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Are you worried about our breed?


Let me first say, I do not want to offend, attack or accuse. Just really wanted to open up a dialogue.

There have been so many posts lately of ailments, temperment changes, and so, so, so, many new puppies some of who are having problems. Not to mention some iffy breeding situations. And it also seems that everyday there are more and more Havanese in Rescue. I am not a breeder. And I know nothing about the genetics involved to raise a strong healthy breed of dog. But I have noticed how many more people are bringing home Havanese.

I realize we are all guilty of marketing the breed who we just adore, and the market is just responding to supply the demand...But can we do any more to educate the benefits and quite frankly necessity of qualified breeders?
(I succumbed to just wanting a puppy with Jasper so I do understand)

Can we try sponsor more and better studies on health and diet just for our Neezers? Even the best lines have some issues.

And can we do any better to educate potential owners that the Havanese is not for everyone? should we temper our excitement over new members wanting puppies to explain the cons even if they don't ask? Can we do this so that there aren't more 1 and 2 year old Havs placed for adoption because they were not potty trained, or can't be left alone, or cost too much to care for.

I am delighted that "Our Forum" has grown to the extent it has. That so many new people are joyous over "Our Breed" But I wonder where all these pupsters come from and how many more we do not know about are landing in pet stores. And as much as I love it that one of our own is on the cover of a magazine...I worry about the breed becoming too popular.

Are the ailments popping up inherent in Havanese? Or is it just the more you know of the more you hear about? Could it have to do with over breeding? or just more and more novice breeders?

So I throw this out there...Again, I really do not mean to offend in any way, or put a damper on anyone who has a new pup. I just want to start a discussion about a breed that has gone from being relatively unheard of to being the 5th most popular breed in NYC in the 4 short years I have owned my boys.

Am I wrong to worry? Is popularity good for a breed?

Missy, Jasper & Cash

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Missy, I came across this havanese kennel online the other day-that listed their new litter as black and brown (black and tan), white with brown spots (gold parti), white with black spots etc. Health testing?-yep, the vet wormed them-that is their idea of health testing. I also cannot get over the multitude of puppy brokers on the net and the celebrities-people who could buy any dog from anywhere- always seem to buy dogs from these people. Just pull up one of these sites and check the references-you'll see a smiling celeb with their undersized, newly purchased mill puppy. I almost started a thread about how hopeless the puppy mill situation seems. I guess the best we can do sometimes is just educate people when the opportunity presents itself. It makes me really appreciate the people who do it right. The future of the havanese depends on the breeders who know what they're doing and do it for the right reasons.

Beth, Pixie Puff and MiG too

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Could your work do a special on breeding?

Vinny, Lulu, Gabby and Richie too!

Be yourself, everyone else is taken.
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Yes, I'm worried.

Ever since the election, and I do think all of the 'press' attention on our breed, and hypo allergenic breed, and just the whole hoopla about the first family getting a dog was the start of increased interest, and our babes are still getting more and more attention the 'hypo allergenic' dogs in general..and Yes, I'm worried.

I think some people are capitalizing on this and 'breeding' what they think are 'health tested' (seen a vet) in their minds and there will be a whole whirl of problems and increase in rescue dogs, I really predict it will be worse.

Facts are, Havanese are a little harder to housebreak, as most toy breeds are in general)..granted, some havs, not so much..some regress well over the age of 1 and have 'accidents', they don't like being alone and they need lots of attention..

I can only hope that the majority of them are being placed in homes that are willing to deal with the special issues they need and extra attention they need. They ARE companion dogs and they do need companionship from us (or other dogs..)

yes, it upsets me to see what is happening right now. Makes me ill, actually. I don't think it is just our breed but a few others and I'm sure their groups aren't thrilled either.

(no offense intended! I haven't been on the forum much so I don't really know what is going on enough to spark this topic)

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I too am seems most of the dogs come from back yard breeders or people trying to make a buck. It's scary...not only for the breed as a whole,but for the unsuspecting puppy buyer. They have no idea what health issues can pop heart just breaks for those people and pups.

Vincent-Quincy's playmate

"Behind every unstable dog is a lesson for the owner"-Cesar Millan
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I've been becoming increasingly concerned, too, over how many new Hav puppies are showing up, becoming better known, and coming from apparently not good breeders, or questionable ones. I love my Tucker!! I love the breed; it is hard to not boast about them, but they are gaining in popularity too fast to be healthy.

So, Missy, I know what you are getting at. But, what can be done about it other than supporting the good breeders that ARE out there and trying to educate the people "on the street" that we meet about using caution and good practices when talking about our Havs?

Sheri, Tucker's Mom
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Popularity has always been a big concern. When any breed gets popular, the puppy mills start cranking them out and more and more dogs are sold intact and used for backyard breeding or to provide one for a relative, neighbor, etc.

When it is a passing question, I still don't tell strangers I have Havanese. Now if they ask seriously, I do, but I try to talk about the breed in a balanced way, including the need for maintenance, potty training being more difficult than larger dogs, and need to be around humans.

As for people posting about ailments and health concerns, that's natural. People rarely get on message boards to only talk about the good. They are looking for answers and will search for a board that fits their needs (especially this one being breed specific) and share what concerns them in hope to get some help.
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I too am concerned about the Havanese. Prior to purchasing my Sasha, I did alot of online research and also cleared it so that she is our office dog. She would be very unhappy being left at home. There is a pet store in my neighborhood that sells the Havs as coming from "a breeder". It makes me so unhappy to hear the sales pitch and the lack of knowledge they have about the breed. If I have to go there for any pet supplies (which I don't do often) and I hear them talking to a customer I alway give my "25 cents" worth of an opinion. But is it better to let the customer take the poor puppy home and maybe it will have a good life? Sorry for the soap box.
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This is a serious question. If I had a T-shirt made that said "Don't buy from a pet store in a mall, they only support puppy mills" and on the back says "buy from a reputable breeder" would I be thrown in jail? I would wear it at my local mall that has a Petland!

Would any of you come to visit me in jail and slide me a hershey bar in once in awhile?
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Debbie-I'd bake you a pound cake with a file in it!

I don't know much about breeding but the more I learn, the more dismayed I am. I look at the PET section of CraigsList every day to check for Havs and I'm sickened by the posts I see there. So many dogs are being given up because people say they don't have time for them! What did they think they were getting? Any dog will require care and love, they aren't goldfish that can left in a bowl and fed once a day. The other posts are the ones where someone wants a dog for their very young child! WTH??? I replied to a post once about dogs being chained and you wouldn't believe the vulgar, angry, downright nasty reply I got.

Too many people view dogs as another possession instead of a member of their family. Until that changes I don't think it will matter much what the laws say.

Ann-Scooter, Murphy, & Gracie's Mom
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