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Please help :(

Hi everyone. I just need advice/positive thoughts/to be calmed down. We took our 5 month old Hav, Rocco, to the ER on Thursday night with vomiting and diarrhea. He had blood in his stool and seemed unable to keep even water down. At the hospital they determined he was mildly dehydrated but energetic and alert so they weren't terribly concerned. They gave him an anti-nausea shot, some IV fluids, and Flagyl (5 days) for his diarrhea. He vomited once overnight and the rest of the long weekend he was fine. He was eating boiled chicken and plain patsta (substitute for rice which he hates) until yesterday when I gave him some boiled beef to mix it up a bit. His poops were getting better but then last night very runny again (blood totally gone though). I'm afraid the runny poo might have been from the beef, I won't give him that again. I thought he was on the mend and then this afternoon I came back on my lunch hour to walk him and I found two vomit spots in the kitchen. Appeared to be solely bile, yellow in color, smelled like bile. I called the ER and his regular vet. ER suggested maybe he needs x-rays. His normal vet said the vomiting doesn't seem persistent enough to have to worry about an obstruction. His normal vet thought that him getting a little better and then sick again was more consistent with a bug not out of his system yet. Both places agreed he needed to be seen again. I brought him into the vet this evening. She checked him over, vitals were fine, no signs of pain in abdomen. They gave him more fluids, another anti-nausea shot, and sent him home with some special canned food.

In terms of his behavior he seems relatively normal. I have only had him for two months so I'm still getting to know his habits but he's a very, very calm puppy. He's no different now. He's alert, walking around. He's a little less playful but I wouldn't describe him as terribly lethargic. He's eating and drinking fairly normally (never been a big eater). He hasn't pooped today which isn't normal but he just ate for the first time today a few minutes ago beause I was told to hold off on food after he vomited earlier.

I'm told to give him another day or two. If he doesn't improve they will x-ray and test for parvo even though he's vaccinated (?!), give blood work up etc. He just doesn't seem that sick to me but clealy something is up. It's very stressful, upsetting and expensive to keep worrying and taking him to the vet. Does anyone have any thoughts on what this could be? Or even just reassuring words? I'm a first time puppy owner and I'm having a hard time with this.
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Perhaps he ate something that isn't agreeing with him. I know you're stressed out. This happened to us 2 months ago when Jinx was just 3 months old. It was very scary and expensive.

Hang in there and have faith in your vet.

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Hi, sounds like you are doing everything right. If the vet has seen him and they are not concerned then take a deep breath. It is upsetting when our pups are not feeling well but he is being treated. Just keep a watch on him and take him back to the vet if he seems to get worse. I'm not sure what it could be but will pray he gets better quickly. Cheryl
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It could be a food intolerance. Cappy is intolerant to chicken and beef. You might want to talk to your vet about trying a food with a different protein source.
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Sometimes they just get a bug...something I have found with mine that causes them to get sick is the flea/tick/heartworm meds I was giving...none of my 3 can tolerate Trifexis at all.......two of them can take comfortis fine but one gets sick ...really sick..everytime ......and if I give heartworm and flea/tick meds too close together also causes them to be sick......sooooo they are on frontline now and heartguard and I space them a few weeks apart....

The only other time one of mine was really sick like that was when she got in our yard in the apt and was eating grass which happened to be fertilized that morning but I was not aware...that was a trip to the ER for the night and the weekend at the vet but she was fine after that and has been ever since....

I know it is really easy to worry...they are so's hard not to! Keep us posted......
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He could have also had something I call the puppy flu. I think it is really called HGI (?) My Lulu had that about 6 months ago and had to stay in the hospital overnight with IV's. We did the same treatment as you did and in a day or so she was completely back to normal. We have all 16 paws crossed here for his continued improvement. Please try to have a glass of vino and just cuddle your baby.

Vinny, Lulu, Gabby and Richie too!

Be yourself, everyone else is taken.
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It is very scary when our dogs get sick, most especially a new dog, it takes awhile to really understand and know our dogs and puppies are growing and changing. I would not worry about a food intolerance in such a young pup, I would worry about too rich food and a puppy's not fully developed digestive system, too rich, too much, excitement, anxiety these are all things that can make a dog/puppy vomit or have diarrhea. Just take a breath go slowly, if he is keeping down the chicken and pasta don't change it for at least two weeks, then slowly introduce kibble or wet dog food, beef is harder to digest then chicken, dogs do love beef (smellier then chicken), keeping food down is the priority for now.You need to keep calm and keep an eye out changes are he will be back to normal soon. You are doing great.

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Thanks, everyone, for your kind words and suggestions. I am taking your advice and I'm going to relax. As long as the vet isn't freaking out, I shouldn't either. I just feel so bad for my little guy. I wish he could tell me how he's feeling! I appreciate everyone's thoughts and I'll give you an update when I have one to share. Thanks again.
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You mentioned that you got that special canned food. probably it is gastrointestinal veterinary diet of some kind. If he is doing well on this, contiune with it for a month. It stabilizes GI system and is high in calorie so dog needs smaller quantity, which is good for sick tummy and intestines. Give him filtered or bottled water because clorine from tap water can cause irritation.
It would be wise to do the complete bloodwork, especially liver enzymes just to be sure that everything is OK with liver. You mentioned that he is calm puppy and that can be a sign that he might have some degree of liver shunt.

Beef is quite strong meat. I would not give it to a puppy. If dog has food (protein) intolerance, beef is the most common cause. keep im on that canned stuff or boiled chicken breast.
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