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Two male havanese puppies (around 4 months old) in foster care in our local rescue.

Hello everyone:

We have a local organization, called "a forever home" ( that rescues dogs from various shelters in the area (the area is quite broad, actually, including some shelters from WVA); the dogs go into foster homes and they have a website where they post pictures and descriptions and any details. Anyway, something compelled me yesterday to look at the website and to go through all of the pictures of available dogs. This force just compelled me to look even though I have not looked at this site in a very long time.

So, I began to browse and I came upon two dogs pictured together who were dumped at a shelter in West Virginia and are now in foster care in Northern Virginia. They had them labeled as 'bearded collie mixes" but from the picture, they looked like havanese dogs. So I emailed the site and asked to schedule a visit and the foster mom emailed me back.

I just got back from visiting the two dogs. My suspicions were confirmed. They are havanese puppies, about 4 months old. One is brindle and is named Snickerdoodle and one is black and white and named Oreo. Snickerdoodle is very feisty and friendly and definately a more dominant personality type and Oreo is more of a snuggle love bug. Both are in need of grooming but are beautiful dogs. The foster mom was completely unaware of the breed so I spent time providing information and I encouraged her to change the information on the website so the potential adopters can do breed research. It was really nice spending time with the two dogs; they seem very happy to be at the foster mom's house; the foster mom has two other very large dogs and that did not seem to be an issue. Oreo spent time snuggling in my lap giving me kisses, which of course triggered MHS within me. Hubby was with me for safety reasons--he did not want me going to a stranger's house alone--and hubby was not wanting another dog at this time due to us also having two hedgehogs and he thinks I will end up overwhelmed. Oreo seems like he would do well with my dog Dionna who seems to be in the middle of the two, energy and temperment wise (Dionna is a love bug, too). I sometimes worry that Dionna is lonely being the only dog here but hubby does not think so since she gets lots of love and is never alone for long and we keep her active and stimulated with activities.

Anyway, I wanted to pass this along to everyone here just in case somebody is interested. The foster mom said that these dogs just came to her a few days ago. I think the universe wanted me to find them and to have them labeled correctly and also to pass on info to foster mom. I told mom about the havanese board, too.

If anyone wants to check them out, just look for Oreo and Snickerdoodle on the website.

who is struggling with MHS.

PS When we came home, Dionna sniffed me and my jacket intensely; she must have smelled them on me because they both sat in my lap and also I held them both. I wonder what she was thinking as she sniffed?
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Awww! They are so cute! How could you leave them there? Your hubby is a big meannie. (Just teasing. He must know you well. My hubby is a pushover - we would have come home with 2 dogs.)

Yup, they look like Havanese. Only $325 adoption fees. That is pretty low. You could get both for a bargain. lol!

I hope they get adopted together.


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I am really struggling--I think Oreo would be perfect for our house. Well, actually both are perfect and I base my "guess" on havanese by spending that hour with them. They look and act like havanese pups. They have all of the hallmark trademarks of the havanese breed. In fact, the woman just guessed at their breed as she had no information on them and had never heard of havanese. I gave her lots of information about the breed and she was saying "yes, they do that" (i.e. the paper shredding) and "yes, they do that" (velcro behaviors). Despite being very dirty and tangled in areas, they are such lovely dogs. Both gave me so many kisses and Oreo just parked in my lap and sat there and gave me kisses, just like Dionna does.

I feel really good that my hunch was correct. This board has taught me well got me good.


PS the good news is that they are in a really nice foster home; the woman is just lovely and is experienced with fostering. She has two very big older dogs and neither havanese seemed bothered by them at all. They are out of the scary shelter system and that is such a good thing.
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wow... wish we lived in Virginia!! they sound like so much fun!!!
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Oreo is calling your name!

Two and half years ago I had one of those pushes to look at the website although I had not looked at it for a long time. For several days I kept ignoring the feeling, but finally one day as I was sitting down on the couch I got the strong feeling again so I finally I went and looked. While there are many Havanese on Petfinder (I had two Havanese at the time), I had no intention of getting a third dog and had not ever been tempted when I would look at Havanese on Petfinder every once in a while. When I saw the picture below (bottom one) of a then 18 month old puppy mill rescue, it seemed she was looking directly at me through the moniter. I kept thinking about her and kept going back to the website. It turned out she was within 30 miles of me. I told my husband about it and showed him the picture, as I was POSITIVE he would not be interested, but he said go for it if I wanted. Yep, by the next week we had completed the adoption process and had two visits to her foster home. She went home with us on the second visit, after she met my husband and our other dogs. Her name was Dorrie and I thought her name suited her -- I just changed the spelling.

Dori has been her a little over two years and now has another puppymill rescue sister named Chloe that I said I would foster this summer, but I was not adopting!!!!!!!! Well Dori and Chloe look like book ends, and no one can tell them apart but me. We had a 10 year old Havanese die almost a year ago, and my husband and I pledged we would not get a third, but he was the one that was pushing for adopting Chloe but we both said when you almost 16 year old Havanese goes, we will not get a third again. A few months ago, he was saying he wanted another one when Jaime passes. I said we will foster, but I am thinking I would be well into my 70's and have three dogs -- just think that is too much at that time and I would worry a lot about what would happen to our babies if something happens to us.

Oreo may be calling your name!!!!!!!! But even if you do not adopt him you did a great thing going to see them and talking to the foster mom. Do let us know if divine intervention occurs and Oreo joins your family.
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Mom to my girls Jaime, Dori, & Chloe
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Judy - love that photo - a lap full of fur kids. Wow, Chloe and Dori DO look like bookends! And great story!

Linda, Augie & Finn's Mom
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What a wonderful story, Judy! They all look so adorable together!

Kathie, Abby & McGee's Mom
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Well, I am feeling good about my involvement in this rescue situation and am now seeing that I was compelled to look at that site in the first place for a reason.

The site did change the identity of the two pups to 'havanese mix'. Due to my posting here and on the other forum, interest in the two have been generated and the interest is from individuals who are already either interested in the breed or knowledgable about the breed, and that just makes my heart soar

I had a really nice talk with one of the adoption coordinators as I had submitted an application for Oreo just in case. She brought up some good points that I had not fully considered with regards to adding a dog to a home with an existing dog. Anyway, I was feeling horribly conflicted but was able to go again yesterday evening to visit. And I am glad that I did because what I observed confirmed that these two dogs should stay together. They both have separation anxiety issues--when the foster mom left the house briefly to walk her own dog, both pups really became agitated and anxious but also seemed to depend on each other. I also observed the way the two played off each other and really used each other. Oreo has some jealously issues, too, as when I picked up Snickerdoodle, Oreo barked and barked until I sat down and he jumped in my lap. Now, granted, none of these observations raised red flags in my eyes per say as unfixable issues but I really think it would be best for them to remain together and to go into a home that does not already have an existing dog.

They are also, I think, more like 6 months old as they both have one set of adult teeth.

It broke my heart, really, to think of what happened to them prior to being dumped in the shelter. I actually started to get teary eyed for that reason and also when I came to the realization that Oreo would be better in a home with his brother. I know he will be loved but I feel like the god mom There are some people who read my message on this forum who are interested in adopting both and I am hoping that is how this plays out. And hopefully I will be able to come for a visit (or vice versa) with Dionna for a play date as I am the unofficial godmom of these pups


PS it was suggested on the forum and by the foster mom that I start to volunteer for rescues and I am considering it!

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Andra-What you have done for these dogs has altered their lives and you should feel good about that. Even if they aren't going to be a part of your family, it sounds like they are well on their way to a great home together thanks in part to you. What better gift to give them?

I think they have given a gift to you as well-if this experience leads you to consider rescue work. You seem perfect for it.

Julie, Piper and Riley

My little dog - a heartbeat at my feet. ~Edith Wharton
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I have been wondering about the two of them. I went and found the picture when you first posted. I thought to my self those two should stay together.
I cant believe they were just dropped off . I think they look like HAVANESE not a mix don't you?
When we were looking at puppy's we found a mix breed we could not make up our mind over two puppy's We thought about getting two and the breeder said no she never adopts two at once she said she has seen to many family's who can not handle the double the everything. Sounds like these two probably had something like that happen.

Maddie at 5mo old
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