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Distress watching TV

Perry watches TV. He doesn't seem like he is, but as soon as an animal, especially a dog (but certain other animals too - it's hard to watch Animal Planet or National Geographic when he's around), comes on he's off the couch and whining/ upset towards the TV. He's not like that with the computer screen - I do wonder if he thinks the TV is a window and that the animal is outside in our yard (he has occasionally moved to the door to look outside, but mostly it's directed at the TV).

I know a lot of dogs do this. But the funny thing is that it doesn't have to be an actual live dog. Apparently he thinks robotic dogs AND the dogs from The Secret Life of Pets 2 are real as well - because he'll whine and bark at them too! Who knew that cartoon dogs seem the same as real dogs to other dogs
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Oh my! Don't know what is going through his little doggie head. Willow doesn't pay much attention to TV. Once in awhile, if a sound comes on that sounds like the low battery warning on the smoke alarm, she gets upset. (She hates that beeping noise!) There used to be a commercial that started out with a doorbell ringing. That would set her off barking. Sometimes she'll react to an animal noise like if it's in distress (Animal Planet) or even a bird call. It seems to be noises rather than the actual picture that causes any reaction.

Jackie & Willow
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Sundance reacts to the sound but doesnít even look at the screen. Maybe you have better picture He runs to the window at any siren, knock, or doorbell from a computer or tv. Sometimes itís funny, sometimes frustrating. If Iím working on something I often have a series or movie streaming on my laptop across the room. If he hears a dog bark but heís not near the window where he can see if a dog is there, he gets restless. Sometimes I can mute it but usually I have a paintbrush or something in my hand and my laptop is too far away, and I donít feel like that really solves the problem.

He doesnít seem to recognize any kind of connection between the sounds and the tv, real or not. Iíve only seen him look at a dog on tv once, when it was super zoomed in. He watched for like 10 seconds, long enough we were all like, ďLook!Ē and we were sure he was actually watching, and then he just stopped. Never seen him do it since.
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Also, good to know about the sounds in Secret Life of Pets! My kids were just asking to watch the new one the other day. weíll have to make sure heís tired and distracted by a chew before we put that one on!
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ANY animal on TV or the computer, and Shama rushes the offender, barking ferociously. It is so annoying. We try to distract her but usually fail. She also has the same reaction to many things that move that are not animals . . . Sigh . . . (Anyone have a success story to tell of how they broke their dog of this habit?)

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Teddy barks at animals and animal sounds on TV. He goes up to the TV and barks like the other animal can hear his warning! He also barks when my husband are trying to have a conversation, which is very annoying.

Does anyone elseís pup bark at music? Ted barks at anything playing music. I canít listen to it on TV or over my portable sound box. Maybe he doesnít like my taste in music?

I have tried teaching him the quiet command but he is so stubborn! He pays attention when we train with treats. No treat? Forget it. He wonít cooperate. I havenít given up on it, but it is frustrating.

I love the little guy to pieces but he is driving me bonkers with the barking!
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Jude (aka Teddy Bear's mama)

Dogs make me happy. Humans give me a headache.
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Ours don't pay much (if any) attention to animals on TV. But Dave is FORBIDDEN to watch Wheel of Fortune, because every time they ring the bell, the whole herd takes off running to bark at the door! LOL!

The only time any of them paid attention to anything on TV was a commercial (I think it was for Apple watches) that had Cookie Monster timing cookies in the oven. I have NO IDEA why this, of all things, was so fascinating to Kodi. But when he heard it come on, he would wake up, and slowly creep toward the TV screen and just STARE at the screen until the commercial was over.

He was SO fascinated that I decided to get him a Cookie Monster puppet to play with him with. THAT was a BAD idea. It's the only time I've gotten bitten by one of my dogs! Of course, he didn't understand that it was my hand inside the puppet, and when he saw it, he LUNGED at it and bit it in the head. With my hand inside! LOL! After that, he got to play with Cookie Monster by himself. I still haven't got the faintest idea what significance this particular Sesame Street character has to him. He has absolutely no interest in or reaction to any other.

Karen, Kodi, Pixel and Panda
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Patti comes to attention when a dog is on the TV and rushes over to get a better look. If the dog barks she barks, too. If a door bell rings on TV or at home she turns into a banshee running to the door, to where the doorbell is located and window. We have cameras with video & audio in and around the house and when I check out the video to see what Patti was up to inside the house while gone or what's gone on outside the house and she hears herself bark, she starts barking, even if she's in the other room and the audio is barely turned up. Argh!! She's only 1.5 years old and I'm hoping she'll grow out this. My other dogs never barked at dogs on TV or when a door bell rang on TV, but they would go to look at dogs on the TV but lost interest quickly.

@jyoung253 - I leave soft music (sound scapes) on when I leave Patti and have done this since she was a tiny puppy. I wonder if the music your playing is hurting you dogs ears. When my grandson practices on his percussion instruments, drums and xylophone Patti starts howling and singing along with him, because it hurts her ears.
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He doesnít seem to like ANY music I play. I have tracks created to soothe dogs. It worked with my Shelties and Mini Schnauzers but not Teddy! I canít figure him out. Other than the barking and begging for food heís a sweet dog. Unfortunately my husband is not very tolerant of a barking dog, especially at mealtime. I canít blame him, but when the barking contest between him and Teddy starts I want to smack their heads together a la The Three Stooges. I guess I should count my blessings as he is not afraid of thunderstorms or fireworks. But those TV dog commercials where the dogs speak like humans . . .that I can live without!

Jude (aka Teddy Bear's mama)

Dogs make me happy. Humans give me a headache.
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Loki doesnít usually react to anything other than a knock at the door or something that sounds like it. He has barked at more phantom sounds today than ever. I wonder if he is protecting Zorro on his first day home.

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