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Male - Lifting Leg

Mattingly is now 6 months old. He still squats when he urinates, there appears to be no attempt to raise his leg to go. I always had a female dog so in general I'm not concerned. Is there a benefit for raising the leg(cleanliness) or does it not matter. Thanks

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My Rosie lifts her leg and therefore it tilts her body just enough that she gets it on her leg. Have you neutered him yet? The vet told me on a male dog that I had, that if neutered at a young age, they would always squat to pee.
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John, I have a boy, and he only started lifting his leg just around the time he turned 1. Soon after, I had him neutered and he stopped right away. To this day (he is 2.7 y/o) he still doesn't lift his leg.

I am actually happy about it, since he is so "short", when he squats, that puts him almost against the ground so he never gets urine on his tummy. He doesn't even smell of urine there. Of course, I help by keeping that are trimmed.

I wouldn't worry about it if he continues to squat.

PS: I am sure the ladies will agree with me, this is like having your husband sit when he pees!


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Thanks for the responses! Mattingly is not yet neutered, he goes this Thursday, having the laser surgery done.
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Augie still squats to pee, is three years old, wasn't neutered until 17 months, has never smelled like pee.

Finn still squats to pee, is 9 months old, isn't yet neutered, and manages to pee all over his undercarriage and he stinks and needs a bath more often. He has started to lift his leg on 'new' things that come in the house - like big cardboard boxes - if we haven't moved them out of his area - ex. the box the new vacuum came in, and one my camera was shipped in.

Linda, Augie & Finn's Mom
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Dave T
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It's a persoal choice. Some males lift some females lift. Generally according to Dr.Dunbar nuetering doesn't change their methods. Here's a quote from him ,I recived regarding neutering. "Hi there David

Good to hear from you. Yes, I do get a few email questions from time to time (about 20 a day).

Neutering male dogs DOES change their behavior to some extent. They are likely to roam less (if given free range) and urinate less, yet still urine mark and still use the same urination posture. Thus, scent marking is not resolved, but the frequency (hence volume of urine) is much less.�

However, castration has no effect on dog-human aggression, does not make male dogs less aggressive to other dogs, alter their rank in the hierarchy, or appear to change their personality much. BUT castrated male dogs no longer smell like intact males and so this dramatically changes the behavior of other male dogs.�Castrated male dogs smell more like anoestrous females.�Other male dogs react towards castrated males as if they are females �and so, other male dogs harass or threaten them less and hence, the behavior of the castrated male eventually changes (feeling less threatened). Castrated male dogs are involved in fewer fights with other males and their aggressiveness is reduced, not directly by castration, but indirectly by the altered behavior of other males.

BTW: I may be on the Today Show on Friday. Whooo Hoo!

Hope this helps

ultra mega woofs to you

And here is a snippet from another of his research articles. ..."Whether or not a male dog will lift his leg when urinating, sniff and mount bitches and be more aggressive than females has all been preprogrammed by fetal testosterone in utero".

Dave and Molly
Ian Dunbar was awarded the Outstanding Achievement Award from I.P.D.T.A. Here's a picture of me accepting the award on his behalf.
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Our Dizzie is over two and a half years old,and he very,very rarely cocks his leg.

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Metrowest, MA
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I was told (or read... I can't remember now!) that keeping a young male dog away from smelling vertical surfaces where other dogs have marked will make it more likely that they will continue to squat (or Kodi doesn't squat, he stands like a little horse, but he doesn't lift his leg) rather than lifting their leg.

I am very careful about this, and don't let Kodi sniff around vertical surfaces when we are out on walks in heavily trafficed areas. He can have all the sniffing time he wants, off leash in the woods or on our property.

He does not lift his leg to pee, and he is now 2 1/2. However, I know that he understands and CAN mark, because I'veseen him do it a few times when we've been at dog shows, and there has really been no other place to let him go other than where lots of other dogs have been. In these cases, I've seen him lift his leg and "mark" even on tall grass and weeds. Hey, when you are short, LOTS of things look like vertical surfaces!

I have to say that my experience with a Hav in long coat is that leg lifting is mess-making. It doesn't matter how high he lifts his leg, he ends up peeing on his hair. He also uses a litter box in the house, and I think THAT would be problematic with a dog who had to lift his leg to pee!

Finally, I have walked with several people whose male dogs feel the need to mark all the time, and it seems to me that they save up urine for this. It takes FOR EVER to get them to empty their bladder. With Kodi, I say, "Go pee," and we get the job done in seconds and can get back to showing, or get back in the car or just enjoying our walk.

So I, for one, will continue to encourage what he does now, and limit the chances for leg-lifting and marking as much as possible.

Karen, Kodi, Pixel and Panda
(ARCHMX Starborn Kodak Moment CGC, NTD, BN, PCD, NA, NAJ, CDX-CCH, RE, RLV, RL1X3, RL2X4, RL3X3...
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I have littermate$ that are 4 and intact. One lift$ and the other doe$n't. The lifter i$ more gregariou$ and the other i$ pretty laid back

Becky C
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Abby lifts her leg an inch or two off the ground. McGee just sort of stretches out (I think maybe like Karen was describing (never seen a horse pee!). He learned to lift his leg a month or so ago when our granddog visited but that was because he peed on a flower pot. He does lift it every once in a while but not usually. Neither he nor Abby get pee on themselves, thank goodness! BTW, McGee was 10 months Dec. 1st. and has not been neutered yet. Abby is 4 1/2 yrs.

Kathie, Abby & McGee's Mom
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