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DH is about ready to crack!

Hi All - Well, I've been gently bringing up the idea that we should get another dog so that Eli has a playmate. Even though I work from home (usually) I feel guilty that I can't spend more time with him - even though his expen is less than 3 feet away! I take breaks to walk him and to play or train him, but it seems to me he could use more stimulation. He's such an outgoing and fun-loving baby. His favorite thing is to go to puppy class or the park and make friends.

I keep telling myself that two dogs aren't twice the work and will make for happier, healthier dogs in the long run. I've been known to give myself bad advice so I'm looking for guidance and support from you all.

- I'd like to get another puppy (Hav only!) that's about Eli's age (5 mos), not too much younger or older so they can grow up together. How likely is it that I can find a puppy that age that has been well socialized and somewhat housebroken? Where should I look? (I'm in NYC)

- Eli won't be neutured until next month. Should I wait until then to see if his personality or energy level changes?

- Which is best for our situation - a boy or girl dog? The trainer said Eli is a bit dominanent but he's consistently very sweet and loving with other dogs. He's definitely learned to play nice and doesn't jump or nip or anything like that.

- Should we bring a puppy home when it's spayed or neutured or doesn't it matter?

- How can we tell that the puppies are compatible? Is watching them play for awhile sufficient to establish they can get on harmoniously? What should I be looking for?

No firm decision made yet but DH is starting to thaw to the idea. He loves Eli so much that I've begun to convince him another puppy will make him happier. I need to strike while the iron is hot so getting my p's and q's together quickly will be very important if we decide to move forward.

Thank you all for your ongoing valuable advice!
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Dave T
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I wouldn't concern myself with the hierarchy stuff . That will work it's way out. The only question I would want to ask if you find a five or six month old is why is this dog being sold or given up.? Remember these are the times when dogs go through adolescence. http://www.dogstardaily.com/training...-weeks-2-years Not interested in a pup ?

Dave and Molly
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I wouldn't focus so much on the age of the second one. I also agree with Dave that they will work our their hierarchy. Boy or girl, it doesn't matter, in my experience, having added one of each. I agree with you that having two will not be twice the work (though it definitely is more work) and that it will make Eli happy to have a playmate.

I don't think you have to necessarily wait till Eli is neutered. Bailey came into the house long before Milo was neutered and there was no problem between them. They became very attached after an initial "what's he doing here" stage. So, my vote, if you're emotionally and financially prepared is to go for it and I'll live vicariously through you.

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Originally Posted by davetgabby View Post
I wouldn't concern myself with the hierarchy stuff . That will work it's way out. The only question I would want to ask if you find a five or six month old is why is this dog being sold or given up.? Remember these are the times when dogs go through adolescence. http://www.dogstardaily.com/training...-weeks-2-years Not interested in a pup ?
Hi Dave - You're right, I'm most nervous about considering a puppy that age because of what you mention. Some of Eli's siblings are still available but I'm not really considering them at this point because they have not been raised in the breeder's home. While the breeder interacts with them during the day, she raises three breeds and they live/sleep in state-of-the-art doggy housing (I purchased Eli before I joined the forum so I'm a bit smarter about what to look for now but that was then). For that reason, I'm worried I'd be taking on an unsocialized beasty. We got Eli at 11 weeks and worked really hard to socialize him. He's totally acceptied DH (who he used to run away from) and is much friendlier with strangers, allowing most to approach and pet him (if they know how to approach a dog, that is).

I was also thinking older because I wanted to avoid some of the early housebreaking challenges we encountered with Eli. He's not fully housebroken yet, but I know DH and going through that early stage was a trial for us. I certainly don't want to give him reason to regret a second dog, hence the idea of getting a slightly older puppy.

Thanks for the article, I'm going to read that today!
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another puppy

I was feeling the same way about getting another puppy. Bob talked me out of it and said that it is better to wait and get her used to us as her PAC member tell she is trained. Have no idea how old she will be when he thinks it would be okay. I would think older than 5 Mo.
I read that from about 8 weeks to ? is the most informative time in their growing up. So I would rather be in charge of knowing my baby gets of to the best start he or she can.
Another good reason to wait is that a older companion dog will really help out in the training of the new member. That is what I have been told anyway.
I am not very patient and stop myself every day from finding another puppy.
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If our experience with getting a second dog is common, Eli will probably have the time of his life with a playmate. Our older one is a 3 yr old girl and the puppy is a girl also. She's now 6 months and spayed. They chase each other all over the house and play fight till they're tired. Then they curl up together for a rest. If you get a female she might end up being daddy's girl. Our Hav clings to me and the Shih Tzu seems to gravitate to my wife a little more. Good luck with your decision. Here is a pic of them in rest mode.
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Ellie - Having two puppies is for sure a challenge. The age and the alpha will work out, but, just because you have an excellent puppy the first time does not mean that you will get that with the second.

Snickers and Snoopy are the best friends ever, and it only took about 30 seconds for them to decide that was what they were. However, Snoopy at only 5 months is proving to be quite a challenge in the potty training arena. Stubborn and will full? Sounds like it, but with patience we'll all make it through. And, snickers isn't taking her job of "Older Sister" too seriously - she'd rather play than help me train! :-)

Still, I wouldn't part with either one of them.


Jim and Lynda and Snickers and the new P&P machine Snoopy.
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Personally, I think that getting a second puppy was one of the best decisions I have ever made. It has been great for everyone in our household. Roscoe ADORES Stella, he is a wonderful big brother and playmate. Stella loves everyone, she is the sweetest thing. I love that I don't have to worry about Roscoe being lonely when I have a long day out of the house. Tim was nervous about getting ONE dog, let alone two, but it was a quick adjustment and now he wants at third!

Stella was 3.5 months old when she came home. She was a little older because it was discovered that she and a couple of her littermates had nutritional cataracts (due to complications in their mom's pregnancy). Anyhow, the breeder held onto them to ensure that they were placed in the perfect homes, which is why she was a bit older when we got her. It took her a few days to settle in and get used to pottying in the right place, but after a week she understood quite well.

For us, the biggest commitments are: twice the brushing, twice the training, twice the vet bills. As long as you're up for the challenge, I don't think you'll regret doing it. I find it's actually *easier* to have two on a day-to-day basis. I used to spend a lot of time playing with Roscoe (like, 4+ hours every day), which was hard to balance with all of my schoolwork, especially since Tim is in medical school and has very long days (often 6am to 6 or 7 pm). Now, I can play with the pups for a little while when I get home, and then they entertain each other for HOURS while I do homework, housework, etc.

It really is a big decision, so be sure of what you're getting yourself into. But I have to say that for our family, it has worked out wonderfully.

Natalie - Roscoe and Stella's mom, Maddie's part-time mom
"Whoever said you can't buy happiness forgot about little puppies." - Gene Hill
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I agree 100% with Natalie. We got both our pups at the same time and same age, so that is a difference there, and certainly more work up front. But my husband and I are so glad we got two for all the reasons Natalie says. Actually, my husband said the other day, he can't imagine having just one dog ever again. It is so much better having two. Watching them play together and chase each other around the house is one of our greatest pleasures - they make us laugh so much!

Dorothy (Rascal and Pixie)
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I pushed for a second puppy and my DH was very apprehensive. He was quite happy with just 1 dog who he loves dearly. When we first got our second puppy (Kassy), there were days when I thought, what have I done, as it is definitely more work, plus potty training, more brushing, harder to walk 2, more expensive, etc..
Long and short of this is that it was the best decision we made and my DH will agree with me - they are the best of buddies, in fact the day I had Kassy spayed, Fipsy (my 2 year old) was looking for her and whining all day.
I am just in love with both of them, even though it took about 8 months to train Kassy, which surprised me, as our first one was potty trained almost immediately. I wouldn't trade having 2 for the world. Now, I am wondering about 3??


Kassy is now 10 months old and Fipsy is 2 years and a bit.
There was some jealousy at first, but that soon left and they just play and play and play. It is so wonderful to see them enjoy each other like that.
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