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Near Encounters; Please Post!

Hi Everyone!

I would really love everyone to post their near encounters (scary moments) with your Hav. Or post things that we know what to do to keep our Havs out of trouble.

I am sure everyone has near moments with your Havs each day and you have learned something from those experiences, so please post and share with us.

This thread is meant to be a learning experience for everyone, so we know what a Hav is capable of doing (getting into trouble in other words).

My Experience:

I took Dexter to the post office in my car, which is near a busy road. Dexter is use to staying in the car, so I told him to "Stay." I turn to get out of the car quickly and before I know it, Dexter is out of the car. In a flash, my voice is all excited and I am calling ...."Dexter come," Dexter come", and Dexter comes! Dexter did not go far, but he was all excited about getting out of the car and I reacted in a split second.

When Dexter jumped out of the car, my heart sank... I remember thinking in that split second to use my excited voice to get Dexter back to me. For once I listened to myself without questioning.

You never know what you will do in a dangerous situation until it happens, so please listen to that inner voice.

Please share your near encounters with us.

Dexter & Jack
"One Hav is NOT enough to enjoy the RLH skills!"
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My near experience happened just this week. Murphy spends a big part of his day sitting at the shop door looking out and enjoying the view and sunlight. He never attempts to go out when a customer comes in or goes out. Last week a maintenance man was there and I was in the parking lot talking to him. My partner, Barry, opened the door to come out and talk to him too. As soon as he opened the door Murphy came flying towards me. By the grace of God there were no cars coming into our parking lot at the time. They are so quick!

Holly & Murphy
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Casper and Missy
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I would suggest you get a car seat and harness Dexter in...both my havs are harnessed in when in the car.

This is a very good thread...maybe it will help us all. I find my dogs very implusive and unpreditable at times.

One scary moment I had was last Thanksgiving. I have a house full of people, I very concerned about my dogs behavior...but they are being good. After dinner some people decide to go for a walk, I am cleaning the kitchen...any way Casper flies out the door with them and down the street by himself. We had to go looking for him.

Same Thanksgiving, people come in and put their purses on the floor....Missy finds the purse and starts getting their gum out of their purses. sugar free gum is really bad for dogs

I can't believe I am going to do it all again this year...but I know somethings to watch for this year. Only this year I have a two year old coming that never sits still, I don't think Casper can handle it. So I plan on Casper spending some time in his crate.

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Storm Doors:

Havs can also sneak out very quickly from your front storm doors. So, get in the habit of making sure that door is closed quickly after you leave and make sure you know where your Hav is when someone else leaves the house out of this door.

Havs learn very quickly how much time is needed before the door closes...Havs are so smart.

Dexter & Jack
"One Hav is NOT enough to enjoy the RLH skills!"
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This is a great thread. Our scariest moment by far was when Jasper was a puppy. We gave him a rug remnant to lie on his pen. All of a sudden Jasper is running around in circles panicking and whimpering and foaming at the mouth...we could not settle him enough to see what was going on (which turned out to be good) ran to the vet who was luckily 5 minutes away (and lucky we were home. ) It turned out Jasper had chewed the back of the remnant where there was a big copper staple and he stapled his jaw shut! top to bottom. If we had tried to open his mouth we would have done more damage.

We have had a few scary moments with Cash but they were sickeness' we could not have prevented.

I just want to say the more we can share...the better prepared we all will be...but things will still happen...they are dogs and sometimes unpredictable. I believe Ann said it best in the perfect thread. "We can only do our best and pray that all turns out well."

Missy, Jasper & Cash
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Benji and Lizzie's Mom
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Thankfully, the only scary moment we had was when Benji was a puppy, just about 16 weeks or so and he wriggled out of his martingale leash on the walk and ran towards the open space / meadows along our neighborhood. Thankfully, I always had his treats in my hand in a box when we went for a walk and I remembered that everytime I was on my knees, he came running to kiss my face. I dropped on the sidewalk and jingled the treat box to get his attention. He ran back to me and I grabbed him quickly.

Best, Poornima
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Great idea for a thread, Linda! Our first scary moment was when Marble was a puppy and did a RLH. We heard a large thud, and ran over. He had run very fast and hard into the metal table leg of the coffee table. He whined and swayed a little. I was terrified that he had brain damage, but he was okay (or mayne not, and that's why he only listens 50% of the time).

Our second close call was when he got out the front door and he ran down the street. I was freaking out and chasing him. I knew his recall is poor, and he has no fear of cars or of the street. He wasn't listening to me, and I ran back to the house, calling him all the while, to get a treat to lure him. Well, luckily, he decided to chase after me, and I got him back. The sad thing is that if a dog, bike or person was out at that moment, I don't think he would have followed me back. It is something we've worked on, unsuccessfully with a trainer and behaviorist. I'll admit, that I don't spend 8 hours a day working on this, but it would probably take many, many 8 hour days to get this. His chasing instinct is very strong, and he will not listen to me unless their an amazing treat in my hand.

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Our first home when we got Dasher had the dog door through the front door so Dash was used to bounding out the front door to go out and go potty whenever he wanted. Shortly after we moved I went to go out the door and Dash went running out the front door and beelined it to visit the neighbor like we did on our walks. I learned right then the importance of retraining the front door. We did long line and the door slamming technique and it worked quickly and perfect. Now I can or others can open the front door and Dash will hold back until I say okay.

The only scary moment I have had with Dora was her getting stuck under the porch and I thought someone stole her. I have had lots of times of Belle being the escape artists. But it is always when we let her outside and one of us left, Belle doesnt do well with feeling she is left behind!

Poornima- a friends dog got out of our training center on a busy road and I did the same down to the knees and the dog came running... I think that is a very good move.

Dora, Dasher, & Belle's Mommy

Thinking of adding a Neezer, check out this thread!
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Near Encounter this Morning:

I was just getting out of bed and tired and sick. I can usually let Dexter out on the deck and he will come back quickly compared to the front yard. I walk out on the deck to watch Dexter. Well, as soon as I opened the door, Dexter sees a cat and off he runs toward the front yard.

Out the back door and off the deck I go to go find Dexter. I am out in the front yard calling "Dexter come" "Dexter come" he was not in the front yard when I got there and then all of a sudden he is coming up from the ditch coming toward me...we go to the back door, I tell him to "Go Potty" and he does and in the house we go.

Well, needless to say.....I am awake now!

And by the way, dogs live in the moment, so there is no use in correction of misdeeds and if you get in the habit of punishing your dog when you call him, he will not come.

Dexter & Jack
"One Hav is NOT enough to enjoy the RLH skills!"
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I got Rosie at four months old. The breeder told me not to put a collar on her because of their big heads; so like a dummy, I didn't train her to a leash like I had all my other dogs at that age. I take her to work and therefore take her out in the side yard to potty. Of course I was still carrying her every where and she had been real good not to do anything but her business. The side yard is large, but joins the library parking lot. This day she decided to play catch-me-if-you-can. It was funny until it got out of hand and the circles got bigger and closer to the library and then she wasn't coming back. I began to panic--wrong thing to do with a dog. Luckily a strange lady from the library saw and came running to my aid. Rosie being a havanese and loving strangers ran right up to her and she was able to just pick her up. Well that afternoon I got a collar and leash and after 15 minutes in the parking lot half dragging, and her half pretending to choke, she decided that mama ment business and now the leash is the only way she gets to go out in public. Interestingly she was the easiest dog to train to a leash I have ever had. That 15 minutes session was it. She now walks right beside me, no tugging, just happily walking along.

I think that in light of the happenings of the past few days, we should start a thread to discourage the person that just has to have one of those "cute little dogs" and doesn't have a clue about how to handle a dog, much less a havanese. With the popularity of the havanese growing daily, there are sure to be many tragedies and throw a way dogs because those people won't understand just how trying these happy little dogs can be.
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