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Freddie had developed what I think is OCD. It started with his paw getting raw from the snow and salt. He started licking his paws. He has not stopped and now is obsessed with licking anything! He licks me, the rugs, the covers, and himself. I fear he will start licking Scudder and Bella! He went from Canine Fred to Feline Fred in 2 weeks!

I am feeling a bit guilty about Freddie. I feel like I didn't teach him enough as a pup. I was referred to his breeder by a well know respected breeder and Fred's breeder was also on the HCA referral list! Long story short, he was kept in a crate most of his 13 weeks with his breeder!! He was not socialized. He came to me wild. I didn't know how to deal with this off the wall dog. I just assumed he would play with Bella. I walked him everyday, gave him plenty of bullysticks, toys, flossies, cow hooves, pig ears etc. I even took him to puppy class. The one thing I'm guilty of is not teaching him to play with toys. I assumed he would do that on his own

Question is, what can be done now that he is 4.5 years old? I am going to get some KONGS, I already have the hollow balls, but he doesn't care about them or any of his toys or most chews. I am also looking into agility class.

I am a bad mommy!

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Find some toys that you can hide treats in. That will often motivate them to play with (or at least kill) the toy to get the treat. Another trick that sometimes works is to get a really special toy and tease them with it. A few times every day for a week, show him the toy, be all excited about it, play with it yourself, but don't let him have it. After a week, "accidentally" drop it. Chances are he'll pounce on it. (We do this a lot with dogs who have no interest in a dumbbell for obedience.)

Margaret &
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I think looking in to something like agility or somehow refocusing his attention would be good. He just may need some other stimulation or outlet, so he can get out some more energy. Maybe toys are just not his thing. I think you are moving in the right direction.

jenn, izzy,fergus and harry too!
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I don't see anything in this that spells out bad mom. Nothing at all! YOU didn't keep him in a crate as a baby..the breeder did.

Since you've had him you've loved him and cared for him and only wanted the best for him. He got a boo-boo and now he's been licking. That's all I see. Tell him to stop when he licks. Not all dogs play with toys either. Even if you had tried to interest him, there's no guarentee he would've done it.

I have a dog who licks my boo-boos and hubby's shaved head and at bedtime she will lick and lick until yo are about to go crazy. I move her head away from the licking settle her down and tell her to stop and she does after being told a time or two.

Kongs would be a nice idea too. Maybe all the dogs would like them!
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I agree w/Christy. You are NOT a bad mom! Your pack is VERY well taken care of and are blessed to have you as their hu-mom.

When it comes to toys Tori doesn't play with them much at all. She has 2 that she will occasionally pull out of her toy basket and toss around for a minute or two. If we take one out she may engage in a very short game of fetch or tug. But, for the most part toys are of very little interest to her. Even when other dogs are here and play w/her toys, she's not interested in them, which makes it look like she's very good at sharing Her idea of play is chase/RLH (with us or other dogs or even just herself ) or hide-n-seek.

As for the licking, we had a dog who was definitely obsessed w/licking, feet mainly, his and ours. We'd just tell him to stop and he usually would, no problem.


At our house, we spell happiness H-A-V-A-N-E-S-E
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No, no Linda. You are one of the BESTEST moms I know!!!
Vinny will lick his feet if I let him get away with it. He has made them red and raw before. I've put anti-biotic ointment on him before and kept watching him and if he goes for them I say NO. After a while he learned to stop the second I say no. I think it's out of boredom for him. Giving him a flossie or moo stick doesn't really fix the problem because sometimes I think he licks the flavor (?) still left on his feet.
Just say no!

Vinny, Lulu, Gabby and Richie too!

Be yourself, everyone else is taken.
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I agree with everyone Linda, you are a wonderful mom and the licking is probably nothing to worry about. But if you are concerned you can start to distract him with food stuffed toys. you could also pull out the bitter apple if he has special things he is licking. Cash licks the rug to get up every last sent of a treat that has fallen on the floor!!! he pretty much cleans the entire rug though. LOL.

Missy, Jasper & Cash
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I was going to suggest the bitter apple spray too. It can help keep Freddie from licking things you don't want him to. Linda, I understand feeling guilty! It's a Mom thing, I'm sure, but it doesn't mean there's a good reason to feel that way ! You walk your dogs, you care for them and love them dearly. Some dogs need more attention, some dogs less. Sure, agility with Freddie might help him focus on things outside of licking and make him good and tired, but only do it if you want to, for the fun of it.

I also don't think that his early 13 weeks is a life sentence. He's been with you for almost 4.5 years so all that crate time with the breeder is definitely a thing of the past. Don't worry about it !

Hello. My name is marj and I have MHS.

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I agree with everyone. You are such a loving hu-mom to all your furballs and having met your crew, I know they are happy and well-cared for. I wouldn't worry about Freddie's early experience with his breeder.

Occasionally, Benji and Lizzie lick their paws too. I think it is from boredom or maybe they taste good after a walk. A firm "No" keeps them from doing it.

Good luck!

Best, Poornima
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Thanks guys for making me feel better. I was holding him and crying thinking I ruined him. Sometimes I think I took the spirit out of him, by putting him on his back as a puppy. He used to play with Bella so rough, she would yelp at least 30 times a day. I read to put him on his back to show him dominance. Poor little buddy, I turned him into a bore.

Anyway, the agility class is booked up, but I'm looking into another type of class where he can use his mind. I also got the Kongs. We went for our walk, then he worked on his Kong. He is now sleeping and hasn't licked a thing! Maybe his OCD is cured. He's back to being a dog for now. Thanks again!

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