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My Ted is 5 1/2 months right now and has started the whole biting/not coming thing all over again. He is now getting his adult teeth in and it hurts. Lots of bully sticks and other things to chew on are a must. When he chews on you, replace your fingers with a stick. If Charlie is absolutely a bear and hasnt slept in about an hour and a half, he's tired. He should be napping in the am and pm in his pen in his crate. If he's in his crate, he's probably tired. Leave him there until he wanders out unless you need to bring him potty because you are going out.
Ted is finished his first round of obedience and is now in a puppy agility class (no jumping or weaving). I do all my training with Ted, with treats. The running around is def RLH syndrome. Happens once or twice a day with Ted. Watch carefully with your pup too, if Ted needs to poo he will growl to go out or ring his bells. If I try and bring him in before he has gone, he will again growl, if I try and pick him up to bring him in. He is not being aggressive but that is his form of talking.
It sounds too me like the little guy is over whelmed with a household with alot of people and his 3rd house. I doubt that he believes he will be staying. Get a positive based trainer that uses treats for training and they will help tell you with all the things that your are doing wrong! (no insult meant...we all do so many things wrong that we think are good but worsen things). Ted is pretty consistent in the last few weeks with potty but Ive been doing it since June 30th when I got him. You just dont know his signs. Ask the trainer about bell training, they like that! You may not know what type of potty training if any he had. Maybe he just went inside before or worse, was not trained at all.
Good luck! If you are consistant and at a minimum get a trainer you will be very pleasantly surprised at what a great dog that you adopted!
I'm no expert but Ted is the same age as yours!

Lise and Ted
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