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Car Rides

Hi everyone

Just wondering if your Havs like rides in the car! Maggie hates the car... she has since she was a puppy. She has grown out of many fears since we got her, but the car is still a stressful experience for her. (She gets so upset that she gets sick in the car and drools excessively)

I wish I could figure out how to make the car a better experience for her, but so far I've exhausted most of my efforts on special car seats, car crates, etc. She just doesn't like it! Maybe one day she'll figure out that most of the time, we're going somewhere fun!

So how do your pups fare in the car?
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Not too well.

Though, I will say, she has gotten a bit *better* than the first few weeks (whining at the top of her lungs) to now, just occasional whimpers and moans. I know the car stresses her out and I've tried EVERYTHING. Treats, toys, lap, etc.

She does best when I put the Sherpa bag propped up inbetween the driver and passenger seat and leave it open, so she's sort of sitting in her own seat between us, but even then, she'll complain a little.

She's never gotten sick, she just doesn't like it.

Anyone have the magic cure for car phobia?? Please share!!

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It really sounds like Maggie suffers from motion sickness. Have you tried giving her ginger capsules before she goes in the car? Ginger helps calm the tummy for those dogs who suffer from motion sickness.

Try taking her for very short rides (around the block or up and down the street) to get her used to riding in the car.

If you have a dog-friendly park close by try driving her to and from the park, taking her out for a quick romp or walk when you get there.

I hope she's able to enjoy the car rides soon!

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Here are some links to threads we have on car sickness:


Believe me, you aren't the only one with that problem! It can either be caused by anxiety or by motion sickness or by both once they associate one with the other. Some vow that a covered crate works best, others say their Havs need to look out the window.

It really helps if you walk them and get them nice and tired/calm before heading out in the car and it helps that hey haven't eaten recently. There are homeopathic products out there as well as anti-nausea med'n. Slow, steady and positive conditioning will work in the long run, but takes time and lots of patience.

If you can't find what you need in those threads, please let us know and we can post other sugg'ns. Good luck!

Hello. My name is marj and I have MHS.

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I've exhausted everything in those threads (except for medicating her)! lol I dont' think she gets car sick, I just think she doesn't like it. So that makes me a little leary to try any medicine or herbal remedy, but I may crack and try it one day.

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When I got pirelli she would drool and pant excessivily when we were in the car. I just never gave up, she went everywhere with me. She did get over it and now when I get my keys she is ready to go with.
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Nico does OK. He usually whines for the first 10 minutes of a car ride (which when we're going to the vet or puppy kindergarten is the whole ride), but he's gone on an hour plus drive to Wisconsin twice in the last couple weeks and was fine after that first 10 minutes. Coming back home on the 4th of July we had tired him out so much that he slept in his crate the whole time so we didn't even get that first 10 minutes of whining. When he's wide awake he does not like riding in his crate and wants to lie on the back seat in between two of the kids. That doesn't seem real safe to me, though. Where in the car do most of your Havs ride?

Oh, and on our drive home from the breeder when we first got him (about a 90 minute drive), he threw up about ten minutes into the ride. That's the only time he's gotten carsick, though.

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Oliver used to hate car rides also. He would throw up, drool everything.He even got carsick bringing him home day one.
I would just keep trying to take him on lots of fun little trips. His brother loved car rides so I would take him along as well.
Ginger and Rescue Remedy didn't work at all. I wouldn't feed him until after the trip.(that worked)
He nows jumps in the car happily. However if we have a really long trip we stop and play every so often.
Due to airbags he has to sit in the backseat although he favors the front. I am so glad he out grew it.
PS-I've seen dogs hang out window while driving--he refuses to do that. He likes the windows closed.

PS-Oliver has a "Lookout" brand carseat.

Sally,((Oliver)) Comet and Pennie too!
The best things in life are not things!

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Lincoln didn't like the car initially, but he has slowly gotten used to it (he's 2 yrs old now). He can ride now without any meds and will just pant a little bit, but he'll settle down eventually. Once, he panted and stood for a 3 hour ride - I think he almost got dehydrated from that.

The puppy will every single time. Sometimes after 3 minutes, sometimes after 10, if I'm lucky. It helps to have him with an empty stomach. I put a baby bib on him to catch the excessive drool and any vomit....line the area he's on with towels, and have extra towels so I can pull over and do a cleanup. The crate was awful. Now he rides on a doggie seat (platform) which is slightly better, and I take him in my sedan (smoother ride) rather than my bouncy SUV. I am really hoping he will gradually outgrow this. The breeder said he even got sick in her RV....I think some dogs (like people) just don't like the motion. He is happier when the car stops moving and we are at a red light.

I've tried Bonine, Dramamine, and DAP (pheremone spray) luck....

My vet said it took her german shepherd 4 years to get used to the car (from vomit every time to riding well now). Maybe it just takes getting used to.....

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I'm feeling very luck. Sam loves the car. Good thing because we usually travel back and forth from the "Big City" 2 or 3 times a week. That is a round trip of two hours. We started with a sherpa type bag that I held on my lap, when my DH drives, and when he out grew that, I put him in a canvas crate in the back of the SUV or Van. I sure hope our next one will be just as good.

"Hav" a Great Day,
Debbie & Sam & Delilah

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