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Originally Posted by CarolWCamelo View Post
Karen, I'm just taking a bit of your post to comment on - a bit that upsets me, but maybe I'm not understanding properly.

You have to issue a cue - and the dog is required to IGNORE THAT CUE? I HATE that! Contradictory stuff! How does that relate to real life, in ANY way? Any enlightenment from you? Thanks!

(No wonder a lot of dogs have trouble with it. I think it could easily engender distrust in the dog.)

Sat, 28 Apr 2012 08:44:30 (PDT)
Hi Carol, no, the dog does not have to ignore a cue. APDT would never put in a sign like that. They are all about good solid POSITIVE training. That doesn't mean that you can get away with sloppy training, though. This is actually a GOOD sign, I think. It's not easy, especially with a "velcro dog", but it's still good training in impulse control.

You cue the dog to sit, then stay. Then you run away, and the dog must wait for you to call them to heel, at which point you call them front. So there are several challenges. First, the dog must control his impulse to follow when you leave quickly. Then he must listen and come to heel briskly, but not get over-stimulated, so that when you ask for the front, he comes readily to front when you cue him and step back. This is certainly not a "beginner's" exercise, but well within what should be expected of a well trained dog.

The only problem for Kodi is that we hadn't ever practiced it. I actually LOVE the exercise from the standpoint of reinforcing impulse control. Kodi has a hard time holding a stay at distance... he wants to come back to me. So we are constantly working on this in recalls, long stays and even the start line stay in agility. This is just one other way of reinforcing that idea. (in fact, it is VERY much what you want in a start line stay in agility, minus the "front")

The problems we had on Sunday were all my fault... not making sure I knew all the signs, and teaching it to him BEFORE we got to the trial site, then handling things wrong once we were faced with the problem. Once we had NQ'd, because it is APDT, I could have turned to the judge and asked for permission to use cookies to get him around the rest of the course successfully with more reinforcement. She could have, and most likely WOULD have, given me permission. That would have made it a more positive experience for both of us, rather than having things go down hill even further because of the food bowls. Ah well, hind sight is 20/20! At least we were in good company, between the challenges of the "stay and run away" sign, and the lamb lung in the food bowls, there were more than the typical number of NQ's!

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