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Trick ideas?

We've taught Baxter "shake," "Lay down," "roll over," "crawl," "up," "dance," "go around." We're out of ideas, and he's getting bored. Any ideas for new tricks and how to teach them?
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sounds like you've done well. Maya's favorite trick is to jump through a hoop. Start with it on the ground a coax her through with a treat. Gradually raise it up. We use a hula hoop -loves this the best. We have also taught her how to weave between our legs. Same idea. Just guide him thru with a treat. There is also bow. With the dog standing put a treat between his paws and say bow. You want to stop him before he lays down completely. Good luck. U-tube has a really cute video of a havaese doing tricks. Amazing what they taught their hav.
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There are a number of books available on trick training for dogs.

Or... you could begin training him for a dog sport like Obedience, Rally or Agility. You and he will NEVER get bored with all there is to learn with these sports!

Karen, Kodi, Pixel and Panda
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Pam taught Nike to ride a skateboard.
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the site for u tube is "Gidget the havanese"!!! so cute they taught her how to sneeze and show me the money!!!!
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Tricks are a great way to bond with your pup and keep them alert and engaged. In addition to some that you listed above, we did "aw shucks", "peekaboo", "left" and "right" turns. Phoebe loves to do peekaboo more than almost anything else. It starts out as a "come" command but she circles behind, and pokes her head through my legs. She gets the treat for peeking out. Shucks was surprisingly easy to train using a clicker and postit notes. Start by sticking the postit to your dog's face, and click/treat when they swipe at it with a paw. Then substitute the word command for the postit note. We have been pretty sloppy and haven't modeled the trick to have her get the treat only when she does a nice slow swipe of her face, so she mostly just sort of gives a wave at her face and expects a treat. Teach left and right turns by having your dog follow a treat, then switch to more and more subtle hand/finger commands, and finally just the words left and right. Nowadays, Phoebe knows her left from her right just as well as I do (which is to say, not perfect).

Juliette and Phoebe
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You can also teach transitional tricks that are useful building blocks. I haven't done much along these lines, but we took a tricks class an the trainer's dog goes on Letterman etc. One good one is "touch" ie- touch whatever object with nose- use this to teach behaviors like "close the door" etc. Another good one is "hold"-where the dog will patiently hold whatever in his mouth. The ace-trained dog "Little Guy" would happily hold a sign in his mouth while the trainer went into the grocery store. Said something along the lines of "I can't go in the produce section, but are you sure that other guy didn't just pick his nose before he squeezed that peach?" sort of thing. The same "hold" behavior can be used to carry a little plastic pumpkin thing for trick-or-treating, or a tiny Easter basket etc. Little guy had an amazing trick of dumping a cup with small objects, then turning the cup upright, and picking up and putting away the objects.
One problem with dog trick books is that they are for big dogs... you'll never be able to train your Havanese to open the fridge and get you a beer, but your Weimerainer might be able to do so. There is a Havanese on Youtube that can bring the specific toy on command (purple octopus or whatever). Dancing with the dog requires a lot of concentration- since it is always different- this requires knowing how to stay with you on the right or left side, or walk backward in opposition to you, or forward as you go back, circle around etc. Definitely not boring.

Juliette and Phoebe
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One of Boo's favorite tricks is to sit up. Kind of in a begging position. He can sit forever. He's got a whole bag of tricks too - shaking hands, high fives,rolling over, playing dead, walking on hind legs, crawling, spining right and left, sneezing/speak on comand. Always looking for new ones. They are so smart and comical arent they???

Sit up was easy to teach - have your dog sit. Then hold a treat just over the head area and move it towards the back of the headand hold your arm out to help with balance in the begining then remove your arm. I used "situp" as the command while teaching. Now he will go to the treat cupboard and Situp on his own waiting for the reward! Now we are working on holding the treat on his nose while sitting up and then fliping it up to catch it! He's done it a couple of times and has the general idea but the timing of the catch is what needs work!!
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Tricks: Over here, Over there, Up here, Under here, this way, find it, wait, .....those are the few off the top of my head.

Dexter & Jack
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Ok, check these out posted by one of the forum members. Cicero is so smart. There is another video of him I am trying to look for. Darn, I can't find it. It was a video of him fetching all his toys by name. I did find this old thread though!

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