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Cropped ears and tails...

I feel a bit like if I high jacked the thread started by Murphys mom, so I start a new one.

Yes, Bevery, sweden have come far in the legislations regarding the keeping of dogs. Sometime I think to far. Last year we got a law agains keeping dogs in any kind of crate...witch make it very hard to travel, many have cages in the car...There was even people who reported the police for having police dogs in cages in the back of the car...

The cropping of ears have been forbidden for many, many years, and the tail cropping for about 20 years. At first the breeders of ex Doberman pincher, cocker spaniel and so on had a very, very hard time with this. Some even switch breed. But now everyone is used to it. Before you could show a dog that was born in a other country and cropped and got the tail cut there...BUT now from this year, I think, you are not allowed to show that dog in shows at all.

This makes it more hard to work together with Russia, they often cropp very early. So if you should have a dog from there, you need to make sure the dog is NOT cropped or tail cut.

I meet a breeder the other day who bought a Russky Toy from Russia and she had a hard time find a dog whos vocal cords havent been cut. Now I am NOT saying that all russian breeders cut cords NO, but some do...

I have the ideals that I have. That dogs should be part of the family. And have oportunity to both mental and physical stimulation. I can never say that a coat should be so important so that the dog are not allowed to go for walks.

We have very different living conditions around the world, and different things are important for us. I feel that respect of the animal if very important.

It would be very intresting to hear about other peoples wiew of this...


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and Murphy & Gracie too!
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Karin - I so appreciate you sharing your views on a touchy subject! It's interesting to know what the laws and restrictions are in other countries.

I agree with you that dogs are a part of the family. I'm fortunate to be a stay-at-home mother so I do have the time to devote to my dogs, I guess that's how we started with one and now have 3 in less than a year and a half! Some people have to work and can't be home all day, I understand that, but I do feel badly for dogs that are alone or crated all day.

Ann-Scooter, Murphy, & Gracie's Mom
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Karin, it is obvious that Sweden is so far ahead of the world in many ways, not just with animal rights, but human too. Here in Canada, animals are still considered property and so cruelty to animal legislation is, I feel, very lax. People seem to get away with the most atrocious abuse of animals and receive just a slap on the wrist - small fine and perhaps being banned from keeping an animal for a period of time. This is just wrong.

I like that in Sweden you have banned the cropping of ears and tails. This makes sense in our modern world, where these dogs are being kept for "show" rather than as hunting or fighting dogs. The cropping for cosmetic purposes is ridiculous.

Interesting about not caging or crating dogs - it would make it more difficult to housetrain I would think. I'm fortunate in working at home, so my guys only go in their crates if I have to go out for a couple of hours. They are housetrained, but would chew up the house if left unsupervised! But they are only 8 months old, and in a year or so, I don't think we'll need or use the crates at all. This is how it worked with our previous dog.

Anyway, thank you for a thoughtful and thought provoking thread.

Dorothy (Rascal and Pixie)
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I agree. I dont like docking or cropping. Unfortunately, I dont see that changing in the US. But I don't think I would ever buy a puppy that had that done-it just doesnt appeal to me. Recently I saw a standard poodle with a full tail and it was so weird to see though- your eye does get trained for expectations.

Dora, Dasher, & Belle's Mommy

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I agree Sweden is more advanced in animal rights than the US, in fact, a lot of the world is. The crate issue only makes sense to keep owners from having 'puppy mills". I've seen several boxers recently at shows that were un cropped and it warms my heart to know some of the owners are showing a more natural dog. I sometimes wonder how I was ever a party to the practice of cropping and docking.

Sandi, taking a new road with Smarty and Galen
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Karin, I admire the laws regarding animal rights in your country, as in many others. As Dorothy said, it is pitiful here, but even worse in my province of Quebec. Strangely, we French Canadians have likely the most 'open' of societies with our lifestyles, culture and beliefs and yet our province has the highest number of puppy mills in the country.

As to crates, I highly recommend crate training. One just has to know how to do it so it works both for the dog and for the owner, respecting everyone's rights. It is a great training tool and shouldn't be seen as a 'prison' at all. When well used, it is a safe haven and is beneficial to the dog. If only people wouldn't abuse it's use ...

Dorothy wrote: "The cropping for cosmetic purposes is ridiculous." I totally agree!!

Hello. My name is marj and I have MHS.

"The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated." Mahatma Gandhi

Come to the edge, he said. They said: We are afraid. Come to the edge, he said. They came. He pushed them and they flew. -Guillaume Apollinaire"
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We also have regulations for breeders. You are not alowed to breed ANY female (mixed, purebreed...)before she is 1.5 years old. You are not allowed bo breed a to old female, and she is not allowed to have litters at every heat and maximun 5 litters a female. And 5 is a lot of litters..

You HAVE TO seek veterinary for your dog if its sick.

As always. Everybody do not follow this regulations, but they are there....To protect the dogs.

I have said it before, I of course think that different breeds have different needs. As they are breed for different purpose...

I am pro crate training...and that is why I said that the laws sometimes is ... to much...AND what about dogs who of veterinary reson need to be in a crate? By the way...x-pen is allowed. Just not with a roof...


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Karin, I, too, admire the laws in your country with respect to people and animals. I'm pretty frustrated that many people in the US have no health insurance, and that we allow such cruelty as puppy mills to continue. My son and I passed by the circus last night, and he asked me if the animals were treated well. He did some research last night and found many incidences of them being mistreated and abused. What a sad thing that is allowed. I believe that pets should be part of the family and not just shoved outside to live their entire life in a yard. I don't understand people who buy pets and ignore them completely. As far as crates and xpens, I think it's okay to use those things as tools. I do leave Marble in an xpen if I have to leave - i just feel safer that way. I know him well, and he goes digging for trash and dangerous items the second my back is turned. I have kids, and they aren't always 100% perfect about what they leave on the floor or in the trash. I also take him in the car in his crate sometimes, and will leave him there for a few minutes if the weather is very cool. He loves it there, and is much happier coming with on an errand than staying home. I certainly wouldn't leave him in the car for even a minute on a hot or sunny day, nor would I ever leave him in a tiny crate too long. Laws can be crazy - either too strict in some ways on not strict enough.
by the way, why isn't an xpen allowed with a roof? I know that I've said this too many times already, but they are way more stable with a rood. The one I had with out a roof nearly killed Marble because it collapsed on the tile floor from him jumping up on it to get out. If the expen is huge enough for them to walk in, eat in, sleep in and have a pee pad, I wonder why it's not allowed. Maybe they could have a size requirement rather than a top or no top requirement

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To be quite honest, I do not know why the x-pen is not allowed with a roof. Probably to much a cage????

BUT this is where I say I think, sometime, the regulations and laws go to far...the other side of the coin. It can be to much too...

There is other differens too...over the sea...There is not usual to spay here in sweden. AND there is no "show or pet" sales... AND that is not a think I not all is good...

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