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I read an interesting article on Paw Nation this morning that got me to thinking. The author had spent $3000 on a surgery for her little dog. She and her husband both had had their salaries cut due to the recession; but they didn't think twice about the cost of the surgery. the dog survived and they were able to pay the Vet. They didn't have children so I guess they managed. My question is how much would you really pay to save your dogs life? Those of you that have children probably couldn't go as high as those of us that don't. But so many of us are living on fixed incomes, have lost jobs due to the recession, or like the author of the article had their salaries cut. I read a thread a while back where someone had paid $10,000 for an operation on their dog. I assume that that person was more well off that most of us. My husband says that he would pay whatever it took to save Rosie's life--but in reality could we--where is the cut off. I know it really depends on one's income and other obligations. I know that I could not pay $10,000; but could I justify spending $5,000? It is something to think about.

I guard Rosie with my life. Her little feet do not touch any grass except that in our secure fenced back yard. I haven't taken her for a walk anywhere else since she slipped out of her harness. We are going to Miss. this weekend to see about my 80 year old brother-in-law and since I don't trust anyone to care for her, she is going to the Vets to be boarded. I know that that is not what I want for her; but she is secure there. I would not be able to function if something happened to her. But, I know that things happen and it got me to wondering what I would pay to save her life.

With a child or grandchild, a person would hock everything and pay forever on hospital bills. But for a dog. $10,000 would pay for a year of college for the grandchild. $3000 would pay for a semester at a state school. And I have 10 grandchildren that will need help. Now I am rambling--but it is something to think about. Would like to have feedback from others and how unless they are wealthy they would justify such a large vet bill.
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I don't even want to think about it because I can't imagine doing less for them than I would for any other family member. That having been said, it's time for me to call and get them pet insurance to give me peace of mind.

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I have also noticed that a lot of the havanese on the rescue have been surrendered because their owners had to move and couldn't take the dog with them. There was one in Huntsville, Ala a couple of months back that was two years old and had been surrendered because of that reason. I can't imagine moving anywhere with out Rosie or for that matter any of the dogs that I have had over the years. I asked my daughter could she imagine it and she said that things happen. Course she is young. I got Rosie with the idea that she would be my last dog and wouldn't leave me unless I have to go to the nursing home. (another thing that I am trying to figure out how to avoid).
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Lucille, I was just thinking about this in terms of when our boys get older...I have never had dogs before Jasper and Cash and never imagined the intense love both me and DH feel for the boys, and although they are only 3 1/2 and 4 1/2 I have wondered how I would ever make the decision to put them down when the time comes hopefully in 10 + years. But if the dog is 10 and gets Cancer or some other life threatening disease and has a 50/50 chance of having a better life after expensive treatment-- what do you do?

I know when Cash got sick when he was only a little over a year, we didn't think twice of dropping $3500 (luckily we had insurance that reimbursed $2200.) But at the time, I remember my mother said to me "you can't afford to keep a sick dog." to which I said "don't go there mom" (amazing no matter how old you get they can still push your buttons) Luckily Cash came through and is a happy healthy boy now. But both DH and I had a temporary salary reduction last year and even without children our salaries aren't going as far.

We were fortunate in a way that Cash got sick shortly after we got the Pet in our mind it has already paid for itself. If he had not got sick we may not have kept it. But I like having it because for now I don't have to make those decisions.

I think it is a case by case basis. If the dogs life is going to be drastically impaired do you go through the expense? I am hoping that I will just know. And I trust my Vet implicitly to help us navigate it when the time comes.

Missy, Jasper & Cash
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I don't think anyone can answer this realistically until something happens. I had a dog that had to have surgery to remove an obstruction in her intestines. It was probably 20 yrs ago, but it still cost about $1500 at the time. I also had a cat that had to have chemo for a while. I was very fortunate in that my pets in the past have lived long, mostly healthy lives other than the few bumps in the road I've mentioned. I have pet insurance for that reason.

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I agree with Michele, I don't think it's something you can answer until it happens. With my last dog we had set a number that we wouldn't exceed, until she needed emergency surgery and we didn't think twice. The dog didn't survive the surgery but we never regretted our decision to go forward with it. Some of my neighbors just spent about $11,000 because their dog ate a pair of socks and underwear. They have two kids in college but took out a loan to pay for the dogs surgeries - they just couldn't bring themselves to not try.

I spent a good portion of my cash reserves last year between Cody's knee surgery and Tess' allergies (my financial planner would kill me if she knew!) so it was a question I spent a lot of time thinking about - and I never came up with an answer.

Jill - Tess & Cody's mom
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Another great thought provoking thread. Lyn and I have lost 6 cats (Snicks is our first dog). In every cat case we ponied up the money for treatments. Most treatments were not very effective. Tillie had kidney disease so we did the weekly injections of saline - jeepers had thyroid disease so we gave her pills, Silive had cancer - we didn't treat it, Sophie had a lazy stomach (??!) that we treated and she died anyway (Sophie was a pure breed). It was with Sophies passing that I decided (in my own head) that unless the odds of success were far better than 50/50 I wouldn't treat - specially if the treatment cost was such that several new pets could be obtained. I know that sounds a bit heartless, and I've not yet been faced with that choice, but in truth, after treating sophie to the tune of 4000.00 I realized we could have gotten several new cats that may have some personality traits that are different than hers were, but would still host the breeds traits. She was the last cat we had and it took us about 8 months before we were ready for a new one. We decided on a rescue as opposed to a pure breed and we now have Savanah.

I've never liked 50/50 chances. Guess that's why I don't gamble.

And I know that my opinion is in the minority - but that's all it is at the moment. If / when the time comes I may well throw logic out the window and let emotion take over.

Pet insurance -- I now don't believe anyone should own a pet without it.

Jim and Lynda and our P&P machine.
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I agree that you never know until it happens. We paid the surgeon over $10,000. in two days when Domino fell ill. They gave him a 50/50 chance to get well. The initial quote for his MRI and spinal tap was $8000 so we knew what we were getting into. Sadly, he didn't make it. He was my heart dog and I miss him every day. I would have paid any price. It wasn't easy to find the money but I would do it again if there was a chance that he would make it.

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I think that's a question we all wrestle with, wondering how would I handle it if I were told it would be 5000 or 8000 or 10000 and would the chances of recovery even be guarenteed?? In truth it never seems to come at you like that. At least not at my vets it doesn't.
What happens with my vet is there is an initial charge and possibly a treatment and some testing and then maybe more tests are called for and another treatment and the cost of things just keep piling up.
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I agree with Missy, I don't think you can answer that question until you're faced with it. My husband and I have even discussed it a little bit but I think we both realize it's not something we can just decide and go with it.

I trust our vet, she's knowledgeable and totally honest so I know she'd steer us in the right direction. I dread that day even though I know it will come at some point.

Ann-Scooter, Murphy, & Gracie's Mom
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