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Considering a Havanese

Yay, finally approved!!

My family has been waiting and waiting for the right time to add a dog to our family, and we think that time might be approaching. I have studied breeds for the past few years, and I keep coming back to the Havanese! The must haves are a small, hypo allergenic, low shedding breed. I also desire a dog that isn't a yappy barker (my brothers's Chihuahua comes to mind). I seem to be reading conflicting info on this trait. It seems that dogs that are left alone often can bark often. I am presently a stay at home mom, thus, I have plenty of time to devote to our dog. That being said, I can't imagine that I'll stay home forever, nor can I imagine that all Hav owners are home all day. For those who work, how does your Hav do while you're away?

I have found a very reputable breeder who is also a member on this board We live in Louisville, Ky, and just wondering if anyone knows of any breeders closer to me.

Any other info I should consider, please chime in and let me know. We're a few months off from adding a Hav, and I want to be sure I am making a wise decision for our family!
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I think that seperation anxiety comes from babying the little dogs to much. Rosie has never had it and doesn't bark or whine either. She will bark at a knock on the door or a strange noise. The bark is not yappy or shrill--pretty deep for such a little dog. The breeder told me to never close a door on my new puppy; but I didn't listen. Just walked out and shut the door. Rosie whined a little and then when I came back she seemed to get that I would come back and therefore never whined again. I just treated her like any new puppy. The combing and brushing was not a problem either until she started blowing her coat--then it was a nightmare. But that has passed also. A wonderful little dog, happy, playful and doesn't let anything bother her much. The best dog I have ever had.
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Allison, owned by Sydney
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I work full time and Sydney does just fine. She whined and barked when I left her for the first little while, but now she understands the routine and knows I am coming back. I have a dog walker who takes her out mid-day, though I think that is now more to assuage my guilt than it is a necessity.
Sydney is not a big barker. She will occasionally bark when she hears a dog go by in the hallway, but that is typically one bark that I can shush by acknowledging it.

They are wonderful little dogs and even as someone who works full-time outside of the house, it was the right breed for me.

I think it's great that you are doing the research in advance and wish you all the best in your search!

Allison & Sydney
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Ginger is about 9 months old, we got her when she was 8 weeks. From when we first got her, we left her for 20 min here and there to get her used to being alone. She is now perfectly fine. I do go home during lunch so she is alone for 4 hrs, then another 4 hrs until I get home. she never barks only when she is playing. They are wonderful with children, i have a 5 year old and they are great together. Only thing is...look at the size of the parents, some havanese can get to be big. Ginger at 9 months is now weighing in at 18lbs and is not fat. You will hear everyone talking about matting and blowcoats. I thought ohhh how bad can it be, i brush her every day.Well... Ginger had her first mat and i freaked out because I couldn't get that thing out. It was under both of her ears. So now, I did get her cut, her hair was about 4 inch long now its about 1 inch or so she is still fluffy just a bit easier, and nothing sticks to her when she is outside playing. Also their color does change my dog was mostly brown, now she is all white with black tip ears.

Dina mommy to Ginger
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I was home with Todd for the first year (SAHM) and so when I went to work full time I was afraid of how he would do.
There were a couple of issues..mostly potty training regression and some barking.
Within a few weeks he was fine and sleeps most of the time that I'm away now. I leave him lots of busy ball and Kong's stuffed with treats to keep him from getting bored while I'm gone. He does however raid the garbage can if it's getting close to the top..little stinker

Eva, Mom to Todd....2 year old short hair Havanese
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Welcome to the forum! Abby is our first Havanese and we love the breed. We had poodles up until then but I read that Havanese are good with children and with very young grandchildren we decided to get Abby. She is a dream dog! Only barks at the doorbell and has an easy coat to groom. We keep thinking of adding another dog but are afraid none can be as good as she is!!!

Finding a good breeder is one of the most important things you can do in your research. I'm not sure about your area but maybe someone else will chime in with one they know.

Kathie, Abby & McGee's Mom
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We have our dear Dizzie who is 16 months old now and we are about to add another one to our family!!Dizzie is a great little dog he loves our grandchildren aged 8,6,and 21 months,he also likes children we meet when we are out.He is a happy little dog great at fun tricks which he learn't really easily,he is very loving and can take really long walks or be happy just pottering in the back garden,he is also a good traveler.He is not that interested in other people we meet when we are out.I have him groomed once every 6 weeks,and brush him every 2 or 3 days unless he has got into a real mess,and that seems to work fine,he barks occasionally,but is not yappy,he is great friends with our cats,they behave like Disney characters!When we collected him from the breeders she said that Havs were addictive,and I said oh no I only want one, and now little over a year later we are going to collect his baby sister!So good luck!!

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There aren't any breeders I know of in Louisville, however there are quite a few in the Cincinnati area, and I know of some in the TN area. If you would like more info, please PM me

As far as the yappy barking, I have seen both yappers and non yappers. To me it tends to stem from the security level of the dog. Dogs that are more secure with themselves are less yappy, where as an insecure dog, which could be insecure for a variety of reasons, tends to be much more yappy, and much more demanding. A good breeder should know their puppies, and will know which puppies have the most "potential" to become yappers and which will most likely remain quite

Natasha of

~Hermosa Havanese~
Home of:
Hailey, Ch Hyatt's Estrella Filante
Lizzy, Ch Hermosa's A Pirates Life For Me
Esme, Hermosa's Forbidden Romance(hitting show rings late 2009/early 2010!)
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My two have never been yappy. Sedona will chase and bark at birds occassionally and McKenna takes it upon herself to protect our airspace by barking at the jets that occassionally go overhead, but as far as being yappy, they are not. It truly depends on the personality of the dog and an experienced breeder would be able to judge the litter and choose the puppy personality that would best fit your needs.


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The one thing you have to know is that havanese are not perfect and are high maintenance. They, by nature, are velcro dogs and love to be with you. The grooming is a big committment.
Having said that, THEY ARE PERFECT! lol. Mine are not yappers but they do not like to be left alone. Maybe that is because they have never had to be.
As for breeders, look for one who is really into health testing. Health is the first thing you need to be concerned with. NOT that Havanese are not a healthy breed, they are, but you want a breeder who makes that a priority.
Good luck, and Welcome!

Vinny, Lulu, Gabby and Richie too!

Be yourself, everyone else is taken.
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