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Henry 2006-2018/ Kordelia
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Hav's being our shadow

Sometimes I feel bad that Henry follows me all over the place.
From the living-room, to the kichen to the bathroom, waits by the door if I take out the garbage.

He'll get up when I actually think he's sleeping and search me out. I love him to pieces and do like to know where he is, but I feel bad.

I mean, he's gotta rest, right? I feel bad that he doesn't get his rest until the evenings when he finally sleeps solid for 7 hours. Not even in his crate does he really rest.

Anyone else feel this way, or should I just accept that this is what they do.
(and do they do this well into their geriatric age?)
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...Sally does the same thing; I guess that's why they call them "velcro puppies".
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Pepper's mom
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This is one of the traits I love about the Havanese! After years of golden retrievers, who are affectionately called Velcro dogs because they 'stick' to you, I couldn't imagine having a dog that wasn't the same way.

It takes some getting used to, especially if you've not had a dog before or had a more independent breed.

Henry's probably glad that you're there for him to follow .

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Brush Anyone??
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Since my last dog was a beagle

who wandered off after every smell...I love having a velcro dog! A leash is almost unnecessary at this point [NO way with our beagle].

But tell me, will I have to go outside EVERY time with him to pee or poop once he's older?? That I don't love so much. I keep picturing winter with bare feet shivering....


Winston's Mom, Trish
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Gucci's mom
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I understand what you are saying! It seems like Gucci will sleep with one eye open all the time, and will always wake up from her naps and follow me to the laundry room or upstairs to take a shower. Even when I run to the market for milk, she waits patiently at the front door for me to come home (even if there are other people home!) *sigh*

I do know their whole lives seem to revolve around us! And it is comforting in the sense that they love us so deeply, but at the same time, we love them and want them to have fun.

Even at night, seems like she is "on call" to protect us. She is the best watchdog we've ever had and will alert us as soon as someone drives up in the driveway! It's quite impressive. My DH loves that she's so in tune with everything that is going on.

Last night, was quite rough! lol, the fireworks had her barking like crazy for 3 hours! yikes. She finally calmed down and slept peacefully curled up next to my pillow/face all night. Glad I gave her a bath yesterday! hehe.

But, yes, the havenese seem to be a very codependent breed. They like to be right there entrenched in whatever is going on, solitude seems like torcher to them.

But don't feel guilty, its just how they are wired. To love, and to be a companion........its intrinsic to their nature. The world revolves around you in their minds

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Yes, I am in the same boat. My guys follow me everywhere. It is nice, but I feel bad when I am running all over the house and they keep getting up from their naps. Rest assure, my guys do go outside on their own now. I take them out in the am and when I think about it, because I still have an adolescent. I also hear them going out on their own throughout the day. Hearing the dog door is music to my ears! Please note: I do have a 6 foot stockade fence with a lock and protective cover from animals of prey and people who steel dogs. Please be careful of your pets. If you are not aware of people steeling dogs, please visit. www.lcanimal.org, purchase the DVD Dealing Dogs.

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glad to hear i too was not the only one. my havs 3 and still sticks to me like glue. sometimes i can say i'll be back and he knows he can hang for a few but if i am out of sight longer than a few minutes he comes to find me. i never heard the term velcro dog.............it fits!
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Brush Anyone??
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Speaking of dog stealing..

We were at our neighborhood 4th of July Parade/Party. This woman was fascinated with Winston so we chatted for a bit while she petted and cuddled him. No problem. Well everywhere I went she was and whenever there were neighborhood kids petting him, she was right there with him. It got to the point I was talking with friends about Winston and she appeared and I said something like 'and this one's circling me'. She smiled sheepishly. At another time, I walked away to say something to one of my kids and when I walked back she had picked him up and was oogling him...I just kind of looked at her and she said 'I thought about it, but I knew you'd find me....Ha Ha Ha....' Just a tad creepy. LOL.


Winston's Mom, Trish
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Yeam Beamer is like that to.. He will follow us everywhere we go. And if we are moving around a room he will keep his eyes on us to make sure we dont vanish into thin air..lol

I also kind of feel bad when he is napping, and it seems he is sleeping with his eyes partially open to make sure he knows if we are going to leave the room so that he can follow... Right now he appears to be sleeping about 5 feet from me. I just stood up and he is looking right at me..lol.. i better sit down.. haha

So, I guess the only time he gets a real sleep is at night time when we are sleeping.. he must also sleep alot when he is home alone. Whenever anyone comes to visit him at lunch time he always appears to be just waking up...stretching nd yawning and such..
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Quincy's Mom-Vinnie too!
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Oh Trish---That is freaky!Someone did try to steal our first sheltie Sparky as a puppy.They were calling him to cross the street and trying to lure him with meat etc.It didn't work---I called the police,and Sparky would not let them touch him-even for meat,but I know not very many dogs are like that.Sparky was like that his whole life.If you were a stranger,he may warm up to you and let you pet him,or maybe not.Friendly,but cautious.That woman seems just creepy---hopefully she will not return.

Vincent-Quincy's playmate

"Behind every unstable dog is a lesson for the owner"-Cesar Millan
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