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Looking For Some Help To Find a Breeder or Reputable Store

Hi my name is Kathy. I donít know if I am posting this in the right place, if I am wrong, I am sorry. I am looking to find a reputable breeder in the tri-state area of New Jersey/New York City. I am also willing to speak with breeders out of the region (I am just very nervous about shipping a puppy on a plane).

Iíve been researching Lhasa Apsos and Havanese dogs. I am truly in love with both breeds. I would love to find a breeder that will let me come to visit them and their lovely dogs so I can make up my mind. I am not ready to purchase a puppy yet because my apartment is being remodeled and it wonít be probably till sometime in the fall. Then I need to puppy proof the place.

This would be my first dog ever! I want to do the right thing and rescue a dog but I donít think I would be able to handle any possible behavioral/health issues a rescue dog may have. I am also nervous about buying from a pet store because it may be a possible puppy mill dog, it may not be what the pet store says or any of the problems that come with pet store dogs. I think at least for my first dog I need to get it from a breeder or some place reputable.

This isnít something I am just doing on an impulse. I am researching and studying. Iíve done a lot of online research. I even created a spread sheet with all breeds of dogs and slowly eliminated the breeds. Iíve watched videos about each breed produced by animal planet, I watch youtube videos to see owners taping their puppies/adult dogs and now I am onto reading puppy rearing books .

My friend is a dog walker and another friend is a vet. I am also looking into day care facilities so when I am away at work, my little one wonít feel so lonely and it will be properly socialized (I just donít have any names because I injured my foot). I tried to talk to one breeder and she shut me down when she found out the dog may be left alone for 7 hours (but I would never leave a puppy alone for 7 hours alone, it would only be an adult with no separation issues). I really want a dog to love and for me to receive love back. Someone to play with when I come home from work and someone who will watch out for me. The Lhasas and Havanese seem perfect to do that. I just need some guidance to the right people.
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Hi Kathy, I just want to say welcome to the forum. You are taking all the right steps in researching. I'm sure you will find a puppy when the time is right for you. -Cheryl-
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Debbie B.
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Hi Kathy,

Welcome to the forum! Havanese are companion dogs so they don't do well when left alone for long periods. Sounds like you are looking into daycare options which would work out great. You might want to consider getting an older pup because it is really difficult to housebreak a dog if you are not around during the day. I got both of my dogs when they were around a year old and housebreaking was pretty easy because of their age.

Good luck in search!!

Debbie and Riley
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My plan is to litter train the dog. I saw this thing called the pet apartment online(I need to look into it more). Basically it's a pet cage split into 2. You put the bedding on one side and a wee-wee pad on the other (i just plan to use a litter pan instead of a wee-wee pad).

Plus if I do manage to get one in the fall, I still have a bunch of vacation time I would take and I would spend it all with my new dog/puppy and even get it used to me not being around. I am picking the fall date because at the end of this month my parents' tenant is moving out and I'll be taking over the apartment. We are remodeling the whole place (ripping out kitchen cabinets, new bath tub, new tile in the kitchen and I want to rip out the carpeting and refinish/resurface the hardwood floors). I also have to furnish the whole place and that will take time and money and then of course getting ready for the puppy. The fall is just an arbitrary date because remodels never run on schedule.

There are people in my family who can check in on the dog as well. I live in a 2 family home with my parents. My mom seems excited about the prospect of a dog, so it will never be alone for 7 hours (that's more of a worst case scenario). I wouldn't mind a one year old dog either. I would miss out on it being a rolly, polly, gangly furball but I do get to avoid worrying about grooming the puppy everyday when it loses it's puppy coat. I am not really worried about dog training from what i am reading. it seems patience, love and treats are the key

That's why I am also looking at lhasa's. I've read they are more independent but harder for 1st time owners (depending on what web site you look at). I'd go to a dog show but I would be seeing show dogs and I have no intention of professionally showing my dog. I want to see how the pets behave. Plus I highly doubt an owner would allow me to play with their dog when they are in the midst of showing it. I would hate to mess up the dogs pretty coat.

Thanks everyone for the responses! I truly appreciate it!
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Judy - Dori & Jaime's Mom
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Hi Kathy,

I had two Lhasa's before I became aware of the Havanese -- in fact one of them was small and did not have such a squished nose and really looked like my oldest Hav. The two Lhasas lived to be 16 and 17. Currently our oldest Hav is 16 (we have three). I always worked before I retired eight years ago, always had dogs (dogs, not dog), always had a dog walker and they did well. When I first got a dog as an adult (me, not the dog) she did have separation issues which ended as soon as I got a second dog (a few months later).

Personally, I LOVE the Havanese and dare I say I think they are cuter (and so smart)-- they just really have a way about them.

Since your parents will be living in the same building and if they are around -- you will probably actually be sharing the dog -- that makes a big difference. If you are like most of us on this Forum, one Hav will not be enough and then your little one will have company all the time. Definately am not recommending getting two at one time, but perhaps keep an open mind for the future.

Best of luck,

Mom to my girls Jaime, Dori, & Chloe
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Hi Kathy,
We live in NYC and got Chewy from a reputable breeder in the area...does all the testing and has been an excellent resource for my family. We work outside the home but she was open to us after we discussed with her our commitment to making sure Chewy was not home alone more than 2-3 hours at a time. He is 10 months and we have kept our word. I leave for work at 8:30-9, dog walker comes at 11:30 and takes him out for at least an hour (more often 1 1/2 to 2 hours), drops him off and comes back for him around 3:30 for 1/2 hour play date with a neighborhood pal and I am home by 5:30-6. We mostly have friends over or go over to their apartments (and bring him with) so he isn't left alone very often except while we are at work. He seems like a pretty well adjusted little dude so far so in my opinion it can work.
As for training, Chewy is actually legitimately dual trained...or at least 90% there. He goes outside, but if it is raining/snowing he goes on the pad. This took a while and he went through a bit of a confused stage, but we have had only 1 accident in the last few weeks and I think it was because his wee wee pad was too dirty for his liking.
I have to say, I think a really good dog walker is key. I have to give her a TON of credit. She is truly a partner in raising him.
Not to scare you but I have heard some scary things about some of the daycares in the city. We have a place down at South Street Seaport that we go to on occasion. It is privately owned and the people that work there are sweethearts. Chewy actually stayed with one of the women for a few days when we were in London.
If you are interested in knowing the breeder and daycare place, you can PM me and I would be happy to give you the info.
I hope you find some of this helpful,
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Hi Kathy,
I did the same thing as you. I did tons of research before choosing the havanese. Please check out Delaware Valley Havanese club. They have a breeder referral page. Good luck!


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It sounds like you are on the right path for choosing the right dog for you. I have a Lhasa right now who is 14 1/2, I lived in India for 21 yrs and they are a very common house pet there, they call them poodles, I found all small dogs are referred to as poodles there! The reason they are popular is they are hardy, independant and loyal. They are clowns and need to be taught early not to bark.

I now have two Havanese and I use to show Shih Tzus, I have moved to Havanese accidently with my first Yogi who was a rescue, he is a love, but because he was a rescue he has issues. He is very active and is not very indedendpen, will stay with the other dogs if I am gone, but is not happy. The second we bought from a very good breeder, she turned out to be very shy, she has had many issues and she hated to be left alone even with the other two dogs, she is better now. The Hav's are very different from the Lhasa's, or Tzu's. I feel at this time the Hav's have less genetic issues, I fear in the current market, this may not be true for long. Take your time, you can go to dog shows (just one or two) and meet people, handlers are a very good source, for breeders, sometimes they bring puppies to the show (you will have to go outside to the car to meet them) find people who will talk about the breed. Then you can go to their home to see dogs. Most good breeders will take a pup back, but it is a sad affair for both the pup and the family. You have time choose carefully.

Robbie, Boo Boo, Yogi, and Misty's human.
Poohkey miss you, monkey.
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Originally Posted by lfung5 View Post
Hi Kathy,
I did the same thing as you. I did tons of research before choosing the havanese. Please check out Delaware Valley Havanese club. They have a breeder referral page. Good luck!

Thanks Linda!

I actually found one breeder through there. She was the one who shut down on me when I mentioned 7 hours. I do truly understand her concern because having a puppy is like having a child. You would never leave your infant child home alone for 7 hours.

I also went to the breed main club page and tracked down some breeders. I messaged some, some got back to me and others haven't yet. I emailed them from my work email so it could be that my email went to spam or the work email filters blocked the message all together (my job has really weird email filters). I'm not concerned about that because as the day gets closer I can always send out follow ups.

Thanks for the advice!
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HI Kathy and

Kudos to you for doing you research and yes, companion dogs like Havanese need to be with people, just like a bird dog needs to chase birds, or a tracking dog needs to track. If the 2 family home has thin walls, your parents may hear a whole lot of crying and barking while you are away, especially if he/she can hear them and smell them, which is probably a safe bet they can. But it sounds like you are thinking all of this through and considering the specific needs to be with humans that they have.

I'm not familiar with breeders in that area, but I'm sure lots of others will chime in that live there

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