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My Big Wuss!

I have mentioned somewhere on the forum about having difficulty with Finn with regard to grooming and also he has had ear infections. He has had infection twice in one ear and I thought we were dealing with one in the opposite ear now. Two nights ago, he just raised one stinking fit when I tried to check his ear, so I thought he must be in pain from an infection. He screamed so loud that my ears were ringing, and that is no exaggeration. He was feeling gross, so yesterday I gave him a bath and dried him - actually without too much difficulty, except it took forever to dry him. Suzi had said she has to dry Zoey first, after a bath, before combing or brushing, and then she is more easy to comb. So, I tried that with Finn (since he is her half brother, I think their hair may be somewhat similar from things she has said), and it worked so much better. I was afraid it may just dry in tangles, but it did not. Other than to attempt to get the area around his ears well dried, I left his ears alone.

This morning I took him to the vet. The vet said his ears did not look all that bad. He did have a little bit of something going on in the original one, but the one he threw the fit over was fine??!! He did say that Finn was all about the drama! Who knew??? He struggled and was difficult to hold... But he didn't let out a peep. I will be taking him back to the vet for THEM to put in the med. tomorrow! The only thing I can think of is that I had tried to use the ear wash on him earlier, and maybe he had a scratch or break in the skin and it stung??

He weighs 13.8 lbs now. He was one on March 6. He has gained 1 lb. in three months.

Linda, Augie & Finn's Mom
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Henry 2006-2018/ Kordelia
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oh no! He's either a drama king or showing off for Mommy at the vet!
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Pixie is the drama queen of my two. BTW, have you ever tried Zymox otic and Zymox ear cleaner? It's awesome stuff for ear issues.

Beth, Pixie Puff and MiG too
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We always wait until the dogs are dry before combing except for brushing to fluff while using the dryer. In the summer time we don't always blow dry and they are fine - maybe not quite as fluffy.

Kathie, Abby & McGee's Mom
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Camellia Camelo and Carol
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Arrow ear-cleaning solutions - that STING!

I don't think Finn is a wuss. I learned the hard way! Various suggested ear cleaners, a couple of decades ago, anyway, included a combination of water, alcohol (rubbing alcohol), vinegar (usually, white). Before I knew better, I once dropped 3% hydrogen peroxide in the ear of a dog of mine. Result - GREAT complaints. STING! I reported to my vet-of-the-time, who said NEVER to put hydrogen peroxide in a dog's ear. Lesson learned.

But then later, I learned that homemade solutions (no pun intended) of the sort I just mentioned ALSO sting like mad, if there's a even a tiny lesion in the ear, which there's likely to be if there's even a mld infection. Geez!

I've heard of the Zymox, on the diabetic-dogs forums I'm on. I gather there are two kinds; one with, and one without, hlydrocortisone or something of the sort. For diabetic dogs, the one without is preferred, as diabetic dogs do poorly on steroids, even ear or eye drops.

Now I'm the wuss; I'm delightedly letting my professional groomer clean Camellia's ears ;-) I should talk to her and find out if she's using a cleaner or not. She might not be using one!

Luckily I'm sensitive and aware of what sorts of behavior suggest ear probems - a tilt of the head to the side on which the ear is sore is common. I never had a floppy-eared dog before Camellia! But I've learned to see when she "pricks her ears up," giving attention.

Finn - you let your Human DogMum know when it hurts; okay? Oh, you DID? Good!

Anyway, good luck with Finn and his ear(s)! I'll be watching and wishing you the best!

Fri, 16 Mar 2012 22:02:29 (PDT)

Camellia and Carol (CarolWCamelo)
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Beth: No, I haven't tried Zymox. I used what the vet's office had sold me and I was going to use it after he got over his first ear infection, and then I misplaced it. Finally found it. And I even called the vet's office before I used it, just in case I hadn't remembered correctly, as it doesn't say specifically 'for ears' on it.

It is called Chlorhexis. Does anyone know anything about this? It contains "Water, glycerin, isopropyl alcohol (would this be the stinging agent???), nonoxynol-12, PPG-12-PEG 50 lanolin, PEG 40, castor oil, chlorhexidine gluconate, fragrance, FD&C Blue #1. May contain citric acid to ensure optimal pH".

Carol: Yes, my thought is that there must have been some broken skin and it stung. But he can be a major baby. He has gotten better about grooming, but any time I come across the tiniest of mats, he yelps and carries on.

I do think the ear that the vet said looks OK smells a little 'off'. He really isn't acting like it bothers him, until I go to touch it. He is scratching that side some, but it appears that it is his neck he is scratching, not his ear. He is matting on that side. He has been blowing coat. I suppose, with his scratching, he could have scratched his ear flap, or possibly it was injured when he and Augie were wrestling as I have heard a yelp occasionally, and that cleanser stuff got on it, and it has nothing to do with pain inside his ear at all. He has so much hair, I haven't seen anything. Well, he has less hair than he did on that side, because he had a huge mat at the end of his ear and rather than try to work it out, I got him calmed down and slipped the blunt end scissors in it bit by bit and very carefully cut most of it out. I really can't tell by looking at him, that any hair is missing, but I cut off quite a chunk.

Kathie: When Finn is wet, nothing goes through his hair, comb or brush. It just takes so long to dry when it forms those wet yarn-like clumps. Augie's hair is very easy to comb through when wet. They have such different coats. Finn's takes so long to dry that I don't want him running around wet too long - he shivers. And I feel I need to get it dry around his ears. I think he might be a good candidate for a puppy cut. I think he is so pretty right now, but he sure isn't enjoying this grooming stuff.

Linda, Augie & Finn's Mom

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Rollie's Mom
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OMG, they are so ridiculous sometimes!

Jessica & Rollie
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I get an ear cleaner called Mal Acetic Otic from my Vet, it cleans and drys on it's own, it is also for wound car in ears, no steriods. This was so helpful for my Tzu who was a puppy mill rescue and for years had chronic ear infections, after using this after every bath after a year no more problems.

Robbie, Boo Boo, Yogi, and Misty's human.
Poohkey miss you, monkey.
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My little guy always has ear infections. It is a constant struggle to clean his ears. Everytime I try to lift up his ears, he hunkers down or runs. He's uncomfortable. I have been doing a little re-ear training where I rub his ears, rub the inside, give a treat, I am trying to associate a good thing with his ears because everytime I go near them, he knows I am going toward him to clean his ears.

Maybe if you make ear cleaning a fun thing, slowly introducing each step of cleaning, he won't put up a fuss. When the groomer comes over, he doesn't move and actually moans in relief when she cleans his ears because it feels so good, getting rid of all the gunk inside.
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Yes, you are right, I am going to have to retrain. The thing is, he was never bad about his ears before. Even after the initial ear infection, after they cleaned his ear out and it was quite inflamed, he didn't like me messing with it, but he tolerated it, and by the end of the treatment period, he was pretty good. This is the opposite ear, and supposedly, there isn't even an infection in it. I am thinking now that there was an injury to the flap itself, with a break in the skin, that the cleanser stung. Even though the vet told me this solution doesn't sting. Maybe it was cold to him and shocked him. Have no idea. But I asked that both ears be treated - I thought the uninfected one smelled 'funky' and he said it was probably just as well to treat both, and then he would get used to them being handled and maybe we can get him over this.

At any rate, I now have a problem that we need to overcome. I have begun by very slowly massaging the bases of both ears. In the past, I was able to keep the ear hair pulled out as well. And he never flinched when I did that.

I am taking him in again tomorrow to the vet's office for administration of his ear med. They are going to hold him while I put it in this time. This ought to be good! I will take some treats along.

I have also quit giving the little treats from the local dog bakery that were made with whole wheat flour - just in case he has a wheat allergy and is contributing to the infections. They love these though and when I gave a replacement last night, ones without wheat flour, they just looked them over for a long time. Not nearly as tasty I guess.

Linda, Augie & Finn's Mom
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