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First time Hav! Time off/Male or Female??

Hi -
Yesterday was my first trip to a breeder in search of my first Hav. Of course I fell in love with all of them but am trying to really do my research for the right fit, not sure about male or female. I also want to be able to take off a chunk of time from work when I first get the dog. My goal is to adopt hopefully by the end of the summer.

Question #1 is: Do you think it's wise to take off about a week from work when first bringing a puppy into a home?...or does it confuse the dog into thinking that you will be there all the time and then when the 10 days are over and I go back to work, will the dog suffer more separation issues? I live alone but will be coming home for lunch for dog walks.

Question #2 is: Male or female? This particular breeder suggested a male Hav siting that males are easier to train and much more laid back as adults then are females. She said that females can be more anxious and nosy. She had a few of both so I don't feel that she was trying to sway me either way just to sell me a dog. My concern with getting a male is marking in the house - my last dog, (who passed away in November, a min/pin mix, adopted as an adult) had a huge issue with marking in the house. Now I am pretty much phobic about this issue to the point that I just had my wood floors re-sanded and sealed because of the damage by my last dog. Since my last dog I have been researching training methods and crating which I did not use with my last dog. I have never owned a dog as a puppy and am excited and committed to consistent training with a male or female. Also, I own a female cat who got along great with my last dog, not sure if that makes a difference or not.

Any advice/help is appreciated!!

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Are you going to have your Hav fixed? I have two males and they never mark in the house, they do like mailboxes though.

Dexter & Jack
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I have a male, and he is soooooo loving. He never marks, in fact, he never lifts his leg. He squats to pee. My brother in law also has a male hav and he never marks. Also very calm and affectionate. Unfortunately I only know male havs, so I can't offer any info on females. Good luck with your puppy search, I hope you find the perfect dog for you!
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Dave T
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With regard to separation anxiety. It's nice to have a week off, but you have to start right away with introducing short departures and slowly increase. Too many people don't do this , and it sets the puppy up for a major shock when you do leave after a weeks holidays. Here's some general reading on puppies.
Before You Get Your Puppy by Ian Dunbar

After You Get Your Puppy by Ian Dunbar

and here's one on separation anxiety

Dave and Molly
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My boy so far isn't a marker (he's 15 months now). He squats to go pee and while he sniffs everything like crazy, he doesn't seem to feel the need to mark over top of smells.

Interestingly enough, my parents' female Maltese marks outside (but never inside), so I guess females can exhibit this behaviour as well.

Tracy and Brody

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We have both a male and a female.In the past we have only had male dogs,so Nellie is our first female.Dizzie our male Hav has never marked in the house,and barely lifts his leg when we are out,we had him fixed when he was nearly 6 months old,he is a very well behaved Hav,very easy to train,and loving with out being needy,he is calm and good with children and guests,he can be noisy in the back garden if he hears strange noises.He loves to be cuddled,but HATES being groomed.Nellie on the other hand is excitable,was very difficult to house train,though now she is great and always bangs the cat flap to let us know when she wants to go out,she is needy and is always trying to get our attention,by licking and sitting right on top of us,she is great fun and livens Dizzie up,she is a little nervy around strangers,she loves to be groomed.Nellie is more feisty than Dizzie,basically they compliment each other.But I think it is more down to individual characters rather than gender.Go for the one that you feel a bond with.

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Oh meant to say with regards to having time off when your pup arrives,yes it is a very good idea,I did the same,but I made sure that I went out for about an hour each day,so that Dizzie was used to being on his own,and then when Nellie arrived,I would go out with Dizzie, so that he had time with out her, and she also became used to being alone sometimes.

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As far as I understand it, both males and females can have laid back personalities, I think you need to not worry about gender and look more at temperment and who you fall in love with. I did SO much research when I was looking at getting a hav and everything I read and was told totally pointed me towards a male and although I have NEVER had a male animal at all before, I was okay with that because I had been told the "females love you, the males are IN LOVE with you..." BUT as fate would have it we ended up finding Tillie, a female and she is the PERFECT fit for our family in every way. Try not to even let gender come into play with your desicion, just pick a PUPPY, not a gender!

Tammy and Tillie
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You guys are the best! Thanks for the great feedback and those links have such fantastic information. I do plan on having the dog fixed early - by 6 months. I really appreciate your input!

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I just got my pup about 6 weeks ago. I had the same dilemma on gender and had finally decided on a male but the breeder only had females available (only 1 male in the entire litter and I wasn't top of the waitlist). My girl is perfect and I wouldn't trade her for the world. If you can't decide on gender then let all the other traits (personality, temperment, colour, etc) be your determining factors and let fate decide the gender.

I was off on sick leave (recovering from surgery) when I got her. I think it was great that I was home all day, however, I tried to keep her on roughly the same schedule i'd have when I worked. I set the alarm, got up in the morning, put her in the crate and went out for short periods to get her used to being alone, etc. When it came time to go to work 2 weeks later it wasn't a big deal to transition. It was nice having lots of time to work on potty training. However, I find that the days I'm working she's actually better and on the weekend when it's a free for all, she gets into all sorts of trouble, has her potty accidents, etc. She seems to like the regular schedule of work days better.

Definitely do the crate training; it will be so much easier while you are away at work. Hang tough the first few nights as she/he will cry and it will break your heart. My girl cried and cried the first few nights, but within 2 weeks she was running into her crate when asked, no fussing or crying and sleeping thru the night without a peep.

Good luck with your new pup!
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