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HELP. Over the past couple days, Nino has found he had a certain taste for his poop. We have since been vigilant about picking up poop right after the dogs go, and we've always quickly swooped in on poops on the pads, but there are times when he is in his pen that he will go and then, if left alone for just 5 minutes, eat it. I've read about various solutions, and since vigilance is only working to an extent, was wondering if you guys have anything that makes the poop taste icky that you swear by. I've read about Deter, pineapple, and everything in between, but I would rather skip the trial and error stage if possible. There's nothing fun about getting face kisses right after "Neener Neener Poopy Eater" does his thing

Sophie, Nino, and Brisket (Mario too!)

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I have tried absolutely everything under the sun, and then some (have gotten quite creative!) with Sophie. Nothing has worked! I was so determined to break her habit but am ready to admit defeat lol. For her first several weeks here, I only followed her every single time she went I snuck in and poured ultra bitter apple on it and that would make her leave it alone but it didn't change her habit as she'd always check and if no bitter apple, then she'd still eat it.

I mixed bitter apple with alum powder and super hot sauce, mixed it with her poop then "planted" it along our walk route. She thought that was a nice topper to her favorite treat.

I used forbid and pineapple and all the other additives with no results.

I thought I had it figured out once, I got a citronella spray collar with remote. When she pooped I went out and set the collar on the ground right in the middle of the poop (I always put stuff on the poop, added this collar, etc when she couldn't see me so she wouldn't associate me with it). Then I went in the house and watched. Sure enough she went right over to the poop, bent down to get some, RIGHT over the collar....perfect shot so I hit the button and a burst of spray went up into her face. She barely flinched, then went back to eating the poop. I emptied the collar in her face and she just thought it was a nice refreshing spritzer to go along with her morning meal.

I've considered tons of other ideas but all have flaws. The only thing that helps a little is I never yell at her for it, I just try to nonchalantly get to it before she does to pick it up. If I tried to chase her off of it or run over and clean it up quickly she thinks it must REALLY be a special treasure and will try to beat me to it and take off with it in her mouth. If I'm out of her sight but watching her she is much less likely to try and eat it. Keeping the yard picked up isn't an answer for us because if she's going to eat it, she will eat it immediately. She eats it somewhat less now than in the beginning so I do get to scoop poop and keep up with it every day but even if she goes out late at night I'll know she is getting herself in trouble if she doesn't come right back in and sure enough she'll have telltale poop breath!

I was hoping she might grow out of it but she's almost 14 months old now and not looking like it.
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OMG Dee Dee! That's actually wonderfully nuts! ...though sorry about the poo....

Both my doggies have no interest in dog poop, but cat poop is a different story. I monitor my cat's litter box like a hawk, but now a new crew of strays have entered the neighborhood and I really have to watch on the walks. Lola also lives to eat worms. Both are such low-riding dogs, it's hard, especially at night to see if they're just sniffing around or chowing down. Ugh.
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So far we haven't seen or caught Rocky eating his own. But he loves deer droppings and rabbit poop.

It's all over the place in our yard and neighborhood. Right now our walks are me trying to steer him away from poop. He's sneaky.... I tried shortening up the lease yesterday and only letting him get a couple feet off the sidewalk so I could see what he's sniffing. It helped but he still grabbed a couple bites..

A couple of my neighbors said their dogs did that when puppies but grew out of or simply lost interest. I'm hoping!!!!
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I know there are several theories as to why dogs eat poop but I'm a believer that there is something missing in their diet or a digestive issue. With my prior Westie and now with Lily, I give a teaspoon of vanilla yogurt (with live cultures) or a bit of goats milk with her breakfast. Seems to work...Lily doesn't eat poo and my westie stopped.
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Thanks Laellis, I'll give that a shot...
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Here is an article that might be of help or at least explain

Why Do Dogs Eat Poop? Coprophagia Can Be a Behavioral Problem
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Thankfully, Emmie is not a poop eater. It may be because she is not fed a kibble diet and I give her probiotics everyday, which results in a healthy gut.

Dr. Karen Becker: Dogs on entirely processed, dry food diets, who eat no living foods at all, will intentionally seek out other sources of digestive enzymes to make up for their own lifelong enzyme deficiency. Feeding your pet a diet containing human-grade protein, probiotics and supplemental digestive enzymes can sometimes curb the urge to find gross sources of free enzymes around the yard or in the litter box.

Jeanne and Emmie

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I think it can be diet related too but I don't think in Sophie's case it is. She is fed raw with probiotics and some supplements (herbs, etc). When she came home she was eating kibble and she ate poop then too little stink-butt! <3 She did have tummy issues while on the kibble, LOTS of gas, some diarrhea, not wanting to eat etc and the raw did clear that up completely! I had hoped it would stop the poop eating also but unfortunately didn't. I try to watch her and when she poops, call her off with a treat which works...but I can't always be right there so she out smarts me I keep telling her it's against the law to eat her own poop but she's such a rebel....
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Willow does it too! But it has to be fresh poop - like freshly produced poop. After it sits for just a bit she won't touch it. I have her on a leash when I take her out to poop and I clean it up right away while trying to hold her back from it with the leash. She always will go over and smell where she went and snarf up whatever little bit I miss. Really disgusting!

I'm wondering if havanese are more prone to poop eating. I've never seen so many threads on poop eating until I joined this forum. I am on a couple of corgi forums and it's hardly ever brought up.

Jackie & Willow
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