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When does the "bond" occur?

I feel bad for asking this. We've had Luke right over a week. He's precious and we love having him here (when he's not wearing us out with the repeated trips outside every 45-60 minutes) or chewing on the coffee table or jumping up and nipping at my little girl, etc. Seriously, for the most part, he's a good little puppy. He is lovable but he's also a typical playful chewy puppy that enjoys being rambunctious.

But I kind of feel a disconnect even though he's taken mostly to me from the start. He follows me wherever I go and will sit next to me and lay at my feet when I'm doing my hair or washing my face, etc. It's cute. But I feel like he's kind of vacant...like he hasn't connected with me either. When I go to snuggle with him, his first reaction is to play bite my fingers and he always looks away like he's just "there". He does let me rub him but the bond just isn't there yet. I guess I'm recalling the dog I grew up with and how close we were. But I don't remember the early puppy stages either.

I guess I feel like we're playing with him and taking him out and tickling him, rubbing him, etc and he's become the sudden center of our lives but there's no emotional connection yet.

Will there come a bonding moment or does it just happen over time? I'm sorry if this is a silly question and I'm kind of embarrassed about asking it.


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