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Sweetie to Meanie HELP!

I have an issue with our Lily and don't know what to do. She was a loving doll until we spayed her. She was spay at a week shy of 6 months, and had some extensive surgery done. She started the growling and snapping when we had the E-collar on her and we just thought it was because of the surgery. She is loving most of the time and playful. She will allow you to take her toys and plays catch dropping her toy at your feet. If she has something in her mouth she shouldn't I can usually bribe it out by doing drop it with a treat. But if you try to groom or take something from her and she doesn't want you to, she gets very mean and by mean she is agressive.....growling and if it doesn't work she will snap at you. This happens when she is asked to do anything she doesn't want to do and only to me or my husband (mostly him). She was his baby girl and now he wants to "get rid of her" and feels that she is unpreditiable. We have never hurt or done more than to raise our voices to her. She is very friendly and well mannered when she meets people, social with other dogs and fine with the nurses/doctor at the vets, and with her trainer. They can cut her nails or trim her ears and she just lays there. I can't imagine what made her like this, and am beside myself as to what to do to help her. I have ask the breeder and am waiting for a reply but hoped someone out there had some insight. Could this be physical such as a lack of hormones? Or is it more likely to just be a spoiled dog not getting her way? We have stopped letting her sleep in the bed and are keeping her confined to the kitchen during the day. I am not sure this is the right track, the trainer thinks it's her age and that she is trying to be the top dog. She has suggested that we keep her out of the bed, teether her to our belts making her go where we do and feed her after we eat and directly to hand to mouth. I am not sure but and willing to try anything.
My heart is breaking thinking we might lose her and I worry about my Rudy and the effect this behavior has on him. Any ideas are greatly welcomed.

Rose Ann

Rose Ann
Lily's & Rudy's Mom

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Rose Ann, it does seem as if Lily is trying to assert herself as the alpha in your home. This is not impossible to change and you can do it. It is great you are now working with a trainer, as they are full of insights. Do what she says to a Tee, and make sure you take her for walks daily - get her tired - she will be more relaxed this way. Also, check out some of the suggestions by the dog whisperer. Always make her work for her morsels of food, like asking her to sit "once" before she eats. You exiting out the doors first and then "inviting' her out. Making sure to Never step over you dog and making sure she "moves" for you. And if it takes you and hubby, one to hold and one to brush, then so be it - Lily must accept that she does not dictate anything in the house and you are the ones that say so. Don't give up, this can be helped, she is still a pup and she will get it. Keep us posted, we are all here for you.

"Life is too short to not follow your heart. Live, love and laugh everyday"
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I am having a similar problem with Kodi. He is 19 mos now. He is fine at home and with Shelby. The problem is when we go to the dog park. He will growl and snap at the other dogs and then jump in my lap and not move. He was fine up until this season. Any comments would be appreciated. Tom, are you out there with your wisdom?

Kodi & Shelby's Mom and Julian's Grandma
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For the sake of our hands what are the thoughts on muzzling her? Just when we groom or cut her nails, clean her ears. I don't want to have her muzzled all the time.
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Gucci's mom
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Reading this scares the bejeebers out of me because Gucci needs to get spayed in the next few weeks Is this common for females to get more aggresive? I thought it would be the other way around?

I, personally, would exhaust other options before muzzling, just so that you try to *fix* the sitation, instead of just coping with the situation by muzzling. Have you talked to your trainer about it?

Do you use treats when you are brushing?

My problem with brushing Gucci is that she tries to attack "the brush", and thinks its 'play time'. *sigh* But that's probably my fault for letting her play with brushes to begin with.

Have you talked to your vet about this?

I know when Gucci was stung by a bee, she was *mad* at my husband for a few days (I think she confused that my husband hurt her since he took the bee off her lip) But she did get over it. I had him giving her lots of extra treats (and the really good ones) for a few weeks. How long has it been since the spaying?

I hope you can fix the situation! My husband would be wanting to get rid of her too, especially after our son was bitten by a neighbors dog last week

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I agree with Helen, she is testing you and trying to be alpha dog. You can not let her win. Every time you give in to her she thinks she has won the battle. If she growls at you, you need to be stern but fair. When Sam growled at me when I tried to get something out of his mouth. I held him down on the ground by his neck, the way a mother dog would. Held him there until he stopped growling and fussing. Took what ever was in his mouth out. ( I forget now what it was). Then I let him up.

Once she knows who is boss, everyone will be happy and you will not need a muzzle.

It is so important to not let her get away with any thing. There is another thread here somewhere about this as well.

Good luck

"Hav" a Great Day,
Debbie & Sam & Delilah

"Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind." - Dr. Suess.
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(and Taylor Too! )
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I have this problem with capote when one of my friends dog comes over. It's a chihuahua so Capote, being bigger than him, asserts his dominance over him, then forgets who's the boss of the house--ME! ..He's snapped and growled at me a couple of times when I've tried to take something away from him if Truman (my friends dog) is there, but he never does it when it's just me and him.

Capote doesn't scare me, so I don't let him get away with it. He quickly remembers who's boss. I'll hold him still and growl louder at him until he stops and take what he has away from him. Then I'll put him in 'time out' so to speak..away from us and away from Truman. After a bit he calms down and I'll let him back out and it doesn't happen again.

I think the biggest thing is not to let him think he's bigger than I am...he has a severe lil man syndrome and WANTS to be alpha male..and if I wasn't a very stubborn person and more laid back myself I'd probably let him. I learned how to growl like a dog the first week I got him. It hurt my throat for a while but it makes a huge difference. If you have to put her in a subjective position to get your point across, so be it. The vet told me to spin him onto his back because that's how dogs show their subjective to another..by being on their back in front of another dog..its a vulnerable position for a dog. I'll also pick him up and 'cradle' him in my arms..which teaches him who's the boss in a very non-aggressive way. Just flip him over (her in your case) and nestle him(er) in your arms belly up like a baby. She'll struggle cause it's a vulnerable position for them, but you need to keep her in that position until she stops struggling. It also lets them get used to holding them at odd angles.

Just a suggestion..so far those tricks have worked for me..he know's who's boss in my house and never snaps at me..

....now. If only I can get over my fear of my CAT biting me...rofl. HE'S definately the king of the house..
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Rose Ann,
I have two girls and neither one had behavioral changes after spaying and both were spayed at 6 months. I think everyone here is on the right track. She's at an age where she wants to be boss. Since she's a dog and you can't reason with her, try to be the mama dog and let her know her behavior is unacceptable. Sedona was a growly puppy and I took her back to the breeder one day and asked what to do. She picked up Sedona and when Sedona growled at her she took ahold of her beard, held her still and gave her a low-voiced but very firm NO. I did that a few times along with putting her in her ex-pen and pretty soon, no more growls (except play ones).

Definitely don't jump the gun and get rid of her. It'll be interesting to hear what your breeder tells you. I'm sure they all have experience with this.



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When Tripp started to get matts & i had to brush him ALL the time, he started to growl(not as bad) and there were times he was testing how much he could get away with. I did the 'holding him on the ground by his neck' like Debbie & that works REALLY well for me. He will usually come over & kiss me to say ' im sorry mommy'.

Tripp, Jax, & Dreamer

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She was spay in late April.
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