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Grrrrrrrr... WTHeck!!!??

Okay, so it has been POURING, we are talking MONSOON like rain since last night. Tillie hates it, but takes it like a champ and does her business and runs back in the house a few times a day.
WELL, this morning she went out to pee (just pee) at 7am. at 10:30 I TRIED to get her to go potty before I went to work. Stood out there with her for nearly 10 minutes while she got drenched and would NOT go out onto the grass to go potty, even when I picked her up and PUT her on the grass she would hop off it. Okay.... sooooooo, I crated her and went to work. Got home about 2pm and all was good, clean crate (as I expected it to be) and happy dog. Then I checked my messages and my son was sick, so I had to jump back in the car and go BACK out into the freakin' MONSOON to pick the kids up (a whole 1/2 hr early, really? REALLY??).
This is one of Tillie's highlights, she LOVES picking up the kids, so off we went.
We got home and Tillie got the zoomies, right away, sooooo, I let her out since often times zoomies=poop. LOL and lo and behold she pooped! YAY!
By this time the rain has really, really slowed down, in fact right now it is stopped completely! Anywho, after the poop we came in, did homework, my son went to bed cause he is coming down with who knows WHAT (praying he doesn't start throwing up, cause really, I can NOT handle that right now.) and eventually I settled in my recliner and groomed Tillie out, she was so ragged looking after getting soaked so many times!
So, now she's all pretty and I get up because company is coming in a few minutes for a visit.... and that's when I see IT. she PEED on the carpet!!!!!
WTHeck!!!!??? she had just pooped outside, and knew it wasn't raining much, AND she peed right NEXT to her BELL that she has been faitfully ringing for nearly a yr and a 1/2 with NO 'accidents'. I know this is most likely some sort of protest, that she does NOT want to go out in the rain, but what do I DO!? How do I make SURE she never does this again!!??
I tried SO hard to get her to use a ugodog or a potty patch or a pee pad when she was a baby. and nothing, she would NOT do her business on anything other than the grass. normally, not a big deal, but now? BIG DEAL. sigh. I would love to train her to a pee pad or something, but at this point I fear it would really mess her up thinking that now, it is okay to PEE in the house????

Any advice? Storms are here for awhile I'm afraid...
I sure am hoping this was a one time thing... my husband will NOT stand for accidents in the house. at.ALL.

Tammy and Tillie

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Jen, Timmy and Mae
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Sorry I can't offer words of advice since Timmy is only about 20 weeks old so we're on two totally different planets in the potty department. Just wanted to let you know I feel your pain, I hate the rain too. I don't know where you guys are but it started out raining here this morning and turned out to be the most beautiful day. Oh and I had to give Timmy two butt baths yesterday if that helps you with the grass is always greener on the other side!

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Pour on the Nature's Miracle so she won't have a scent to go back to. We have had to walk McGee off the patio and into the grass and not let him in until he's done something! If he doesn't do anything but stand by the door we let him in but give him no access to carpet. These rainy days are the pits!

Kathie, Abby & McGee's Mom
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Hi let me start by saying that I don't have a puppy yet, but I love reading the post here. This is all in preparation for the day when I finally will get one. Anyways in my many search engine attempts to learn more I found someone who made a indoor potty system with a cement mixer plastic pan and a piece of sod, which can be replaced when stinky. Just a thought for those rainy days and no mixed signals about surface type, therefore reinforcing proper potty locations.

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Tammie -- Happens. Snoopy had an accident a month or two ago. Sometimes their signs are pretty subtle and indeed sometimes I think they actually do forget. Specially when it's so wet.

I took the dogs to the dog park today -- it was raining cats and dogs (or Haimstraps and Pitchforks as my dad used to say -- look up a haimstrap to see how old that saying is! ). Anyway -- the dogs absolutely loved running in the rain - but OMG my car will take at least a full day of detailing to get it clean again AND to get rid of the wet dog smell. Thankfully they both did their business while out, so I'm not worried about the rest of the day.



Jim and Lynda and Snickers and the new P&P machine Snoopy.
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LOL, sorry about the car Jim!

I have been taking her out every hour or 2 and praising her just like a puppy. LOL
feels kind of silly. It isn't raining anymore, so she's okay.
I like the sod idea... may run that one by my husband. Although Tillie IS an adult... she might look at the sod and US like we are CRAZY! haha ha ha ha

Tammy and Tillie
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Camellia Camelo and Carol
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Camellia is another one whose sign she needs to go out is getting the Zoomies. That can be a useful sign.

Sometimes a pee in the house unexpectedly results from an unusual stress - perhaps the rush out to pick up your son contributed to that.

Sorry your husband feels that way, but the error shouldn't be a common one, especially if you can remain aware that unusual stresses can result in what I call a "stress-pee."

My sympathies about the monsoon season. I don't know where you are. I'm in a coastal (marine) climate, Pacific NorthWest.

Hope your son feels better soon! Oh, and you, too!
Tue, 13 Mar 2012 20:07:50 (PDT)

Camellia and Carol (CarolWCamelo)
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we are also in the pacific northwest!! "extreme" northern ca! man, it was nasty out there today. OF COURSE though, once we got home and STAYED home the weather cleared up and hasn't rained since! WTHeck (again! LOL) seriously, I'm sure tomorrow morning it will be STORMING again, just in time for me to go to work. sheesh.

Tammy and Tillie
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I really like woolite pet carpet cleaner it is a good price too! If you don't have any thing to really clean it up good use backing soda. Are you sure sweet Tillie didn't ring the bell? Maybe you tuned it out. I bet thats what happened.
Mine hate the rain too. Because they are Velcro dogs I just keep walking until they go. I'm way sick of bad weather we woke up to snow not the fun dry stuff the slush wet stuff.

Maddie at 5mo old
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Most of the time Ozzie loves the rain, that is why I have him in a puppy cut (plus he is still a puppy). Winters in Oregon can seem very long so I'm glad he isn't too bothered by it but sometimes I wish he would just come inside already! He also LOVES snow or even frozen grass...the minute his feet touch it he RLH!!
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