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dog owners love

I guess I am not alone when i say that only dog owners who love and respect their pets as important members of their families can understand why we do what we do for our little furry loved ones. Since I got Uli i have had had my ups and downs in life however she has always been there for me. Returning my love in ways that many humans can not even come close to do.
The reason i say all this is because i have found out that most people who do not like animals, or simply do not want to own any seem to think of me (and my mom)as odd... even crazy persons for loving our dog as we do. For instance, I know many of us went through a bad $$$ trail when the economy went down and money was hard to come by so i had many good intentioned friends suggest i took my little girl and send her to the pound or just "give her away" cause she was nothing more than a "burden" and a "money leak". I was just shocked to hear these kinds of comments or "advice". I made a commitment to love an care for my puppy and not because it seems times are changing for the bad i have to throw her away as a bag of garbage. These friends i did not talk to anymore, i just couldn't. I didn't think i wanted people like that in my life, people that think that just because a little animal can not talk, it means they don't feel pain, loneliness or abandonment. The words of Francis of Assisi came to mind "If you have men who will exclude any of God's creatures from the shelter of compassion and pity, you will have men who will deal likewise with their fellow men"
Also we always do our best to get the best medical service, food and other goodies and that is another reason why people think we are odd, however i see my fluffball as more than just a dog... yes she is a dog, not a human being but she is a little creature that always shows me love and compassion in her own way, why not show the same to her? she is part of our family and i guess we will rather cut costs in other areas than try a quick way out of money constraints.

I love my little Uli, and i will do so even when she had left for rainbow bridge. I just feel blessed to have such a loving companion in my life and wanted to share that with all of you and ask how you guys feel about your little ones; how you have dealt with cold hearted people.

Have an awesome day and i send lots of hugs and doggie treats to your babies.
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I'm at the point in my life that I prefer the company of dogs (my dogs) to humans. 80% of the time

I have a very extroverted day job. so it's really nice to come home to my dogs (I'm single). don't get me wrong, I wouldn't mind a boyfriend or something more, but dogs are different. my non-animal owning friends say it's the same love and relationship as you have with your children... um, nope.

thanks for the post.
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awwww, thank you so much for your wonderful post!!
you speak the words that are so often in my heart!!
People think I am crazy, I have a dog stroller, I home cook for her, she rides in the cart at Pet Smart, I do all of her grooming, she comes with my everyday when I pick the kids up from school (her SERIOUS highlight of the day), she is part of our family, our 3rd child. Anything and everything I would do for my human kids I would do for Tillie. "Normal" people just can not grasp this.
I even had a very close friend say, "Ya, but you can not love her as much as you love your OWN children, in the same way as you love them..." she obviously has NO pets. and a 5 month old baby.
Yes, I KNOW Tillie is not a human. I did not give birth to her. But I adopted her, I vowed to love her, to take care of her. for her entire life.
SO thankful I have this board full of supportive friends who understand how deeply our love for these "dogs" go.
As we say in our house, Tillie's isn't a dog. She's just Tillie. the joy of our life... always happy to see me, always there by my side, always ready to play, walk or sleep I just have to give her the cue and she is ready. no complaining, no whine-ing, no games, just honest, deep, faithful love.
I love my girl deeper than I could have ever understood before spending the past 11 months sharing every moment of my life with her.

thanks for starting this thread!

Tammy and Tillie
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What a wonderful thread. Everything you said about our dogs is true. Non-animal people just don't understand.

When my mother had to put her last cat down, she was extremely lonely. She decided to adopt an older cat so we began searching Kijiji for her. It broke my heart to read some of the postings and I had to stop. I do not understand anybody that could adopt a dog or a cat and then decide it was too much trouble or too expensive or whatever stupid excuse they give.

We have two cats and two Havs and now, since our children have moved out, they are the centre of our lives. We started camping instead of taking other kinds of vacations so that the dogs can go with us and we make sure that someone (usually my 23 year son who loves the cats almost as much as we do) checks on the cats if we are gone for more than a weekend. We would take the cats with us too, but they both hate the car and it would be more upsetting to them than leaving them home.

You are right in that there are people, like most of the people on this forum that love their dogs like children and then there are people that think they are just "dogs". Even my boss, who is a great guy, thinks I'm crazy, not only for what I spent to adopt our dogs, but the ongoing costs of them.

I have a plaque that I bought last year that sums up my feelings 90% of the time. It says, "The more people I meet, the more I like my dog"

Cooper and Tessa's Mommy
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How have I dealt with cold hearted people? I ignore them. We dealt with quite a few during Rikky's illness. Only those that truly made their pets part of their family understood why we did all that was in our power to get him well again and how much he's still part of us even though he's crossed over the bridge. Keep loving on those fur babies!


"Forever in our Hearts"
Rikky & Beau
Rainbow Bridge 2011
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"it is just a dog" yeah i have heard that sooooo many times. And mind you guys, i have very sweet and loving friends that are not so much into animals and think have the same "just a dog idea" however they realize how important she is to me.
Of course i would not tell them or anyone who thinks in those lines that my baby does have insurance (actually 2), drinks bottled water only and no way i travel without stroller and her toys. I always get the "here comes crazy dog lady" from airport officers
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What are you talking about? My 3 furballs are not human? I no longer see them as dogs, they are little toddlers for crying out loud...LOL

I love what you wrote and I completely agree with you. Everyone, except for the folks here, think I am completely insane! I just got done putting their meals in little baggies for my dog sitter. Took me forever, but these little rascals are worth it!

They are my world.....

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I used to be one of those "it's just a dog!" people. Honestly, I thought people were crazy for taking their dogs everywhere with them expecting other people to just think that was normal. I was annoyed with dogs barking at the park and thought clothes for dogs were a total waste of money. I was offended when I introduced my newborn daughter (in 1997) to my cousin at a family reunion and she, in turn, introduced me to "her baby, Ridick", a drooling boxer-yuck. Fast forward...
3 kids later...(and 14 years)
today I proudly introduced Oliver to all of my relatives at our family reunion. He wore his cutest red-shirt and was bathed and brushed for the occasion. He held his tail high and proud and wagged it at all the right times. He never talked back, whined, cried or fought with a sibling. I didn't have to make him a plate of food and get him a cup of pop that he was just going to spill 5 minutes later. He didn't get chocolate brownie all over the cute little outfit I had just bought and didn't throw sand in the sandbox when told not to. He didn't complain to go home cause "this is so bor-ing" and didn't have to be told to smile and say hi nicely to aunt so-and-so that he hasn't seen since last year and won't remember in 5 minutes anyway.
And you know what?
My 3 kids and I thought it was the greatest family renuion ever
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