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Sleep location

Hey people!

Just trying to learn more about dog behaviour.

Got a strange issue with Teddy's sleep habit's that I could use some insight on.

If i'm sitting on my bed reading or working, Teddy will come and sleep right next to my foot (leaning on me) as long as I am not being fidgity.

when I get up to get ready to go to bed, he takes over my space and sleeps on my pillows. Sometimes, he sleeps on the other pillow.
Am happy to share with him but as soon as i get back, he just moves away and either sleeps in the middle of the bed (facing my feet) or will go sleep at the end of the bed.
have tried calling him back so he can also share the pillow which I know he likes to do but he refuses. if he actually does, he will stay for a min then move off as soon as I look away or close my eyes.

Is this an issue with him not trusting me or feeling unwelcome to share the pillow?

Once i was sleeping close to the edge - whole double bed for him to find a sleeping spot and he chooses to sleep between me and the edge (always near my feet ). He then rolled and fell off the bed (i had nothing to do with it !!). lol.

Sometimes, if I or a guest are sitting on the sofa (esp the one he likes to sit on), and we are leaning forward, he either jumps and sits on my leg or jumps and ends up between my back and the sofa!

Any ideas on what he is trying to do??
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I am very interested to hear what the experienced Hav people on this forum say. Perry is definitely an 'affection on my terms' kind of guy. He has general cuddle times (in the morning after he gets out of his crate, goes out, etc. he likes to sit on my lap for a little while; at night, sometimes, once I'm reading in bed before sleeping he'll cuddle next to me sometimes until it's time to go in his crate and sometimes just for a few minutes and then he'll move somewhere else on the bed) but the rest of the time it's hit and miss - he decides when he wants to be right beside me and when he'd rather be at the other end of the couch or on the floor - and I can call him back (his 'come' command is getting pretty good) but won't stay if he's not in the mood.

I thought it might be a trust issue - especially since he's a rescue and only been with me for 2 months, but from reading other posts it seems like this is a Hav thing.

It's interesting for me though because my Mom has a Scottie who is totally a lap dog (or right next to you or right next to your foot) and my last dog was a Dalmatian who defined velcro.
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Loki's sleeping habits are much the same. If I am propped up reading, he will sit in my lap or lay right next to me. He then moves to the end of the bed - I thought it was because the comforter was folded over so it is like a cloud for him. But he probably just likes to have his own space. If Marc isn't there he will sleep on his pillow and I think he sleeps on my pillow when I'm out of town. About 4:30 a.m., he will come to see if I am awake. He will lick my eyelid. I tell him its not time to get up and he will then curl up between me and the edge of the bed until about 6:00. He then licks my eyes again, and gets right next to me and turns over on his back so he gets a tummy rub before we get up. He likes his routine!

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I think it's just like people. Most of us like a little cuddle here or there, but it would be too much if someone wanted to have their hands on us or snuggle with us ALL the time. My dogs will all come for cuddles, especially on the bed or couch in the evening. but they also will later move away, still close, to sleep.

But they are CERTAINLY not like any of the cats we've had... With them, they want to be ON you, when THEY choose, and if you move them, they stalk away in a huff. My dogs are all perfectly willing to have me move them so that I can get into a more comfortable position, then they settle right back down. Honestly, much as I love my dogs, I really don't WANT to share my pillow with them (I don't want to share it with my HUSBAND either ) so I'm fine with that!

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He has his own side of the bed with a pillow I don't actually use. He will use it if I am sitting on the bed but move away so he is facing the wall or my feet as soon as I lie down.

He's probably just a strange creature!
He usually stays home with the house help when I go to work. He spends the day in rest of the room (most often running after the mop and sitting on the couch overlooking the road as he "protects the house" from wild monkeys and motor cycles).
I keep my room door shut to keep him away from my shoe cupboard when I leave for work.

I open the room door when I get home (if not within 10 mins of getting home, he will scratch at the door and open it himself).
He then picks his favourite plush toy, runs into the room and undoes my bed - within 5 mins of him being inside, he will put his toy in the middle of the bed then rub himself all over the bed before displacing most of my pillows across the bed followed by undoing the blanket to how it usually is when I get out of bed in the morning. He then spends a min jumping on the bed like a hyper toddler that ate a whole box of candy then walks to the kitchen to eat the rest of his dinner and take a nap like nothing happened!

It used to frustrate me initially now its just a funny quirk that I get to laugh at and show my friends when they come over for dinner! lol!

Still dont understand why he is happy to use the pillow if I am sitting and reading but sleeps facing either the wall or my feet (or uses my leg as his pillow instead).
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Most recently, Raffy and Sassy have gotten into this routine. They wake me up early in the morning, demanding to give me kisses and get pets. I do that, tell them I'm still tired and go back to sleep. Raffy positions himself on my feet and Sassy practically lays on my head (sharing my pillow). This is only for an hour or two in the morning. The rest of the night they sleep in their beds.
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