so graciously invited me to a play date and I was so very excited, but my Mother fell and broke her hip, so I did not get to go. Dale told me she would call me when she got into town and I made a date to go and see my first honest to goodness Havanese. Cicero did not disappoint me. I pulled up and Dale was outside with this gorgeous little fellow who was so willing to kiss away my tears. He was bouncing and his coat was beautiful, but it was the eyes. His face looked so much like a Lowchen and my heart melted. No I still don't have a Havanese. I did go over to a shelter to see one who was supposed to be a Hav/shih tzu mix...and of course I brought him home...but I want a playmate for him, so who knows! During the adoption process Amanda, Sharlene, Ann, Dale and Kathy talked to me non stop and helped so much. I am giving the benefit of the doubt to Youngster, that is all I will say on the matter, except there have been too many hurt feelings and I hope this is the beginning of healing. Hugs to all no matter where you post or visit! And to end this, I must say I love the name Banjo!!!! Welcome.

Sir Winston sez "Non Basta Una Vita.”

Flynn, lady-in-waiting to Sir Winston and Lady Mia
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