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That makes more sense I don't feel quite as bad. I could see doing Sophie in that amount of time if I just bathed and didn't dry completely. I am not going to clip her this time around so will see how long it takes.

Melissa Sophie did NOT like brushing or grooming at first either. I worked very slowly with her for weeks just touching a brush to her, praise and treat, being very careful to never pull her hair (I took her to a groomer friend as a pup to learn how to do it and without warning she grabbed a knot of hair on Sophies little foot and give it a big YANK and tore it right out! Sophie yelped and I was like WTH?? She said we have to preserve the coat. I said I'd rather preserve the puppy don't do that again). As she tolerated it I went further and further. She is expected to stay and let me finish the grooming but I in turn respect her tolerance level and comfort and don't push her too far from her limits. Same with nails, brushing teeth, etc. She used to fight like a caged tiger with her nails lol now she doesn't like it but does lay there quietly and only rarely will pull a foot back (which I dont' let her have but am gentle doing it). It takes me ages to do her nails because I don't want to hurt her so I shave the nail in thin layers so I don't hit the quick. (I do have a dremel but prefer the clippers). The whole time with all of these I am praising and baby talking her and giving her tiny bites of treats when she is extra tolerant. She sometimes will leap up toward the bath sink now if I'm messing around in it and she is not center of attention.
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You have done a wonderful job if she looks forward to bathing!!! All of mine tolerate it with good grace (which can be seen because their tails stay up in the sink! LOL!) but NONE of them LIKE it... especially face-rinsing. They just realize that it is part of Havanese life.

Kodi took YEARS before he stopped resisting nail cutting, but he's good about it now (at 8 years old!!!) Panda has been SUPER about all grooming from day one. What can I say, she's just a little "glamor girl"! Pixel is fine about bathing and blow drying, I have to be VERY patient and slow with clipping, and nails? That's still a two-person job. BUT it has gotten better. For a long time, we had to swaddle her in a towel, Dave held her and I took out one foot at a time. Now she's quite good about it as long as he's holding her. I MIGHT be able to do it alone at this point, but I DON'T want to get in a fight about it.

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I mostly bathe Leo and Rex every week or two depending on how dirty they get each other racing about the backyard. Leo's coat hardly tangles at all when it's clean. It will tangle a bit more if it goes much more than 2 weeks without a bath. That's only happened a couple of times when work or life got crazy. After Rex was neutered in early March he went through a second coat blow that was even worse than the first. I decided that I was going to give him
A really short haircut and hopefully by the time his coat gets much length he will be done with blowing coat. I bath him weekly because he gets itchy if he goes longer than a week. His coat is silvering and rather than black it's growing back in more a charcoal silvery color.
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We give Leo a bath every other Sunday. He's not a big fan of it but has gotten better over the months. He's now almost 11 mos old.
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I should mention that Nino is in full coat and is allowed to sleep on the bed, hence the weekly baths. He doesn't do anything to get particularly smelly or dirty, I just prefer that level of cleanliness. He also thoroughly enjoys his baths, and I think he looks much nicer when freshly groomed
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The groomer comes every four weeks to groom Scout and Truffles. I try to keep them brushed and combed the best I can in-between. I bath their paws frequently. Scout loves to have his teeth brushed. He will stand in the bathroom to let me know he wants his teeth brushed. Truffles turns into a mad dog if I say let's brush your teeth! It's starts as a low growl and gets louder, but when I pick her up she licks me. 😊
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Originally Posted by Tux's Mom View Post
Oh my oh my. What a before and after of Shama! Also, I couldn't help but notice all the fruit growing along that beautiful lattice work. If there is a world war, and we are all in survival mode, would it be okay to come over to your place?
Thanks, Tux's Mom! You can bring the fresh mozzarella so that we can have caprese salads. The only food we grow is tomatoes and basil. We grow it along with the flowers in straw bales. I love to take photos of Shama with the flowers!
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Originally Posted by Dee Dee View Post
OH seeing the pics of Shama wet and dry now! My heart is a puddle at my feet. She is SO adorable! Wet or dry, pre or post bath. She looks like such a little doll and I bet she is. I agree with Tux's can we come stay with you too that trellis looks delicious and the little girl at the bottom is even better! You may have said but how much does she weigh? She looks tiny in her pics Sophie is 9.2 but is pretty tall although people who see her in pics only and then in person ALWAYS...every time....first thing they say is they can't believe how small she is. Must be since I take most photos of her up close and at eye level so she looks bigger.
Shama is the runt of a runt, but she weighs a whopping 8.5 pounds now, which is more than we thought she would weigh. The vet has said that we shouldn't let her gain any more weight as she "feels right" (something about still being able to feel her ribs) at this weight. People are always surprised at how small she is too. I look at a small dog and ask how much it weighs and am always surprised at how much more than Shama it weighs and at how much shorter Shama is than it (and other dogs I thought were small before putting Shama near them)!

Shama is a little doll (in appearance; she's an imp in behavior). From the moment I joined the forum, you (and Whimsy!) have been my inspiration to capture her beauty and personality in photos. Thanks for all the photos you take and post as well as for the photo-taking tips!
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I had never heard of straw bale gardening how cool!

Goodness Shama is a little princess! I would have thought her to weigh even less by her photos. (she is so so adorable!). My friends little May is about 7 lbs Shama looked about the same. Sophie is 9.2 so not a whole lot bigger and I also am surprised at how big Sophie looks in a group of dogs when all of them weigh more than her, some considerably. Must be their hair!
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My Ollie is disgusting after 7 days. Cleaner when it's raining, he hates the rain.
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