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Nighttime questions

Well I was not expecting last night with Dilly to be as good as the first and I was I was right. I figured she would do less little whining, but maybe get up more to potty. Well she whined and cried worse and almost the whole night long. I had her in the crate again next to my bed just like the first night. Well the loud whining and barking started almost right from the get go. I mostly ignored the whines, but if she barked I mad sort of a low growly shush. I think she did it about evey 15 min to 1/2 hour. After 2 hours I took her out again(during a quiet spell) she did pee, but started right up again. At 4 I took her out again(during another quiet spell) peed. She did the barky whiny thing about 2 more times and then I think settled down until about 7:30(although by this point I put earplugs in so if she was not too loud I would not have heard her. I did try sticking my fingers in the crate, that did not seem to help.
She has a toy with her mom's sent, tonight I am going to try replacing it with one with my scent. Any other suggestions?

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The good news is time does make things better, she will learn that this is where I sleep. You did good.

Peace, Love & Havanese
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I know you mentioned the crate is next to your bed, but is it on the floor or at eye level with you? Some forum members had good luck putting the crate up on a chair or on their night stand. I was very lucky as Kubrick does not care about going in his crate at all and now sleeps in his crate outside of our bedroom (he did spend two weeks in our bedroom with us).

The best thing, though, is to ignore her, as hard as it may be. You did very well with her last night by ignoring and shushing the barking.

I do have a fleecy toy and a fleece blanket in Kubrick's crate and he snuggles up in there when it's bed time. Do you have a blanket for her? Also, what I found helped was to make the crate just big enough to have Kubrick lay down (I have a cardboard box inside of a pillowcase that I put in the crate so he doesn't have full run of it - the pillowcase is important as Kubrick chewed a hole through the cardboard one night. I put a pillowcase around it and he's now leaving it alone). I think it increased his sense of security - and it also helps make sure he doesn't pee or poop in his crate as he doesn't have enough room to do so.

Good luck and keep us posted!

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Thanks for your replies.

Yes, I do keep the crate at bed level. It is a small crate, with just enough room for her to turn around. There is a small fleece bed with raised edges for her to cozy up in and a little blanket with an animal head(like babies sometimes have) with her mommies scent. She seemed like she was getting used to the crate and when I was putting her in during the day or she went in herself she just lied right down like--ok I know I may as well just sleep now. I was suprised by how she acted last night, probably mostly just because she kept it up for so long.

I do know she is a baby and in a new place so we will have our ups and downs and it is a process. I just want to make sure I am doing the best I can to help her settle in.

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Kim, you did good!! You were strong and did not give in to the whining. I have always thought with my guys that the first night was not so bad just cause they are in such a new place, and a little scared. The second night they know you are their Mommy- and gosh darn it - why are you putting me away from you??!! They are little buggers and can be very stubborn when they want to be. Stay firm, and use the Shh or the Quiet command so she learns what it means. I will bet that you guys have a better night tonight. I had the little blanket with the head on it too for Logan, he still sleeps with it! I also just wore a tshirt all day and took that off at night & left it in the crate. This way they had my smell there too. Good luck and let us know how tonight goes!!

Lily, Lexi ,Logan, Laila & Lizzie's Mom
(Gigi, Lucas, Dugan, Madeline,Reo,Alvin, Lucky, Lukey, Punch, Colby & Ben-(we will always Love you!!)
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I remember those days - they weren't that long ago. Night 1 was no problem. Nights 2 and 3 I was convinced that Nico was part werewolf. I think you're doing everything right, and if your experience is anything like mine, Night 5 or 6 and beyond should be much more pleasant. We did find that Nico liked my daugher's t-shirt more than the fleece that had the scent of his mom and littermates.
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Hang in there girl!!It does get better.I finally put Duncan's crate on the floor and he's OK with that.I would love for him to sleep with me,but hubby says that's a big NO NO!!!Maybe I can wear him down a bit,LOL!!!

Dot & Duncan
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Kim, hang in- it get's better pretty quickly too. Sound like you are doing everything a good Alpha should do.

Missy, Jasper & Cash
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Originally Posted by kimoh View Post
She has a toy with her mom's sent, tonight I am going to try replacing it with one with my scent. Any other suggestions?

We had one that wasn't crate trained when they came to us so we put the kennel between our pillows and that helped a lot.
It's ok to ask breeders if they crate train their puppies. It's not just a one way street where they interview you

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Yes, Jan, you're so right. I was very lucky in that my dog was already crate & pee-pad trained at 12 wks by the breeder when I got him, as well as socialized. I say "lucky" because as a first-time dog & Hav purchaser, it wouldn't have occurred to me to ask my breeder! Dumb luck, indeed!

I'm unlike most in this list in that I never had my puppy in the bedroom in his crate, due to my husband's health issues. But I'm right over him in the kitchen below and can hear well any real fussing or problem. I personally felt this was a better arrangement, in that my movement, breathing, etc. didn't further incite him to fuss. And he didn't ever keep us up, settled down totally after just a bit of fussing.

Kim, you're doing everything right. Continue to be firm, so Dilly learns that that is her sleeping place and very soon she should settle in. Keep us posted! I would also make sure she gets enough exercise/play time, before bedtime, so she is more likely to crash. As she gets more at ease in your home, she'll let go of a lot of the adrenaline she's using to adapt that's keeping her wound-up at night.

and HEATH-Y, TOO !

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