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Reverse MHS!

Yes, I know there is a bit a of a disconnect with the title of the thread and the person (moi) posting it. I ADORE MY BOYS AND WOULD NOT TRADE THEM FOR THE WORLD (and yes I still IWAP and IWAPJLR) But I thought it would be good for all the newbies out there and those considering a 2nd or 3rd to have a place for a reality check. We as a group are always so eager to say get a 2nd or 3rd of 4th, rescue, foster, buy... but this is a thread for a reality check...please share the reasons NOT to have multiple havs. Please share the instances you may have wished you did not get a 2nd or 3rd. It goes without saying that YOU ADORE YOUR NEEZERS AND WOULDN'T GIVE THEM UP FOR THE WORLD... so let's just have an honest thread about having multiples and what it means...I write this because It so saddens me to see so many neezers in rescue, and would hate to see them adopted and end up back.

for me (be sure to see the words in CAPS above) Two really changed our lives in a way one did not.
1) It is a lot more work with two (and I keep them short.) you become a
pet wrangler- one always needs something.

2) It actually is a lot more money... double the vet, double the groomer,
double the food (and don't kid yourself, you will probably end up
feeding high end at least part of the time.) And the biggy for us is
double the boarding. if we want to go away for a week it costs us an
extra $500-600 to board our boys in place where they are cared for in
the way we care for them. And it is a lot easier to have a friend take
one dog than two---

In these economic times--- how confident are you that your source of
income is secure?

3) less freedom-- since the boys (and the cost of boarding and finding a
place we feel comfortable leaving them) we have not taken a vacation
where we could not take them... I love having them with us, but I do
miss going on European or Tropical vacations.

4) personality--- you are never sure how a new addition will fit in with
your pack. I have mentioned this before, We got Cash to try and bring
Jasper out of his shell. And allthough my boys love each other, they are
not the best match... Jasper is intense, doesn't play, loves to
walk...Cash is laid back, loved to play, hates to walk. Jasper is
dominant, so Cash doesn't get to play unless we play with him. These
differences means, we are their walk mates and play mates... Cash
can't walk as far as Jas-- so that is two walks. And for poor Cash, we
play a lot with him, but nothing replaces the play of brother and that
makes us sad. And when Jas does play, it is intense running laps
around the yard...he tries to get Cash to chase him but Cash just plops
down in the middle and watches Jasper (and then humps him when he
is done...LOL) There are times I think perhaps they would be happier
with different housemates or even as solo dogs. Of course working with
a truly reputable breeder can help fit you with a perfect addition.

5) double the dirt and fur(hair) in your house, and don't forget, dogs do gross
things like throw up, express their anal glands, and get ticks and fleas
no matter how well you take care of them.

ok, breaking my own rule with a disclaimer... Those of you who have known me since The Forum began... For all of this, I adore both my boys for exactly who they are. And luckily we are able to absorb the costs, and time that it takes. But last year, because of the economy, both me and DH had our salaries reduced, and were working a lot more for less pay...which meant a lot less time and energy for the boys and more visits (and therefore more expense) from the pet sitter. And they still had to be groomed, still had to go to the vet, still had to eat RAW. If we had children, I am not sure we could have handled it.

So don't leave me hanging out here as the only negative Nelly...Please help those considering a 2nd or a 3rd really weigh the pros vs the cons. You can preface your post with IAMHAWTTFTW!( I adore my havanese' and wouldn't trade them for the world.) But share those moments when you may have had 2nd thoughts.

Missy, Jasper & Cash

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and Murphy & Gracie too!
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I think you explained it perfectly. It is a lot more work, expense, time, and energy. It's fun but can be exhausting at times too.

There are times I'd love to take a dog with me when I go places but I can't take 3 so I just don't take any of them.

Training is hard with 3, they're pack animals and often follow another's behavior whether that behavior is good or bad. Barking at the door x 3 drives me crazy!

Grooming the dogs is usually enjoyable for me, I like the one on one time it brings. With having the two fosters here though it's been a killer! Wears me out to brush, bathe, dry, trim pads, clean ears, and brush teeth on 5 dogs!

I LOVE MY DOGS, look forward to snuggling them, laugh at them every day, and miss them terribly when I'm away from them but they are an ENORMOUS commitment and responsibility that shouldn't be taken lightly.

Ann-Scooter, Murphy, & Gracie's Mom
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My time where I question my sanity is when I travel by myself (this weekend). Our first morning, Isabelle wakes me up at 5 am to go potty and ofcourse I have to take all 3 out potty on leash. I took them out and I look down and see ant hills in the grass and I am grabbing them wiping them and then I feel the pinching. My feet were covered in fire ants which later blistered shortly after. It was just one of those mornings for me but having 3 where I can't pick them all up at once put me over the edge. I just wanted to go back to bed without any dogs!

Dora, Dasher, & Belle's Mommy

Thinking of adding a Neezer, check out this thread!
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No, you are not alone. I swear I was in disbelief in every email I made to the breeder, every call, then setting up the meeting to see Mig (dh and dd encouraging me the whole way). I was a tire kicker only. With Pixie, all was just too easy-no accidents, no shredding, chewing-potties inside on her Ugodog and is completely self sufficient with it. I swear if she could just get her own food she could live alone like Mister Dog in the little golden books series. The first meeting with Pixie and Mig was terrible-she hated him. He was soo sick for the first three weeks-over a grand in vet/emergency vet visits later he is finally thriving. I hated life having to get up at 4 am when before I could sleep indefinitely. I couldn't believe I now have a dog that eats poop. He had some aggression issues with all of us I wasn't used to and frankly that freaked me out. I had to put everything chewable up and away. I just made my life way more complicated and inconvenient. What did I do??!!
On the flip side-the positive. He is now super healthy and is 3/4 of Pixie's length already. He may just end up quite a bit bigger. He plays with her, interacts with her and wears her out and mellows her out in a way we couldn't. She's less spazzy since he's been here. His personality has completely turned around-he's like a different dog. He's finally on a routine that is working and he is much easier. His personality is coming through more and more now that he feels soo much better and he's a total goofball and I love it. I do think he is benefitting Pixie and I am glad that he's here. I finally feel good about getting him. The breeder has been great and has helped me work through the issues. So there you have it-my experience.

Beth, Pixie Puff and MiG too
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Very informative thread and refreshingly candid. I am not in the market for a second Hav but still feel like I benefited from reading this thread. Thanks for starting it Missy.

Sylvia and Kipling
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Allison, owned by Sydney
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Great thread idea. I feel that I have my hands sufficiently full with Sydney at the moment, but I would be lying if I said the thought of adding a second had never crossed my mind. Every time it does, though, I keep talking myself out of it based on some of the great points above (extra cost, tougher to travel, etc.) and the simple fact that I'm not sure I have the right set of circumstances to start from scratch with another puppy now.

I think it is really helpful to see those things reiterated by those who actually have the experience. It's easy to look at the adorable puppy pictures and decide you want to do it again, but the reality check is important! That way if I ever do decide to add a second, at least I will be darn sure about it!

Allison & Sydney
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I will interject that once you make the decision to add one dog to your life, you are past the point of no return as far as being inconvenienced vs. your life with no dogs. Once we added Pixie to our family we had to adjust much much more than the adjustment that took place when we added Mig.

Beth, Pixie Puff and MiG too
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Good thread, Missy. Everyone considering adding another pet to the mix needs a reality check first!
You pretty much nailed it. I was lucky in that my girls did play together a LOT. We traveled with two pretty easily. We never were much in the way of party people so coming home every night after work because the dogs needed us was easy.
Now, adding a third definitely changes the equation. When we got Rumor, McKenna and Sedona pretty much stopped playing with each other because when they did, Rumor wanted to play too and they didn't much like that. They will play with her individually but no group play at all.
Talk about expensive! Last year McKenna and Sedona decided that the jalapeno peppers we were growing (behind chicken wire) looked tasty so McKenna pushed and pushed on the wire and pulled one or two peppers out. They ate them and we made two trips to the vet with bloody stools! (Jalapeno peppers were pulled out and disposed of)
Last April Rumor had a bout with HGE while we were traveling. Getting her well cost us a little over $1,000 between three vets. Between that and dealing with two birds that developed cancer and needed surgery, money was pretty tight for awhile. Luckily, everyone has stayed well since and though one bird passed the other bird is stable on daily meds, but we do keep putting off the new flooring and kitchen counters we really want and really need because of the "what if one of them gets sick or hurt" factor.
It's not the scheduled vet stuff that gets you. You can plan for the spay/neuter and the yearly check ups and the occassional ear infection, but get hit with something pretty serious and costs add up. That defintely has to be taken into consideration when getting a second or third or fourth pet....
That said, we adore all of our girls and wouldn't change anything. They each add something to our lives that can't be gotten any other way.


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Thank you for posting this. I am glad that you thought to post some of the negative things we think about but don't bring up. We sometimes need to vent and let out our frustations or know that we are not the only ones that feel that way.

I hadn't felt the difficulties of having 2 dogs until this past week. A friend of mine is getting married and I, being a bridesmaid, had to spend time at the bride's home for some fun festivities that ran well into the night. We decided that we would board our dogs, but things didn't pan out. DH ended up taking them with him to a friend's house who was gracious enough to keep all overnight, (including DH!). He offered to keep Gordo this coming weekend, while we attend the rehearsal and wedding, but he lives far out of our way. After so much discussion and thinking about our schedules, the schedule for this weekend it only makes sense to Board them. If it were just Mimi, no brainer, my mom could keep her. But with two, I have to keep in mind, that Gordo is a puppy and can be a bit of a handful right now and Mimi can be an escape artist. Asking someone to keep them for 2/3 days just seemed like too much for people who don't have dogs. We could take them with us, but we'd be busy and it's not really fair to them. Therefore, we had to budget for 2 dogs, for 2 nights at doggie daycare/boarding, in addition to the expenses for our hotel. I am freaking out about them spending time away from home without either one of us!!

In general, Life just seemed easier with one dog. Now it is double the trouble! Double the food, double the mess, double the toys, double the baths! But it is also double the love.

*waking up at 5am in the morning to take one out and not being able to go back to sleep bc the other dog decides he doesn't want to go back to sleep.... is so tough sometimes!
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Natalie - Roscoe and Stella's mom, Maddie's part-time mom
"Whoever said you can't buy happiness forgot about little puppies." - Gene Hill
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