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Einstein is Limping

Einstein has been limping for about a week now. He's only 9 months old and 12 lbs. No one really noticed it but me until I kept mentioning it to the family. He doesn't limp when he walks or runs but when he trots I notice something isn't right. No one can even pinpoint for sure which leg they think it is but we all now think the right front? Still not sure. I have read about the possible problems. I am taking him to the vet this morning. She does all the leg issues and surgeries on legs. We live about 2 hours from an orthopedic surgeon that I took my Newfie to so if she suggests surgery I will ask about her record but she does a lot of small dogs and the surgeon 2 hours from me does large breed mostly. Poor Einstein gets all the issues. A month ago he had a really bad corneal abrasion. He actually waited by the counter for the cream I had to rub on his eye 4 times a day. He knew the cream was making it better. Such a great pup. I was just looking for a few prayers for Einstein. Thanks for listening.

Trudy, mom to Einstein,Watson and Griffin too!
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