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Hi breeders!

First, if you don't already know, I'm an OB nurse, so I think that's why I'd love to hear what it's like to whelp your Havanese. Do you do it yourselves? Is it great?
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LOL Donna I was just thinking about this today as well. I was wondering the excitemnt the breeders feel as each puppy comes out wondering what he or she will look like, what color, what type of markings. I know it is scary and I'm sure they are more concerned with the health and well being of the puppy and mother but it just sounds so exciting to me.

I will admit, some of you know how crazy I am with puppies, I once asked my breeder for pictures during the birth LOL

Leeann, Riley, Monte & Rumor

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I am so glad I am not the only one! LOL! When you have a pregnant mama, a breeder must be so nervous wondering when labor will start! With all these new puppies, I was wondering if the breeders would like to share about their experience.
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Thankfully, there are usually a series of signs that you have so you can know when labor will begin. I was able to relax for most of this week when I realized that one of my girls wasn't nearly as far along as I had thought she was. Yesterday morning, she finally gave me the first signs, and I told a couple of people that I knew we'd be expecting puppies in 24 hours. Sure enough, that part didn't fail.

A drastic drop in temperature has been my first sign (although some breeders don't see this in Havanese all the time), a refusal to eat, digging in bedding and trying to create a nest, and heavy panting all come to mind. Those are the four signs that let me know it is time to be ready. In addition, if you have done progesterone testing, you can tell the exact day of ovulation and dogs are pretty predictable for going into whelp at a certain date after that.

As of this morning, I have only whelped five Havanese litters. Every whelping has been different for me. There always seems to be one or two moments of huge stress and worry, and an amazing amount of relief to see some healthy, squirmy, twitchy puppies all nursing and snuggling with their mother.

Two different times, it was so incredibly stressful and a puppy was stuck long enough that I just knew the puppy was a goner and I was doing all I could to save the mother. Both times, I was wrong and the puppy was just fine. Piaget was one of them. He was such a big puppy and she had difficulty pushing him and I was tugging away at that body just sure I was going to injure her or harm him if he was alive. Both were fine for it.

I think I've had my emergency vet's number dialed for 3 out of 5 of the litters and then as the situation was being explained, I would yell, "We've got it - thanks!" and have to hang up. I think the emergency vet has been our magic trick a couple of times. (Not really, but you know what I mean.)

This morning's whelping was my hardest physically, but definitely my easiest overall. I stayed up last night knowing puppy arrival was eminent, and hard labor signs did start shortly after midnight, but the first puppy wasn't born until nearly 7am. By 8am, five puppies (one of which was a surprise) had been born by practically falling out with one push. Each one was still in the sac and ready for attention. I was running on adrenaline because that is barely enough time to clean, weigh and examine each pup before the next one was out. By noon today I was in dire need of a quick nap.

I don't even know if I answered what you were asking. It's just very fresh on my mind today.

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I can only speak for myself, but I feel that most feelings may be mutual. For me I worry more about my girl. I hope that I never have to call my vet at 2 or 3 in the morning due to complication with the birthing.

My one girl in her last two litters I had to pull 50% of the pups because they were coming out breach. This is when I feel a slight panic sensation come over me, then I slap myself and realize that I need to kick into gear and help out so that I don't lose my puppy or the mother. After that I keep praying that the next one will come out head first and no problems After the pup is out safely then that is when I help clean it and of course check all the essentials

I always for warned my vet that she may be getting a call, but thus far I have only had to take a girl in to the vet for a c-section and that was about 15 years ago. So I consider myself very lucky


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Heather, I've always been afraid of a breech puppy. I've had many that are feet first, but not breech yet. That would freak me out.

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We have puppies so we can have puppies.
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We have puppies so we can have puppies.

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Heather and Kimberly, WOW, really cool stories! And, Kimberly, I'm glad you wrote all that down while it's fresh in your head -- all those pretty puppies in your house -- woo-hooo! What a party of fruit! LOL.
Now, when a baby is breech, it means head up/feet down. What's the difference with breech puppies? In human babies you have different breech positions, but they are all "breech": i.e. footling (foot born first), frank (butt first), etc.
Heather, a C-section! Wow! How did you know mom needed that? Was it an emergency?
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I have had both wonderful whelpings and a heartbreaking whelping. Of course I am nervous, anxious and excited all at the same time. My first litter was by far my easiest. Those puppies just "slid" out and momma knew just what to do. They were good sized and came out kicking and screaming! I thought to my self "no problem, this was easy!" Ha!
My second litter I wasn't here when the first was born (hubby was here and I was on my way home)~ I was here about 2 min after she was born and she wasn't breathing well at all. It took lots of work and even a little puppy cpr to get her really going. I thought we were going to lose her. My 3rd litter was my heartbreak litter. 2 stillborn puppies is enough to make you rethink being a breeder. I was devistated. But after all the tears I do have my Heidi to show off! After that litter of course I was a nervous wreck thru Emmy's entire next pregnancy. She sailed thru it and had a smooth delivery and healthy puppies!


Paws.....and reflect on what life has given you~
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