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Exclamation Caution: Ice & cold water for your dogs

I have not verified this email or the truth behind ice & cold water being a problem, but it looked serious enough to pass along, especially since so many of us are having hot weather right now. We've also talked about giving ice cubes to our dogs as a game or to cool them off, so...

This came through one of the Havanese e-mail lists tonight as a forward from another breed's list. I don't know the original source though.

Emphasis (bold) is mine.

Cross posting encouraged

Hello Everyone,
I am writing this in hopes that some may learn from what I just went
through. We went to the Steel Valley Cluster this past weekend.

After showing we went back to our site/set up and got the dogs in their
crates to cool off.
After being back about 30min. I noticed Baran was low on water. I took a
hand full of ice from my cooler and put it in his bucket with more water....
We all then started to get all the dogs Ex'ed and food ready for them.

After checking the dogs and thinking they were cooled off enough we fed
everyone. As we were walking around picking out the feed dishes from the
crates, one of my friends stated that Baran seamed like he was choking. I we
nt over and check on him and he was dry heaving and was real drolly.
I got him out of the crate to check him over I noticed he had not eaten, he
was in some what distress. I checked him over from head to toe and did not
notice anything. I walked him around for about a min. when I noticed that he
was starting to Bloat. I did everything I was taught to do in this case. I
was not able to get him to burp, and we gave him Phasezime.

We jumped on the golf cart to take him down to the Show vet to find out that
he did not have a bloat kit, He referred us to the clinic that was to be on
call, but we found out that the clinic was closed.
After finding another clinic that was open we rushed Baran to that
one. We call ahead and let them know that we were on our way. They were set
up and waiting on us and got Baran stable very fast. After Baran was stable
and out of distress we transported Baran to AVREC were he went into surgery
to ma ke sure no damage was done to any of his vital organs. I am very happy
to say that Baran is doing great, there was not damage to any vital organs,
and he still loves his food.

In surgery the doctor found that Baran's stomach was in its normal anatomic
position. The Doctor and I went over the events of what happened up to the
point of Baran's Bloating. When I told him about the ice water he asked why
I gave him ice water, and have I always did this. I told him my history
behind this practice and his reply was "You have been very lucky for the
past 15 years."

The ice water I gave Baran cause violent Muscle spasm in his stomach which
caused the bloating. Even though I figured his temp was down enough to feed
and give him this ice water his internal temp was still high. Dr. Vogf
stated that giving dogs ice to chew or ice water is a big NO, NO; there
should be not reason for them to have ice/ice water. Normal water (room Tem
p.), or cooling with cold towels on the inter thigh. This is the best way to
help cool a dog.

I felt the need to share this with everyone, in the hopes that some may
learn from what I went through, I do not wish this on anyone. Baran is home
now doing fine. He does not like the fact that he has to be walked on lead
in the yard to keep him from running. He hates not being able to go out and
rough house it with the others, but is doing great. So please if you do use
ice and ice water, beware as what could happen.
Sorry so long and excuse the mispellings. ..
If I can verify this before I leave for Denver, I'll try, but for now, I'm just going to post this as I received it with the one paragraph bolded by me.
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Benji and Lizzie's Mom
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Hi Kimberly,
Thanks for posting it......better safe than sorry. I was putting ice cubes in Benji's water when it was very hot. If the post is true, I am so thankful that nothing happened to Benji.


Best, Poornima
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Sounds interesting.. i guess... but by the the time the ice water made its way to the stomach, I'm sure it would have risen in temperature.???
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Bugsy's Mom
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Thanks for the post Kimberly. I never gave my dogs ice/ice water and now I never will.

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Thanks Kimberly, my boys love cold water. I actually keep their water in the fridge for them. I usually dont put Ice cubes in the water but do let them play with them on hot days. I think I will change and only give them the cold water when they have been inside with the a.c. on and give them room temp. water when outside playing. I would have never thought that cold water could harm either of them but why take the chance.

Leeann, Riley, Monte & Rumor

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Hmmm....very good advice on a very sticky situation over there, thanks for that. I hope all is well. I usually give radar some ice in his water when we go out for a walk but it melts in no time so no worries for him there. Other than that he doesn't really get it.

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Wow, if thats true i have been very blessed also. I always fill Tripps water bowl full of ice. I have noticed a few times after he would run around outside then would come in & drink, he would vomit the water up. One day recently he threw up a lot of fluid & i thought i would have to take him to the vet but then he seemed ok. I just always thought he was gulping too fast. We have a vet appt. tomorrow & i will ask.

Tripp, Jax, & Dreamer
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I noticed they always have a pool of ice water at the AKC shows. How can we get this letter to them and in the right hands? Thanks for the heads up! I give my guys the ice water at the shows all the time!

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Wow that is scary.I always put ice in Duncan's water while we're outside especially in this heat we've been having.Better safe than sorry,so thanks for posting this bit of info.

Dot & Duncan
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Wow. thanks for this Kimberly. My boys love Ice and Ice water. But I will stop this practice til I hear more.

Missy, Jasper & Cash
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