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Aloha, I'm new with a problem

My Havanese-Chic was a former show dog I adopted. She is fixed and had three litters with her breeder. She seems very happy with me for one year and is very loving but her breeder told me she was an "escape artist" Today seh ran away when my guests were putting their suitcases in the car and I became distracted. For twenty minutes I thought I'd never see her again as we scoured the neighborhood. I was frantic. My leaving guests saw her around the corner and she cowered submissive and let me pick her up. Is this normal behavior for a Havie and how do I keep her in. She loves to go on walks and is very responsive and ok, manipulative to get what she wants. She used to be crated a lot when she was at the breeder and yet she escaped. I don't want to lose her. She has become my precious baby and I am adopting another girl from the breeder so I am extra afraid of what might happen. Can anyone help me please? Thank you Maya
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Hi Maya, welcome to forum! Glad u got her back safe! A lot of us here have had some share of scares.. Mimi, our oldest Hav was once returned to us after wandering into the turn lane of a busy road.

Is this the first time that she has escaped? Crate her or close her in a room. Gates. I'm not sure what its called but I saw this door barrier somewhere that allows you to open the door certain amount & keep pets inside. Invisible fence indoors.
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Another thing you might want to work on, though it's not a quick fix, is to take some obedience lessons with her. This will accomplish two things. First, just training together will strengthen the bond between the two of you. Second, with time and repeated practice, you can develop a really reliable recall, so that, if the worst happens and she DOES get out, she will come right back to you on command. Again, this will take time, but I think it is WELL worth the effort!

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Jack has shot down the driveway a couple of times. Scariest thing ever. Luckily, the snowbanks contained him. I try to make sure he is on leash before we open the garage doors.

I know have to work more on Recalls with him. There are times he just looks at me, Pfft!, and walks the other direction.


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I second the training and teach her to come to you everytime your call her. Use a treat that she absolutely loves. Training is important with dogs and horses especially as they both can bolt into the path of a car or run off or become tangled up on a lead or in a fence. Meanwhile, when you are expecting someone or need to go out the front door, secure her in her crate or a room. She sounds like the type that could climb a gate if she wanted to. Let us know your progress.
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In general, I read that hanaveze love to do such things. When Roki was around 10 months old he foud out that staircase in my building (I live in appartement) is great place to run away (at least it is safe). Whenever someone rang at the door, he saw that as opportunity to run, run , run... I chaesd him with elevator and it was even more fun to him. Little by little he stopped doing that. Now, when we come from walks, we don't take elevator but walk upstairs. It is good excersise (5th floor) but also perfect for training Roki. He learend to stop when I want to unhook him from leash and to stop when I want to tie him. Sometimes he escapese to 6th floor but that is not a problem because his favourite friend (bichon frisee girl) lives there.
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I had the ultimate escape artist in Milo and have shared many a harrowing moment with him in the past. No matter what I did, he managed to find a way out of my (6 ft) fenced in yard, only to roam the neighborhood in search of adventure. I can't tell you how many late night excursions I had in search of my boy, praying that he was okay.

The worst time was when I searched till about 2:30 a.m., finally giving up and going home to the others. It was a nightmare and in my case only stopped after I finally put a second four foot fence up at the back of the house, inhibiting his ability to dig under two fences.

I think the training is a good idea. People also suggested to me getting one of thos electronic fences, though I resisted that. I feel for you. There is no more helpless feeling than knowing your dog is out there and in possible danger.

My prayers are with you for a resolution to this problem.

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Oh, Geri, I wondered if you would post when I saw what this thread was about. I can still recall the terror that came through your post when Milo got away and you searched and searched and could not find him.

I agree with what the others have written about the training and working on a reliable recall. We have been doing some training and I can see such a difference in Augie's behavior - it is almost like he understands what I am saying; like Karen mentioned, it has built a stronger bond between the two of us. I also agree with crating (or closing in a room) your Hav if you are going to be distracted with guests and doors may get left open.

WELCOME to the forum, Maya and Chic! Also, we love pictures!

Linda, Augie & Finn's Mom
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That is scary I'm so glad it ended well.

I am not sure what I would do if I had an escape artist, I suppose I'd entertain the thought of an invisible fence (even though I think they are kinda cruel)'d be just as cruel to be ran over or lost in the woods hungry
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Geri, I too remember those posts!!!! I'm with the others about training even one class can make a big difference. This morning my DH was putting all his boxes in the car and didn't shut the door, he heard "woo woo woo" came around the corner and there was Yogi sitting in the doorway asking permission to come out. I have trained them to wait and sit at the door every time I open it, seem to have worked. In training they really get across how many many times you need to do an exercise.

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