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Stopping Smoking

Okay, first I don't want any lectures. believe me I have heard them all. My question is are any of you former long-time smokers and how did you manage to quit? Any advise is appreciated--no lectures though. LOL
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I quit last December because I was in the hospital with a horrible case of Pneumonia ...they just stuck a patch on me and that was that. I had no choice!! My husband went to his Dr. and got on the gum to quit along with me.
I was released from the hospital and continued with the patch. Then back in the hospital a week later with blood clots in my lungs..and the pneumonia was sneaking back!!
Long story short the nicotine patch worked, but I also had a major motivation to quit with my health. (by the way... I had never been sick a day in my life and it just hit me all at once.)

My husband and I are ex- smokers now....a year in Dec. Had I not gotten so sick I'm sure I would still be smoking...I loved it. It is also very expensive and that was also motivating me. good helps to have support..lots of groups out there if you need help.
Oh...I am 61 and smoked most of my adult life.

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It's not easy

A friend (~15 year smoker) quit with Zyban but when I tried it I hated it. Had terrible nightmares, etc. I finally quit for good using the gum BUT got addicted to that, then switched to the lozenges! I know other people who have been on the gum for years. I smoked for 24 years. Another friend, also ~ 15 year smoker quit by using the patch and had no trouble. The funny thing is that I quit for each of my kids when I was pregnant and nursing, then went right back to smoking. When it was time to quit for my own sake, I had a heck of a time.

When I quit for the kids I used the taper off method, which was to delay my first cigarette of the day an hour, then only smoke half, then have another half an hour later, then make the first one later every day while increasing the time in between. It worked like a charm. Good luck to you, and as I'm sure you know, it usually takes several tries to quit for good.
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In the summer of 2006, I was laid off from my job and by Xmas of that year I was really struggling financially. I realized things were bad when I bought cigarette rather than buy food in my fridge, I made the decision on news years eve, in so doing, I washed all my clothes, threw out all my lighters, cigarettes ashtrays and washed all my sofa covers and anything that may trigger my desire to smoke. I just stopped. The first three months were incredibly difficult and I over ate a lot but I stuck with it and it will be 4 years this new years. I still get tempted once in a while but so far so good.

Good luck and honestly, it is a matter of one day at a time. I smoked for 16 years or so.... so I believe it can be done.

Good luck.
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You have to want to quit for YOU, quitting for other people or because someone wants you to, won't work. I quit Dec. 26th, so I'm coming up on a year and although I do still chew some gum...I am really proud of myself for not smoking.

Accept that you will probably gain 10-15 lbs the first few months, because smoking effects your blood sugar and you blood sugar goes all sort of out of whack when you quit, as does your metabolism..but don't even worry about taking the extra lbs off until you've been smoke free for 2-3 months and then you can worry about dropping the extra 10. I know the weight gain is what keeps many women smoking but its no big deal, the weight can come off again once you have the cigs out of your system.

I avoided things that would make me want to smoke for about 2 months or so and not smoking becomes more of a habit, you don't even think about it
I had dreams about smoking quite often at first, and I'd always pounce up out of bed worrying about the dream and if it happened in my dazed state, lol.

As far as help, well..the habitrol gum, the book "the easy way to quit smoking' by allan carr (sp?), wellbutrin/zyban (much cheaper than the new stuff and less side effects) and lots of will power and determination. Oh, and the website There are lots of stories on there that scared me into the realization I was in denial.

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I feel your pain! I quit Tuesday...I fought constant urges all day Tuesday...most of the day Wednesday...5:30 Wednesday evening, I RAN (I really drove) to the store and bought a pack, cause I needed just one...I now have 6 left in the pack! I don't have the answers...I need a miracle! Oh, and also I ate non-stop Tuesday and Wednesday!

Stacey, Yogi (Gerty), and Baby Boo
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If you feel that you would like to quit that is a step in the right direction. It is very difficust to quit cold turkey. You have a much higher chance of quiting with the help of medication. One option is chantax. You need a scipt from your primary MD. You woud pick a quit date. Tell everyone around you that you are quiting the more support you can get the better.You can smoke initially when you start Chantix. Their can be side affects, many will pass. If they do not, contact your MD the dose can be lowered. Chantix helps to block cravings. It is not a permanent med. Their is a 24 hr. support line associated with the medication. If you are not interested in Chantix the nicotine patch along with gum and losengers are helpful. The two meds can not be combined. Also try a support group their are many on line. Never give up if you fall off wagon. Recognise what you did right and start again. Write down all pros and cons.What are the good aspects of quiting and what are the bad. You it also helpfull to know what daily habits are associated with smoking and try to do things differently. Hope this helps, good luck.

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Good luck, Lucille. I've quit twice for several years and went back during stressful periods. I was determined to quit. I absolutely don't chew gum so that was out. I tried losenges and they made me nautios. I tried the patch and broke out. I then got a prescription for Chantix. I had bad nightmares (normally I don't remember any dreams) that seemed to get worse. I also was nautious, but thought I'd struggle through that until the day I got into my van and starting throwing up before I could get out of the vehicle. I decided Chantix was bad for me. I've since read some people also have suicidal leanings with this drug.
If you are successful, let us all know.

Becky C
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Well I haven't laid them down yet. I have quit a million times over the years. the longest time was six months, then stress at work took over and I would just smoke one that turned into a pack. I know that once you quit, you can never just smoke one. That is like an alcoholic that can never drink again. Statistics say that women have more trouble quitting and that the addiction is like heroine. Yet, there is no re-hab for smokers. I have been trying to just slow down the last month and then I started smoking more than ever. If I have to have the open-heart surgery, I know that it can't happen until I quit--that just makes me want to smoke more--totally irrational I know. No one in my family smokes anymore and believe me I get lectures all the time. And Doctors put all sickness down to smoking. One can break their toe and it will be because they smoke. I have heard all the horror stories about chantrax. Got an e-cigerette and won't use it. I may have to just get someone to lock me in a room for a few days with lots of zanax. LOL. I think I will get the losenges next. Thank everyone for the hints. If I make it I will lecture all the other smokers. LOL
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I have been smoke free for 5 & 1/2 years now, after smoking since I was 19, I quit at 55 I consider it one of greatest accomplishments and it is very difficult to do. I am sure you have read all the literature about what a hard addiction it it to break so good luck and be very nice to yourself. I used the patch and a self-hypnosis tape directed at nonsmoking. I also joined an online support group and if I can find the link I will send it to you. I rewarded my self in the best possible way, I got a Havanese!! She was my reward and also my encouragement not to smoke, it is bad for dogs just like for all of us to be around second hand smoke.

Linda & Sasha
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