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Suzy and Cazzie
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Cazzie is in trouble :(

I can't believe I am writing about my Cazzie, my sweet Cazzie, and all of you who know us from the forum won't believe this either.

Our troubles began when I was in the hospital for 4 or 5 days in April '08. Perhaps a mistake I made was in trying to be a good mother-in-law - both my daughters-in-law wanted to take care of him and so he spent a couple days at one home and then at another. When I came back home from the hospital, he was indifferent to me, and it took him a couple days to seem to say, "OK, Mom, you're back! I forgive you for leaving me!" DH and I noticed that he began having anxiety when I left the house for any reason. He knew when I would get my make-up on, get my purse, etc. He made motions like he wanted me to stay. We dealt with it by firmly saying no and letting him know that was unwanted behavior. He was under control, but gradually seemed to be getting worse.

Fast-forward to today. I was back in the hospital in August. We decided to leave Cazzie and Chelsie at home this time and have one d-i-l come over a couple times a day to let them out and play with them. We thought that would work out better for them. Now Cazzie is unmanageable when either I or DH attempt to leave. We have tried to crate him. He barks hysterically and crazily and the neighbors are aware of this. He just goes beserk! He turns on Chelsie and starts fights. He grabs my purse and pulls. He has even nipped at my legs. I know that using his teeth is the only way he has to try to keep me home and that he is trying to control me.

Otherwise, he is as sweet as he has always been. The really horrible parts are how he is attacking poor Chels; and that DH has had a stroke and although he has made almost 100% recovery, his nerves are short. Thus Cazzie is carrying on, we're trying to get out of the house, we're trying to discipline Cazzie - Saying NO firmly, taking him by the scruff of the neck like the Mother Dog would do - then the situation quickly deteriorates. I have almost lost my mind.

He goes on long walks every day but he is a spoiled dog. I know we made mistakes raising him but oh, how sweet he is, what a comfort in my illness.

But, if we can't cope and change this, Cazzie will need a new home. We are both Seniors and exhausted enough with life demands. We probably were too old to get a sensitive breed like the Havs. We have raised and trained many dogs. This is beginning to be a depressing dismal failure for us and for Cazzie. Chelsie is picking up his bad behavior. She is beginning to get frantic when we leave too.

Sweet Chelsie Coton
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I can feel your pain as you write this. I'm so sorry you're all going through this. I went through a very difficult time with Milo early on when I wound up in the hospital and then recovering at home for months on end. I'm sure much of that time shaped him and the dog he became. I wish I had some wisdom for you in this. I don't so I can only send you a cyber hug and pray for some resolution to the problem that will make all your lives easier.

I'm sure you'll get some good advice from the group and I'll check back to hear their recommendations. I truly hope it doesn't come to your having to rehome him but you have to do whatever makes an already difficult situation at home bearable.

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I am so sorry to read about your recent health issues and your husbands stroke. I hope you both have a full recovery.

Cazzie needs to be reassured that you are ok. Instead of saying no, find a word that fits the action you don't like. The word "no" is used too often and the dog doesn't get it. I would bet that fear of loosing YOU is what started this. You might try using some Rescue Remedy at first. After giving her a dose of RR, would it be possible for you to leave for about 10 minutes, while your husband is home and see what happens? If he could hold her and give her comfort while you are away for that short time, might help her.

Just a thought.
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Oh Suzy I hear your pain and frustration, exhaustion and fear. First let me say that I am glad you and your DH are on the other side of your medical ordeals. I think Kathy makes a lot of sense. NO is just to easy to use out of frustration(and adds to the frustration) and your are trying to both claim authority and calm Cazzie's fears. I am hopeful that others with much more training and behavioral expertise will chime in here. My heart is aching for all of you! HUGS!

Missy, Jasper & Cash

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Benji and Lizzie's Mom
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Suzy, I am so sorry to hear that you are going through a very difficult time with Cassie. I don't have any advice but just wanted to wish you and your husband a speedy, complete recovery. I hope and pray that Cazzie gets over his separation anxiety soon and settles back comfortably.

Best, Poornima
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Very good advice above! Sometimes our Havs hear "NO!" way too much. Sometimes when Dexter is about to drive us crazy...we get Dexter running to tire him out.

Does Cassie get some type of extra tasty treat when you leave?

Try using the word no, less often and praise that good behavior.

And exercise! A tired pup is a good pup.

Dexter & Jack
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really try the rescue remedy. it's fantastic. i have no idea how it works, but it does. i've used it on my dane and on my children when they've had an injury, instantly quiets them.
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You might try a kong filled with some peanut butter, or his favorite treat to keep him busy while you are gone. I know it's hard, but it is important that you stay calm, when he is acting up. Try to speak as little as possible to him at that time. I have learned from living with 5 dogs, that no words need to be spoken, they use body lanuage and understand each other perfectly. A look is all mine need sometimes and they understand. When you become tense, it just causes him to become more tense.

So sorry this is happening, hopefully you will find something that calms him.

Peace, Love & Havanese

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I agree with Paige about you remaining calm. I would work with Cazzie just as if he were a pup with separation anxiety. Make short trips at first, making no fuss at all about leaving and then when you come home you do not reward with attention until he is in a calm relaxed state. (Been watching Ceasar all weekend!) When Cazzie is acting up and then you stress about it as you try to leave you make his anxiety worse. You need to be calm and know (in your mind and heart) you will be back soon and he will be fine.

I'm sorry to hear you've been having health issues in your family and now Cazzie is acting up!
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Casper and Missy
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Suzy, I am sorry to here you and DH have not been well and going though difficult times for the dogs.

I was thinking the dogs are probably picking up on some of your frustrations also. Maybe some RR and a filled Kong would be good....if possible I try to give my dogs a full big Kong when they are alittle hungry, so they will really be interested in the food in the Kong. If Iam going to work in the AM I put their breakfast packed full in a big Kong.

I was wondering if Cazzie was biting on Chelsie, could you separate them with a doggie gate of fencing? Maybe so they could see each other just no contact.

I would talk with your vet and maybe do a check up on Cazzie...maybe check her diet, talk with the vet. When Casper had problems being home alone...and it was bad, the vet put him on 1/2 pill doggie prozac a day. We only had to do that for about 5-6 months and he got alot better after that.

Keep us posted on how things are going, hope you get some ideas that will work for you.
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