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Gucci's mom
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Inspection of Breeding Facilities Legislation?

I received an email a few weeks ago, it was forwarded around to 'dog owners in Virginia', and it originated from a well known former Hav breeder here. There wasnt' much notice to email my 'opposition' as requested, it was sent around 5pm and the emails had to be sent by 9pm, of course I didn't read the email til' the next day, so I didn't vote either way...but I'm curious what your thoughts are on mandatory Inspection of Breeding Facilities?

I mean, wouldn't that deter some BYB and mills? But I'm unclear on why breeders that abide the law would be opposed? Just the general 'violation of privacy'? What do you all think?

Here is a description of the Proposition:

Animal control officers; inspection of breeding facilities.
Ward Armstrong
Summary: Requires an animal control officer to make quarterly inspections of any premises in his jurisdiction where dealers breed companion animals. The animal control officer will ensure that dealers comply with state and federal standards for sanitation, licensure, and adequate care. *(HSUS bill)
This bill language makes *every* dog and cat seller in Virginia subject to quarterly inspections, without requiring due cause or a warrant.

VA Code: "Dealer" means any person who in the regular course of business for compensation or profit buys, sells, transfers, exchanges, or barters companion animals. The following shall not be considered dealers: (i) any person who transports companion animals in the regular course of business as a common carrier, or (ii) any person or organization whose primary purpose is to find permanent adoptive homes for companion animals.
Further, while USDA has 60 pages of regulations detailing precise animal care requirements, Virginia has none. How can ACOs do federal inspections when they can't do their normal jobs and aren't sufficiently trained for those? Whose inspection result governs, if federal inspectors and VA ACOs disagree? This is extraordinarily bad, poorly crafted, ill considered legislation. The bill's legal conflicts and negative policy and fiscal impacts are staggering.

Humane investigators; appointment by circuit court.
David Albo
Summary: Restores the humane investigator program to its pre-2003 status. In 2003, the law was amended to limit (i) the number of humane investigators to those currently serving and (ii) the number of programs to those currently in operation. The 2003 bill allowed those appointed prior to July 1, 2003, to be reappointed for three-year terms. This bill removes the limitations placed on the program by the 2003 law. (VVAW Bill)
Reinstitutes an animal rightist volunteer vigilante force whose authority had previously sunsetted.

The good news is, that since the Michael Vick scandal here, they are trying to tighten the penalties on dogfighting. I'm not clear on whether or not this "inspection' bill was opposed or scheduled for another vote..

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Kara, I agree with you. Why would a reputable breeder be against this type of law? I think it would protect their reputations ever further as being a good breeder. But I am not a breeder. Maybe it would help weed out the byb and puppy mills to some extent.

Kodi & Shelby's Mom and Julian's Grandma
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If I were a breeder I suppose I wouldn't mind someone coming in to my home to make sure my animals were in safe, sanitary conditions but I would fear them imposing a bunch of rules that would be hard for someone breeding from their home to implement, like concrete floors, so many square feet available per dog, etc. I don't think it would be as simple as a quick visit to make sure the house is clean.


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This is a great bill which I hope turns into a law. In the town of Hillsville, VA they just prosecuted a man with 1000 dogs. He had a lic to sell,breed, but from what I understand it was for only 500 dogs. That was a big business. He got busted, they took the dogs and now he has nothing. Greed makes people forget what they are doing. Anyone purchasing a state license to breed and sale dogs should not mind an inspection.
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RCKNROB, I agree with you wholeheartedly when it comes to large scale breeding operations. I am totally against those no matter what.
What about the breeders like the majority on this list who show their dogs in conformation and breed them? The difficult part for me is that I doubt the animal control agencies will have seperate rules for those who have large scale operations and those who breed for non-monetary reasons and breed for the love of and to improve their particular breed. I know when AB1634 was being hotly contested here in CA, there were going to be some pretty stiff costs for mandatory licenses and some pretty stiff restrictions to the point that my breeder, and most others, would either leave the state or get out of the hobby completely.


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We're not quite in VA. but we can throw a rock into it from here. I'm all for it.
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Gucci's mom
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I guess these new proposals are just written SO broadly. I don't think I would mind inspections if I were a breeder, it would probably close some unscrupulous types, but I was just wondering what everyone's thoughts are on the matter.

I know that the Michael Vick scandal here is probably what spurred these new proposals to tighten up things. Not to mention the few puppy mill raids here in Virginia the last few months.

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I'm for it too, it protects the animals. But I think the part about every dog breeder is subject to inspection without due cause or a warrant very scary, govt is getting out of hand, too much power leads to abuse or power. I think I'd just stop breeding in VA and find somewhere else to live. They accept a bill into law that's so poorly crafted that it can never be enforced. This leads to abuse. It leads to good honest citizens being abused. Did these people who wrote the law consult animal people, rescue groups, vets, dog club representatives and show breeders? I bet they didn't.

Susan, since yesterday when our commission in Miami passed tighter animal control restrictions, our dog club show chair is calling for all dog people to boycott the Miami area for dog shows. Perhaps when this town doesn't get the huge revenue we bring in they'll give dog people more respect. Of course they really care about their baseball stadium they're trying to build more than the dogs.

It started in California, now Virginia, Florida and states across the nation. What's it going to be like in the end? Will the only place you can get a dog be a pet shop?


With love from Coral Gables, FL
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I am in favor of anything that protects the dogs, cats, birds or whatever. A lot of the time it is getting the right people to enforce the laws or programs, people knowing what abuse is and what is not. We had a situation where someone lost her dogs, who were very well cared for and were in great condition because she had 3 too many for her location. She had 6 Chihuahuas. The neighbor that reported her had 3 Dobermans. Common since should rule.

Sandi, taking a new road with Smarty and Galen
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I live in Nebraska and we have inspection laws. Unfortunately, we have exactly 1 inspector for the entire state. This same inspector is in charge of all the livestock facilities in the state, along with other duties. I don't want to quote the wrong numbers, but I believe the last time I checked, there were well over 700 facilities on the list of places to be checked.

Obviously a BYB or a puppymill flying under the radar by turning in paperwork and not getting neighborhood complaints has very little chance of ever being inspected.

Here in Lincoln, the Republicans on our city council are attempting to get a mandatory spay/nueter/microchip program going.


"The greatness of a nation and it's moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated"
Mahatma Gandhi
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