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Gucci's mom
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Son attacked by neighbor's dog!!!!!

What a weekend!

My 11 year old stepson was attacked by a neighbor's dog on Friday night!!!! (Siberian Husky)

Summary of attack: We went to a graduation party a few houses down from ours and the dog was kept in the laundry room for the most part, but the owner let him out to go in the backyard and potty and didn't keep an eye on him. So the dog found food that was lying around the trash (which was near the cooler full of sodas) My son went to get a soda out and the dog attacked him and bit him in the face! Severing his lip almost completely through about an inch or so.

A trip to the emergency room, a call for a plastic surgeon (the bite was HORRIFIC, deep and jagged) and 15 stitches later, and a call to animal control, he's doing alright...but will probably have a scar for the rest of his life.

I know this isn't relevant to Havanese, however, just a reminder that not all family pets are friendly and always be on guard, even if you think you *know* the dog. This dog doesn't have the best reputation in our neighborhood. He's been know to attack other dogs (didn't know that til yesterday) and kill squirrels and rabbits.

Animal control told us that the saying "once a dog gets a taste for blood, they have a higher chance of attacking a human again" is true.

The dog actually licked my son's blood OFF the deck after the attack (scary).

I'm still really shaken up over the whole ordeal. The owners are very remorseful, and upset. They are really being wonderful to our family and considering putting the dog down. That's really their decision. Since the attack happened on *their* property, animal control can't make them put the dog down because "dogs are instinctively territorial" (is what we were told) But....still.....

Be safe this summer around large dogs that you don't know very well!


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What a horrific ordeal!! Wishing your son a speedy recovery and prayers for your family.
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Kara, that's terrible. How scary for all concerned. Wishing your stepson a speedy recovery.



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Kara that is AWFUL!!!!

Im so sorry.

My girlfriend has a Husky who is the best dog. She is almost 11. Well she decided to get her a friend, and got a rescue. I told her NOT to get a rescue. She didn't listen. She said he was great dog yada yada. I did not
think she was home enough to take in a rescue. Well not long ago the dog turned on her and war growling, snarling, showing his teeth. He did not hurt her, but she was so scared.

I hope your step son gets better soon.
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OH! That's just terrible! I'm sorry to hear that happened to your stepson. I wish him a speedy recovery and I surte hope he won't have nightmares about that! We have a 12 year old son and I know how I'd feel if this would've happened to him! I don't know about the laws in your state and about the whole territorial on his own property thing but, the owner was definately not acting responsibly if he has had problems with the dog in the past. Ewww licking up the blood after! THAT doesn't sound like this behavior will stop then!
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Holy Crap that's a horrible situation. I really hope that your Son recovers and that the situation doesn't scar him emotionally. These sort of incidents really haver a way of changing a person and Our Prayers are with your family. What a terrible thing to have happen on such a celebratory day.

Kindest Regards,

Derek, Dovanna and Radar.
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Gucci's mom
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Thank you so much for all your prayers and well wishes!

The incident was a big buzz-kill and end of the party. I was told that everyone left within 45 minutes after the attack. There were alot of young children there, and people were horrified...grabbed their kids and went home.

The owners of "Cujo" (actually his name is Scooby, but Cujo is more appropriate) have young children too. I think they are really worried about this, as the attack was unprovoked.

My stepson is bummed because he can't go in the pool, but otherwise is in good spirits.

We just talked to my sister in law, who is an Emergency Room Physician, and she told us that dog bites are the second biggest cause for emergency room visits!!! Wow.

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Angry ??!?!

Wow.. Thats awful!! Poor little guy.. hmmmmmm

How could the dog not be out down?? That must be a Calidofrnia state law of some sort. In Canada the dog would be quarantined then put down 100%. That 'dog' sounds out of control!!!

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Oh my thoughts are with your son. I was bitten by a toy poodle when I was 6 in the face too. You can only see the scar under my eye when I get really tan though so I hope he is able to recover the scar. I also hope this doesn't premanetly scare him of dogs. It is hard when you remember the situation. My friend actually has a small white toy poodle just like the one I was bitten by and to be honest I am uneasy around that dog because of it's high energy and the way it acts.

As to Huskies, my friend back in high school had one that he got as a puppy. The dog was very well socialized and seemed great. I was absolutely shocked to hear at 10 months he had to put it down. They were at a park and the dog ran over and attacked a baby in a stroller. He said he never saw it coming because it was so good around the neighbor's children. He said he honestly thinks the dog didn't know what hte baby was and it was obviously his fault for not having it on a leash.

Just on a side note, I relooked this up just to check on dog bites.

The Centers for Disease Control studies dog bite incidents, including the types of dogs most likely to bite. The breeds that the CDC considers highest risk include:

* Pit bulls
* Rottweilers
* German shepherds
* Huskies
* Alaskan malamutes
* Doberman pinschers
* Chows
* Great Danes
* Saint Bernards
* Akitas
Some of them don't suprise me because of the bad hands they can get into. Also the breed history and what htey were used for is going to give them a different tempermant in certain situations. But the breed that does suprise me are Danes. The ones I am around have always been so good in nature. Big dogs can be very powerful and if not socialzed and trained in the right hands, it can lead to disaster.


Dora, Dasher, & Belle's Mommy

Thinking of adding a Neezer, check out this thread!
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Thanks for the info, Amanda. I knew about a few of those breeds being high risk, but not all of them. I was attacked by a dalmation when I was 9, and the dog was ordered to be "put down". It just ran up to me and attacked me (my arm mostly)

I am still, to this day......scared to death of big dogs! All big dogs! Which is the main reason why I own a small dog.

Apparently, the law in Virginia doesn't make the owner put the dog down if it happens on *their* property. If the attack would've happened OFF their property then it would be considered grounds for quaranteen/euthenisation (sp?)

That is such a scary story about the infant being attacked! It just goes to show that dogs aren't always predictable. Scary!!

I won't be walking Gucci anywhere NEAR their house now! Especially after being told this weekend that Cujo/Scooby has attacked 2-3 dogs in my neighborhood, and atleast 2 required several stitches at the vet.

I hope the owners really consider how dangerous this dog is, to our neighborhood families, pets and even the wildlife here.

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