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Just Livid

So I am posting just to vent, I am so mad right now. Just got back from taking the boys for a walk. I get about 4 houses down the street and am passing a large truck with an enclosed utility trailer attached to the back. The back of the truck was open and full of stuff, some kind of work at the neighbours. I did not see him in the truck and I sure didn't see his big black German Shepherd, or I wouldn't have kept walking. The dog was in front of us in a heartbeat. I didn't have time to pick up the dogs or react in any way. They both got excited and started jumping toward the Shepherd so I was trying to hold them back. The guy is calling Raven, Raven and his dog just ignored him and of course it is off leash. Thank goodness it was not aggressive. Then he puts the icing on the cake by saying to me, you are making your dogs aggressive by pulling them back on the leash, you should just let them approach. I was stunned. I said, I am hardly going to let my dogs approach a strange dog that is unleashed and outweighs them by 50 plus lbs. You need to socialize your dogs he says. By this time I really could have slugged him. I said, my dogs are very well socialized and socialized in the safe and proper manner, in a controlled and safe way. Not in some random fashion because a dog jumps in front of them unleashed. Then I walked away, fuming. I hear him behind me mumbling. You don't know what your talking about lady, I know dogs. I've had dogs all my life. I feel very lucky today. That dog could have been mean and I would have been hooped. What is wrong with people. Oh and by the way, neither Ollie or Hershey were acting aggressively at all in case you were wondering. They didn't make a sound, just a little bouncing initially in excitement. When I held them back they both sat down. His dog was the one that kept approaching and completely ignored his recall. I am sorry to ramble I am just so upset. Thanks for letting me vent.

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I am also so sick and tired of people and their unleashed dogs! We have had large dogs in our neighborhood run out aggressively towards Molly while we are walking by on leash. I am on high alert at all times.
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Diane and Molly
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It is getting to be pretty risky just walking our dogs around our own neighborhoods.

I'm so glad your little guys weren't hurt!

Sheri, Tucker's Mom
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I agree with you both. I didn't mention it in the original post, but on the same walk I came across another situation. I was on the path system (unleashed dogs are fined here) and I could see up ahead a woman with two unleashed Weimareiners. I stopped and waited till she saw me and she leashed her dogs. When we passed each other I said, quite firmly, I was still ticked off from the Shepherd, this is not an off leash area and your fine would be $300.00 if they catch you. I just kept walking. At that point I really didn't care if I ticked her off or not. Why do people not think the rules apply to them? I don't take my dog to dog parks for a reason, so I walk them in leashed areas for safety. So much for that after today.
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I can imagine how upsetting your dog/owner encounters were and why you are so angry. If your neighbor was so knowledgeable about dog behavior he'd have known that small dogs are at risk around large, prey driven dogs. Ugh.

We have a nice wooded trail through our local park. I won't even go there anymore because of the unleashed dog encounters I've experienced. Of course their owners say "Oh, don't worry. He's friendly."

I'm glad Ollie and Hershey are okay and were perfect gentlemen around the GSD.
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Zigfield Lola Bleu
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I find a lot of people with large dogs have this attitude, and have no understanding, or don't care, about small dogs. I always expect it with a large dog off leash.
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We were walking our crew down by the lake the other day, when a loose pit bull comes charging around the corner. Now, he LOOKED friendly... But he was a Pitty, with those huge jaws, and that bred-in predisposition to fight other dogs. i know there are nice ones, but I didn't know this dog at all. On top of that, Pixel is afraid of big dogs, and Panda is still a puppy. i couldn't risk a bad experience for either of them, whether this dog meant any harm or not.

I quickly told Dave to pick up Kodi and Pixel, and I picked up Panda. The dog came toward us, still looking friendly, but you just never know. The owner, an elderly man, hobbled around the corner... He didn't even have a leash with him. We got the old "Oh, he's friendly" thing, And I pointed out that we had no way of knowing that, and we had little dogs and puppies to worry about. He just smiled and went on his way.

Fortunately, the dog WAS well enough trained that the moment he called it, it went to him. But if the dog is allowed to get out of his sight, he's not controlling it appropriately. In our town, we actually have a "dog under control" law, not a leash law. Unfortunately, this is VERY loosely interpreted by some people. I DO let Kodi and Pixel loose in some places, but they are never allowed out of my sight. They will both IMMEDIATELY come back to me (quickly) when called, and will either sit by my side, or allow me to leash them up. If there are people or bicycles approaching, I call them to me, and they are expected to stay right beside me until the person or bike has passed. If there is a dog, I ALWAYS leash them, not because I don't trust their training, but because I don't trust other dog owners. I want to be able to control at least my dogs if the situation gets touchy....and because Pixel worries about big dogs, I don't want to chance her getting scared enough to run away.

Panda is just plain too young to be trusted yet. (Though her recalls are coming along quite nicely in controlled environments) And because it would be too difficult to have her on leash and the other two off, they are all on leash when we walk all three together.

We DO, however, stop in a couple of big fields while we are out walking, and practice recalls back and forth from Dave to me, one dog at a time, then in pairs, then all together, with leashes dragging so that we could catch them if needed. This is GREAT fun for all of them. In this setting, even Panda is 100% reliable, because she has the example of the older ones, AND they are HEAVILY rewarded for coming when called. (Kodi practices his drop on recall, while the other two do straight recalls)

But, yeah, on or off leash, other dogs and their owners can be really scary. As we walked home with our three the other night, the last stretch is along our very busy street. There is a wide verge on our side of the street, but not the other side, so everyone walks on our side, going in both directions. A person came in the other direction with a very large Lab-ish mix. I don't know why, but they worried me, even though the dog was on leash. I told Dave to pick up Pix and I picked up Panda. We went as far to the side as possible and stood still to let them get by. As they came abreast of us, the dog started pulling toward ours so hard that the man was JUST barely able to hold onto him. "Oh, he's friendly... He just wants to say hi!" What's wrong with people that they don't "get" that a 100lb dog "greeting" a 9-17 lb dog (the range of our three) that way, is at very least going to frighten them, if not hurt them, no matter whether they "mean" to or not? It's just plain rude behavior, of the owner AND the dog!

Karen, Kodi, Pixel and Panda
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I took up backpacking so I could take my labs off leash. Yes, I became e a through hiker, back country rat, and all around day hiker... in Alaska. So my dogs could run off leash. Now there were other things to worry about. lol When in the wilderness, I marco-polo'ed them. They could range, but when I called they had to circle back and check in before being let go to range again. The first few times trying to get them to get it was a little hairy. After a while, they did great.

My girl could be chippy when she wasn't not feeling good. Normally, she was happy to greet and be petted. And my boy rolled over almost immediately upon greeting. They are big dogs and we never let them off leash in populated areas. Not because of them. But because of other dogs. Even big dogs have to worry about unfriendly other big dogs. If we were on a trail with no other people I let off leash. But if we encountered even one person, we'd leash them again. Because there are days when you can be alone on a trail in Alaska. Even in the city.

In the actual city- downtown where people are all the time, I leashed all the time. If it were crowded, we undertook the extra step of heeling. Owning big dogs comes with responsibility. Other people's big dogs scare me until I know them well. One of my best friends has two pitties who are fabulous. Little dogs not so much, although I think they are more nippy and growly- not the Havis though.

Java is leashed and I pick her up when we encountered big dogs and we can't get far enough away. Small dogs I let her sniff briefly depending on their demeanor and the owners- they almost always give off body language cues even if their words lie about how great their huge dog is. lol It's a delicate dance. Letting Java learn to greet other dogs or protecting her from those that might sour her to greeting any strange dogs.

Anyway, I'm so sorry you went through that. I have a neighbor, right now, who leaves her dog in her front yard unleashed without supervision. Large standard poodle. Came charging out after Java and I when out walking. We now go another way. So, I understand the anger and fear and the adrenaline that makes you want to throat punch somebody. Because, yeah, some big dog owners- dog owners period- suck. And they should be called out on it.

Java and her human, Dawn

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Oh that makes me see red too! Thank goodness your 2 are ok! But it could have ended so differently and that idiot owner would have been saying "I didn't expect her to do that" and then go on with his life while yours would have been shattered. What an imbecile! I HATE unleashed dogs running up to mine friendly or not, people need to have them in control. I don't walk our neighborhood anymore and rarely the park, we usually go to a gated senior community with lots of sidewalks and no loose dogs or kids on bikes etc. It is so scary.

My step mothers elderly friends recently lost their precious Toby, poodle, to the neighbors pit bull. Toby was tied with them in the front yard as they weeded and the pit bull got out and ran over and murdered him right in front of them. They are in their 80s and both got bitten trying to save their little boy, had to go to ER and are devastated over little Toby. The pit bull is still alive and well, no punishment has been issued on the jerk who owns him yet, even if he had to give up his dog, he'd just go out and get another one. (druggie). So the real victims are both dogs and Toby's parents, while the villian in all this goes scott free either way.

I am glad you at least gave the guy a piece of your mind hopefully some little nugget set in to his head! (a hatchet would have been better)
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Thanks everyone for your concern and kind words. I knew you would all understand. I agree it is not just us with small breeds that have to be concerned our next door neighbour has a large breed dog about 100 lbs and just as gentle as a lamb. She was always the first dog I introduced mine to because she is such a mother hen with the little ones. Our neighbour had her at the dog park and she was attacked by two huskies. Smaller than her, but that didn't matter. I know she wouldn't have instigated anything or caused it in anyway. Her back was ripped open and she had to endure lengthy surgery and recovery and she is older. She is fine now, but it was devastating. Dee Dee I cannot imagine what your stepmother's friends went through witnessing that. What a horrific tragedy and your right, that person gets to go on his/her merry way after causing such pain. The sad thing is people that think that way, your pit bull guy and my guy, just don't get it and never will. They think we are crazy and they are the sane ones. Oh and yeah they are all friendly...till they're not.
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