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Odd Eating Patterns

Radar has begun exhibiting some odd eating patterns as of late. I'm not sure if he's making the transition to eating less each day but more at each sitting or if I'm just getting a picky Hav??

He'll definitely eat his food if you spice it up for him a bit with treats or stuff he really likes such as cheese or yogurt or perhaps some eggs. I just don't want Radar to get picky. I realize that there's only so much you can put on his food before he gets too used to it. Maybe I need to try a different brand?

I am trying to get him used to the twice a day feeding at about 3/4 cup a day plus treats or perhaps some wholesome stuff on his food such as the previously mentioned items. I guess I'll just try the eggs cheese and yogurt and just mix it up a bit. He had yogurt on his food this evening and gobbled it up pretty quick so I know he wants to eat. Perhaps he's getting a little spoiled because of all the things I put on his food and he expects it now or else he'll be pretty hesitant to eat??

I guess he needs variety just like us people.......

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Havee has been putting his nose up at his bowl lately. Even will skip a meal a couple times a week. I'm used to it now and it doesn't bother me as much as before. I figure if he's hungry, he'll eat.

I choose not to add other foods to his kibble, only crushed pineapple to stop the poop eating
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Uh oh Derek! Sounds like you might get caught up in the "High Maintenence" eaters! Ahem!

I do the same thing, mix it up a little between Fromms' and Merrick wet or Fromm's wet. She will turn her nose up at something one day, and eat it the next. Except for the Merrick, she really doesn't like that so I don't know WHY I keep trying with it.

And, she's gotten to the point that she will refuse the 'cheese' or other things on the food. She used to just eat the good stuff off, but now, she walks away.

I really do think it may have something to do with teething and the weather being so hot? But who knows...winter isn't here yet!

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Yes Derick, I do recall a little sarcasm on the "high maintenance" thread.

this is how it all begins.... a little yogurt... a little egg... then Radar will start licking off the yogurt but leaving the kibble on the floor... and so you 're off to the market getting fillet mignon... and once you realize that is too expensive you go get 3 lbs of hamburger and roll it into tiny meat balls and freeze them so that you can always make a little au jus to mix in with their food....

and once that happens a stroller (blue in radar's case) is not so out of the question.

Seriously, I believe there is a little light at the end of the tunnel. Jasper who was the most finicky eater of all as an adolescent (turned his nose up at my home cooking) Now eats fairly regularly at a year and half. I found if I feed just once a day he does better. I give him a piece of jerky before I leave for work so he doesn't starve. Cash is now going through the finicky stage (8 months) and in fact Jasper went in this morning and cleaned up his discarded kibble.

Missy, Jasper & Cash
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Wittily put, Missy. I've tried hard not to get too caught up in this finicky feeding thing, but it's hard not to want to please the little darling! Biscuit is 10 mos old, and since around 8 mos, he turns his nose up at his fancy kibble. My vet said to tart it up with a little low-salt chicken broth, just a teaspoon. That worked for awhile. Now I boil some chicken breasts & add a FEW shreds. Loves that. But hey, I can't always have boiled chicken on hand. AND when he goes to the dogsitter's , and eats with a little pack of boy doggies consisting of another Hav, a Maltese, and a Bichon, I hear he eats kibble just fine. Of course. Sometimes I just let him skip a meal because, yes, he's a dog after all, and I figure he'll have the sense to eat eventually if I don't play this little game. But it's easy to get sucked into indulging their little whims.

and HEATH-Y, TOO !
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Well with all the Sarcasm Aside..... I believe that there is a light at the end of some tunnel anyway.... which will provide the utmost of relief when it comes to the feeding of young Radar over here....

I have no problem giving him special stuff on his food to make him eat. I'm going to cycle the items I place on his food to give him variety. I just didn't want him to get picky and have it be my fault.

Are there any other Hav's that now require "Stuff" to be placed on their food in order for them to enjoy the meal they are eating? I realize it's a matter of nutrition and it may be a great thing for them to haave these things but the food has all that they need except for the great taste of some of their favorite natural foods such as the Eggs and Cheese.

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I tried some beef flavored baby food as a topper on Beamers dinner tonight and he loved it! He also likes cheese, yogurt, chicken and hotdog... Is there really a problem with feeding this extra stuff? Most dogs in Eastern Europe dont even know what dog food is... they all eat table scraps.. lol.. soooooooooo
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I was speaking with My Wife about adding perhaps some wet food to Radar's Dinner to see his reaction. I wouldn't want to just put it on top because he might just eat the wet while leaving the food I really want to him to eat. I think perhaps something from the same food maker, Eukanuba perhaps. What do other Forum Members give their Hav's as a wet mix for the dry food??

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Mine eat 2x a day, most days. I give them 1/4 cup of Fromm's kibble with a serving of Little Cesar. The dictate to me about when they want to eat. Sometimes, they will only eat once a day, because they refused breakfast meal and eat a late afternoon meal. I won't feed them after 7pm because then they are up all night to poop.

Sometimes I don't give them the LC and feed the kibble with roast beef, chicken, meatballs, whatever we are having. They are not fat, they are healthy, so I guess it is OK. This is how I used to feed my other dogs, and they lived a long, healthy life.

Kodi & Shelby's Mom and Julian's Grandma
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