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Dave T
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generally not recommended , for various reasons - 4th paragraph is especially telling

Dave and Molly
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Maybe it's my system but I found nothing but broken links in your list.

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My first Havanese (and only dog) died about 5 months ago of congestive heart failure. I loved him dearly. I got him at 2.5 months old when I lived in a bigger house at that time. I trained him to go potty outside. I am not sure why but as he got a little older he started to either pee or mark in the house. I was never really sure which it was, maybe both. I was crazy about my dog and although I tried to break him of this habit, hired trainers, and put him through all types of veterinary testing to determine if it was a health problem, I was never able to stop this behavior. I loved my dog very much and did everything that I could think of to contain the problem. But, I never even came close to considering giving him away. I just kept trying to fix the problem. My dog would not wear belly bands. He would pull them off. While I was home, he would not stay in a crate. He put up such a fuss, that he either dragged the crate until I thought it would collapse on him, or he shook the crate so hard that the latch opened. This is the only experience that I have ever had with a dog. Nevertheless, I want another one because he also brought me so much joy.

About the inside electronic fencing - it does not shock the dog. When the dog gets too close to the fence, he hears a tone and is conditioned to know to this means to stay away.

I do appreciate hearing everyone's comments. Thank you.
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I am sorry for the loss of your little guy.

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Originally Posted by PNWAlan View Post
I don't know much about electric fences, if the shock level is controllable etc. I try to be open minded, have even researched E- collars, but I just don't see this being a good idea. For example, if you are in a forbidden area and your puppy comes running to you. Does she associate the shock with entering the forbidden area or does she associate it with running to you? I would never want a pup to be punished for coming to me!

We also have an open floor plan single story home. The formal sitting/dining portion is furnished with very expensive oriental carpets and high end furniture. We have secured it from possible accidents with the "leave it" command. Whenever Skye would venture into that area he immediately would hear "Leave It !!" and was herded out of the area. Immediate praise as soon as he stepped over the invisible line into a "free" area. He never goes in there now, even if both of us are there.
This is a great way of handling it!
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Dave T
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yeah those links need revision. here is two for now

and here

Dave and Molly
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If you are comfortable posting a sketch or picture of your basic floor plan, maybe we could help with ideas about ways to divide your space temporarily for your new puppy’s ex pen and/or crate and also help find a more live-able long term solution. I did have to rearrange my sofas for a short time and it was not especially attractive but only for 2 months. Then there was a jumping off the back of the sofa phase and we had to adapt, but it was also temporary until he was fully potty trained in a bigger space.

It sounds like it you want those areas to be permanently off limits, even when you’re not home, the humane type system could work for you, but if you want him to go there with you sometimes then he will be deterred from doing so.

I don’t know how expensive the indoor systems are, but you might get more return on your investment by finding a trainer you and your puppy connect with. Even if you get a system, I wonder how important training would be to get the most from it.
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The dog is conditioned to stay away when it hears the beep by repeated instances of pairing that beep with an uncomfortable-at-best (and incredibly painful at worst) electrical stim. The training is not kind on the dog, and I think you will find very few of us here will advocate for any kind of fear-based training.

A big part of house training is confining your dog even when you're home if you are unable to provide constant supervision. So for effective house training, there SHOULD be times your puppy is kept in the pen vs wandering the house. If you are truly dead set on excluding your adult dog from certain areas because you're worried about ineffective house training, there are many options for extendable gates, stand-up barriers that you can accordion to size, and retractable gates. 16 feet of barrier is unsightly, but if your concern is your rugs, they are far kinder to your dog.
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I had a friend who used Invisible Fencing inside her home for her dog/s. It worked for her. I used Invisible Fencing for many years for a Schnauzer and Poodle around my yard. The problem with Invisible Fencing it does quit working from time to time. Either there's a problem with the fence or the dog's collar stops working. The dog does not receive an Electrical Shocked but receives an uncomfortable vibration. I've tested on my hand.

I decided not to use the Invisible Fencing around my yard when we got our Havanese a year and half ago. We were using it for a large Golden-doodle who is so docile she stayed within the boundaries without the fence working. There were a few reasons I decided to fence the yard instead of using the Invisible Fence: They go off. It does not keep critters out of the yard. And, more importantly I just couldn't bring myself to train such a tiny puppy to the Invisible Fence and it's probably due to my older-more-sensitive age.

I, also, have an open floor plan. You probably have rooms where you can gate them off. At one point I had seven gates around the house during the housebreaking stage. Some semi-permanent, others I moved around. In the beginning, we put up an ex-pen in a kitchen-family room area which is where the family hangs out most of the time. There were two openings. The ex-pen door opened into the kitchen at one entrance (closing off that entrance/exit) and we put up a gate in the second door way. The floor was tile and Patti could roam in and out of the ex-pen into this family kitchen area. When we didn't have eyes on her, she was confined to the ex-pen where she had a bed, toys, food, water and a potty tray. She loved her ex-pen. Patti was trained almost immediately to that one room. If she needed to Go, she went into the ex-pen and did her job on the Potty Tray. We had a few accidents but were watching and caught her each time. The ex-pen was 3ft x 6ft. When we needed to leave the house, she stayed in the ex-pen. At night, she slept in a crate in our bedroom.

The next room I trained her in was a TV room, which had two open door ways. I gated those off with large expandable gates. Initially I kept her on a leash, so could have eyes on her, when introducing her to a new room and showed her where the a potty tray was for that area of the house. As I introduced her to new areas of the home, I always limited her space to where I could watch her. I kept the gates up because when I left a room I could pick her up and take her with me. Of course, we took them down when needed. Most of the gates came down by the time she was 10 months. We still have one Gate and she still doesn't have access to the whole house. When we leave the house she stays in our bedroom. There's a potty tray in the Master Bathroom.

My dog is indoor potty trained. Now that she's older she, also, goes outside but knows where the potty tray is in the house if she needs to go and we aren't around.

You should NOT give your puppy the run of the house. It's important to keep her confined while housebreaking her, as well as, teaching her not to chew on anything but her toys.
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Thanks for your post. It helped a lot. I guess I wasn't clear, but I do not intend to allow my puppy to have the run of the house. I plan to use a playpen during the day and a crate at night. The house is small so I will probably be near the playpen most of the time. If I want to take my puppy out of the playpen and into the kitchen with me, I will keep an eye on her and also gate off the entry into the kitchen. When I leave the house I will either have my puppy in the playpen or gate off the hallway to contain her with a small space. I would like to indoor potty train. What brand indoor potty do you use? Where did you buy it? I was wondering what happens when I have to leave my puppy overnight at a dog sitter or kennel while I am out of town. Will my puppy remember to use an indoor potty when back home again? I was considering the invisible indoor fence for when my puppy is over 1 yr old. but maybe I will not need it. Thank you for clearing up that there is no electric shock, just unpleasant sensation that can be adjusted to be weak and that it worked for your friend.
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